Casts announced for Play-in-a-Day

Tonight is Play-in-a-Day, the annual rush to the stage in which writers write, directors direct and then actors act the results of 24 hours of frenzy. Names were drawn and themes and genres assigned yesterday afternoon at PlayFest, where the final product will turn up tonight (Lowndes Shakespeare Center, 7 p.m., $5 as a benefit for PlayFest). Here are the lineups:


Group 1
Writer: Tod Caviness
Genre: heavy drama
Twist: have some kind of political character
3 actors
Director: Rob Ward
Actors: Dominique Minor
Brett Carson
Elizabeth T. Murff

Group 2
Writer: Lindsey Cohen
Genre: over the top physical comedy
Twist: set in a night club
4 actors
Director: Laurel Clark
Actors: Josh Geoghagen
Nicole Carson
Tara Corless
Sarah Lockard

Group 3
Writer: John DiDonna
Genre: 1970’s comedy
Twist: have a Greek mythological character
3 actors
Director: Leesa Halstead
Actors: Barry White
Sarah Villegas
Marty Stonerock

Group 4
Writer: Margot Knight
Genre: political satire
Twist: have one Shakespeare character
2 actors
Director: Beth Marshall
Actors: Britni Leslie
Avis-Marie Barnes

Group 5
Writer: Eric Pinder
Genre: suspense thriller
Twist: have a bit of verse or poetry
2 actors
Director: Jennifer Bonner
Actors: John Edward Palmer
Richard Perez

Group 6
Writer: Michael Wanzie
Genre: performance art
Twist: flashback or dream sequence
2 actors
Director: James Brendlinger
Actors: Melissa Mason
Abby Savage

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