More about the theater potluck

OK, this is really embarrassing. My goal is to get all you theater people to come to the theater potluck from 7 to 10 p.m. Sunday March 21 — that’s a week from Sunday — at Orlando Rep.

The catch is it’s become a thing that’s supposed to celebrate me. (And I hate this picture. I’m sorry, but I do.)

Now I’m always up for a celebration (especially if there is wine or brownies or chocolate-chip cookies on hand, preferably not combined into one foodstuff).

But I have to tell you it embarrasses me greatly to be the center of attention.

So let’s pretend this is just a regular theater potluck, albeit one that everybody attends.  Let’s get together and talk, and eat, and hang out,  and just have fun, and forget about all this toasting stuff.

You don’t have to say what you’re bringing, but it might be nice for the Rep to know how many people are coming. (Just think of me as your maiden aunt, just trying to urge you to RSVP.)

I love these evenings. Please come. It’s what fellowship is all about.

11 responses to “More about the theater potluck

  1. Margaret Nolan

    Facebook invite will go out tonight!

  2. Elizabeth… I might eventually get to attend!

  3. I sure as hell hope so, given the fact that all this was your idea.

  4. John DiDonna

    There. No question.

  5. Will be there with Deviled Eggs.

  6. Michelle Margeson

    That’s a great photo of you, Betsey! What are you talking about?

    Have a great time – it looks like a talented team of friends loves you to pieces.


  7. To clarify, the potluck was certainly my idea two years ago. The “toast to Elizabeth Maupin” was arranged by others.

    I’m not taking the blame for the photo you don’t care for! 😉

  8. ..and as was suggested on John’s Facebook group…Nametags!

  9. Yay for food, hanging and nametags!

  10. Elizabeth Murff

    Wouldn’t miss it!