Play-in-a-Day announces writers, directors, casts

Time again, just about, for Play-in-a-Day, that annual fright night when local writers create short plays, hand them over to directors and, less than 24 hours later, see them enacted by local actors — all on a stage at Orlando Shakespeare to raise money for PlayFest, the Harriett Lake Festival of New Plays.

The date to remember is Monday April 5, and the time 7 p.m. in the Mandell Studio Theater.

(I’ve been corrected — Beth Marshall says it’s in the Margeson Theater. I can’t find it on the Orlando Shakespeare website, but Beth, who is producing, ought to know.)

And the writers?

Tod Caviness, Lindsay Cohen, John DiDonna, Margot Knight, Eric Pinder and Michael Wanzie.

The directors this time out will be Jennifer Bonner, James Brendlinger, Laurel Clark, Leesa Halsteed, Beth Marshall and Rob Ward.

And the cast members? Avis-Marie Barnes, Brett Carson, Nicole Carson, Tara Corless, Joshua Geoghagen, Britni Leslie, Sarah Lockard, Melissa Mason, Dominque Minor, Elizabeth T. Murff, John Edward Palmer, Abby Savage, Marty Stonerock, Elle Vernée, Sarah Villegas and Barry White.

Have at it.

2 responses to “Play-in-a-Day announces writers, directors, casts

  1. Exciting and talented group!

  2. Hey Betsey-
    Play-In-A-Day is in The Margeson at 7pm not Mandell.
    The drawing to determine who is working with whom is, however in the Mandell on Sunday, March 4th at 4pm.