Help comedy show move to Orlando

PJ & Friends, the entertainment/comedy/theater-oriented radio show based at a small station in Ormond Beach, is trying to move to a much larger (50,000-watt) station in Orlando.

The show features PJ Pantaleo and Matt Gervia, both improv fans who have taken classes at Sak and are involved with the new group Power 2 Improv.

PJ & Friends is looking for sponsors to help them make the move to the big(gish) city. Here’s a link to their website and another one to the page detailing what kinds of sponsorships they need. Can anybody help?

One response to “Help comedy show move to Orlando

  1. … come on down! Orlando needs some more improv people. Ever since the “Orlando Improv” closed, this city has been lacking in outlets for create comics. I just moved down from NYC where I’ve been running (and headlining) a show for a few years. It would be great to work together sometime. Keep me posted!