Six days in February: Sak makes its move

Here’s my final story as a staffer for the Orlando Sentinel — my account of Sak Comedy Lab’s move from the garage next to the Amway Arena to the swell new second-floor space at CityArts Factory, in the heart of downtown Orlando.

A little of it was cut, and somebody went in and changed every reference from Sak to SAK. (Note to Sak: Your name is not an acronym.) Anyway, here’s the story.

One response to “Six days in February: Sak makes its move

  1. Bobbie Bell

    Not an acronym? Really?

    Maybe whoever made the changes thought that it stood for Sorlando Amprovisational Kids.

    (Yes I realize that means the improvisational would be misspelled and that he “S” in the city’s name is silent, but I have heard worse explanations in my life.)

    Peace. 🙂

    Bobbie Bell

    PS. I am soooooo glad you have a blog.