Drip offers intensive workshop

Jessica Mariko sends along word of an intensive workshop for the dance/performance-art troupe Drip. There are scholarships available. Here’s the whole story and a link to the online application:

Drip’s Intensive Workshop
May-November, 2010


Application Deadline: April 26, 2010
Interviews: April 27-May 2, 2010

Apply Online (It’s a quick and easy application for the workshop and scholarship)
(Must be at least 18 years old.)

Apply to be a part of DRIP’s Intensive Workshop. Take your creativity and production skills to the next level by gaining hands on experience in a variety of areas including Art Direction, Production, Creative Engineering/Design/Construction, Performance, and Entertainment Business. Collaborate with a team of creative and positive people towards a collective goal and see mind-blowing results.

Length of Workshop
6 months. After the workshop, you can use your experience to advance their career, be offered a scholarship for a 2nd workshop session, lead a future workshop or be offered a paid position with DRIP.

Drip has a flexible workshop schedule to work around school, work and outside commitments. At the beginning of every month, you will select 3 days that you are available to participate (or the equivalent to 3 days in hours) given your schedule that month. During a typical week, you will be actively participating from a few hours-three days per week. (Exceptions: weeks with scheduled appearances/performances/events may require more time.)

16 scholarships ($1800 value) will be given to the top applicants. This session is only available to scholarship recipients.

Likely candidates are people who:
* have some creative or production experience and are looking to take their abilities to the next level.
* want to pursue careers doing things they love and are looking to increase their chances of making that happen by gaining new skills and relationships.
* are looking to apprentice or intern in a creative company who focuses on art direction, mind-blowing visuals, innovation and arts entertainment business. (internship credit is available)
* enjoy or want to find out if they enjoy Art Direction, Production, Creative Engineering/Design/Construction, Performance, and Entertainment Business.
* enjoy doing things in a team of positive people all working towards a common goal.

* See how a creative process is developed from start to finish.
* See how a creative business model shifts and grows.
* Be in an environment with boundless creativity.
* Gain hands on production experience.
* Be involved from day 1.
* Learn a variety of skills.
* You will be treated as a member of the team.
* Evolve with the team

What to expect
* Creative challenges and tasks
* Attend creative process meetings
* Have a workshop team to bounce ideas off of.
* Collaborate with the Art Directors and Creative Engineers to design, build and set up performance props, art installations and creative spaces.
* Research assignments (Ex: work with a team to figure out how to make paint edible)
* Run errands: get coffee, make copies, pick up supplies or last-minute items, etc.
* Load In and Load Out performance installations
* You will get messy (paint, water, food, etc.).
* Some long or late hours.
* Organize and execute creative guerrilla marketing events.
* Assist with productions on site.
* Innovation challenges (Ex: take an object and re-purpose it to incorporate into a highly visual performance installation)
* Be around open-minded, contagiously inspiring people who encourage creativity, believe you can do anything you put your mind to and are consistently looking for ways to think outside the box.
* Expect the unexpected.

The ideal candidate will:
* Be proactive at identifying challenges and finding solutions.
* Be driven and enthusiastic.
* Take initiative with projects.
* Be passionate about more than one of the following and combining them: art direction, scenic design, installation construction, costume design, visual art, color aesthetics, music, dance, and performance.
* Always come with a positive attitude and be ready to accomplish goals.
* Stay calm under pressure.
* Ability to jump from different departments with ease.
* Ability to think ahead and figure out what needs to be done and execute.
* Be a supportive member of the team who contributes.
* Have an open mind

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