From PlayFest: Zack Calhoon on ‘The Weird Sisters’

Here’s playwright Zack Calhoon on his play The Weird Sisters, followed by some biographical info:

What’s your play about, in a couple of sentences?

The Weird Sisters is an origin story or prequel to William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth that focuses on the witches: who they are, where they came from, and why they chose to curse Scotland.

What was the impetus that made you want to write it?

I’ve always loved the play and wanted to write a play that could be done in rep with Shakespeare’s play the same cast.  I was amazed to find out that almost all of the characters were historical figures including Sweno the Norweyan king who is known historical as King Sweyn Forkbeard.

Has it been produced anywhere else?

It was produced by East 3rd Productions in New York at the Gene Frankel Theatre in December of 2008.

What do you hope to get out of its inclusion in PlayFest?

I am thrilled to introduce my writing to Orlando Shakespeare as well as other theatres in Florida, and would love for The Weird Sisters to receive a few more productions. I would also love to meet and see the work of my fellow playwrights in this year’s PlayFest. They sound like some wonderful plays.

Zack graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with BFA in Acting. His plays have been performed and developed at East 3rd Productions, Living Image Arts, Flux Theatre Ensemble, Oberon Theatre Ensemble, New Mummer Group, On the Square Productions, and Dreamscape Theatre. Playwriting credits: The Weird Sisters (East 3rd Productions), Breaking Ranks (New Mummer Group), Marlowe, P.I. (Dreamscape), Violence in the Air, Paint, Enough (which was recently made into a short independent film), Dream House, and Krueger. As an actor he has worked with numerous theatre companies including: Dreamscape Theatre, ShakespeareNYC, Boomerang Theatre Company, Judith Shakespeare Co., Milk Can Theatre Co., Expanded Arts, Clubbed Thumb, and Actors Shakespeare Co. Zack is a member of the Dramatist Guild and an Eagle Scout. He was the 2008 East 3rd Productions Playwright-in-Residence and is a found member of the Dreamscape Theatre. He would like to thank Orlando Shakespeare for this opportunity and his wife for her love and for pushing him to write his first play.

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