When everyone has an opinion, do we need critics?

You can probably guess what I think — and you can read this Washington Post column by Howard Kurtz.

4 responses to “When everyone has an opinion, do we need critics?

  1. John DiDonna

    Do I really need to state how I think? I can change a bandaid too – we still need doctors though.

  2. There’s a vast difference between opinion and criticism. The more opinions that fly about recklessly, the more we need critics.

  3. John A. Kwitkoski

    Howard Kurtz cites Rotten Tomatoes using 2,700+ “chick flick” lovers to up a rating for a chick flick movie as a good reason to question the need for qualified critics? Lame.

  4. Kevin Sigman

    I think that many people who think we no longer need critics are motivated by the ones they have read that they frequently disagree with.

    What they forget is that a critic that you frequently disagree with is just as valuable as one that often shares your opinion.