And an updated list of Fringe performers …

Here’s an updated list of performers for Orlando’s Fringe 2010 (updated again, in red, 4/26/2010):

2nd Annual Fringe Abridged Fundraiser
Jay Becker, Eric Pinder & Joel Warren, Orlando
Rating: mature language and theme | Genre: comedy, dance, drama, parody
Orange Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Come see a hilarious parody of many shows from the 2010 festival recapped by Fringe veterans Jay Becker, Eric Pinder and Joel Warren! This is the perfect way to end your 2010 Fringe by benefiting your 2011 Fringe! 🙂

5/31 MON 10:30PM

6 Guitars
Chase Padgett Productions, Orlando
Rating: general audience | Genre: general
Brown Venue
50 minutes $6 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

6 characters. 6 styles of music. 1 performer. Experience a journey of song and story told through the eyes and the music of unforgettable and often hilarious guitar players.

5/21 FRI 10:30PM
5/23 SUN 1:30PM
5/24 MON 11:45PM
5/27 THU 6:00PM
5/29 SAT 7:40PM

Angels: The Epic Modern Dance Ballet
Cara Cibulsky, Orlando
Rating: mature, gay themes | Genre: dance theater
Green Venue
60 minutes
$7 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe artists, seniors, students, Yow Dance ticket holders)

If you listen close you can hear the flutter of wings, unconventional angels in extraordinary times. Beautifully imperfect stories of modern America. Life happens and we survive.

5/21 FRI 10:50PM
5/23 SUN 4:30PM
5/26 WED 5:15PM
5/27 THU 6:55PM
5/30 SUN 6:15PM

Annie Todd: The Demon Orphan of Fleet Street
GOAT, Orlando
Rating: mature | Genre: comedy, mash-up, musical, thriller
Green Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: artists)

When musical orphan Annie Todd returns to seek revenge for her dog’s murder, she runs into the shadows of her past. For some, the sun WON’T come out tomorrow.

5/22 SAT 12:00PM
5/23 SUN 6:40PM
5/26 WED 8:35PM
5/28 FRI 6:40PM

Aphrodites Dungeon
Buddah Kahn Productions, Orlando
Rating: Mature – Language | Genre: Comedy
Green Venue
55 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: $2 off for Industry and anyone carrying a lightning bolt.)

Talk show of mythic proportions. Aphrodite answers your questions about the sordid lives of your favorite gods. Straight from its New York City debut, Aphrodite brings her show to Orlando.

5/22 SAT 1:40PM
5/23 SUN 2:50PM
5/24 MON 10:30PM
5/25 TUE 7:10PM
5/27 THU 11:40PM
5/29 SAT 9:35PM

Barely Latino
Francisco Laboy, Orlando
Rating: general audience (adult language) | Genre: Comedy
Patron Room
60 minutes
$8 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe volunteers; Fringe artists)

A show about a Puerto Rican who’s become too Americanized for his own good. Need proof? 95% of it is in English!

5/21 FRI 10:00PM
5/23 SUN 2:00PM
5/24 MON 6:00PM
5/26 WED 8:00PM
5/27 THU 11:00PM
5/28 FRI 11:00PM
5/30 SUN 4:00PM

The Bike Trip
Martin Dockery, New York, NY
Rating: general audience | Genre: general
Silver Venue
65 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

From the creator of last year’s Wanderlust comes one man’s breathtaking quest to discover the nature of the psychedelic experience by recreating history’s very first acid trip.

5/21 FRI 10:20PM
5/22 SAT 2:10PM
5/23 SUN 7:45PM
5/24 MON 8:10PM
5/28 FRI 10:20PM
5/29 SAT 2:10PM
5/30 SUN 3:25PM

Martin Dockery (creator & performer) is a frequent performer in New York’s storytelling scene. He’s developed two theatrical monologues with director Jean-Michele Gregory, and performed them to critical acclaim all throughout 2009. The first, Wanderlust, enjoyed sold-out shows in San Francisco, Westchester County, New York City, Orlando, London, Toronto, & Winnipeg. The Surprise, which the New York Times called “deftly constructed” and “truly vivid,” had success with an extended run in New York City and a sold-out series in San Francisco. Both the shows have won awards at every festival in which they were performed, including being named terraNOVA’s ‘2009 Breakthrough Performer of the Year.’ In the summer of 2008, he performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with The Liar Show, which The Scotsman gave 4 stars. In 2010, he’ll continue to tour with Wanderlust in Fresno, Charleston, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Victoria, & Vancouver, as well as debuting a new monologue entitled The Bike Trip at New York’s FRIGID Festival. From there he’ll bring the show to Phoenix, Orlando, London, & Winnipeg. And he’ll be performing The Surprise at the fringe festival in Regina. His stories have made him a seven-time finalist in the Moth’s bi-annual Grandslam Storytelling Championship. Also, he was a co-creator of the play C-R-E-P-U-S-C-U-L-E, which ran on Broadway as The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. His play Oh, That Wily Snake! is part of a McGraw-Hill anthology textbook on literature, and the New York Times wrote that it “flashes with humor and insight.” Of another play, a lonely monkeyhouse, Backstage West wrote that it was “deliciously enjoyable,” while L.A. Weekly added that it was “compelling … entertaining … divinely inspired.” He received his B.A. in English from Kenyon College and his M.F.A. in playwriting from Columbia University.

The Blood Feather
Uncarved Block Productions, Clermont
Rating: Mature | Genre: Comedy, Drama, one-woman show
Pink Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: fringe artists, Fringe volunteers, students)

A one woman show reveling in the turbulent relationships we all endure. The Blood Feather explores a year in the joy, pain, loss, and healing of a broken soul.

5/20 THU 6:05PM
5/22 SAT 5:30PM
5/23 SUN 9:30PM
5/26 WED 7:00PM
5/28 FRI 6:30PM
5/29 SAT 2:20PM
5/30 SUN 12:00PM

In an attempt to end and bring awareness to domestic violence, The Blood Feather explores the ever-growing presence it’s become in our world.

Every 9 seconds in the U.S. a woman is assaulted or beaten*

Domestic Violence is the leading cause of injury to women – more than car accidents, muggings and rapes combined*

Every day in the U.S., more than 3 women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends*

Playwright, producer, and performer Sarai Goley graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Studies and a double-minor in cinema studies and mass communications. While her previous experience with the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival includes teching the Pink Venue for the last three years, she has also helped the International Boulder Festival for the last two years. She is honored to once again be a veteran in a different form in the Pink Venue.

Uncarved Block Productions holds the belief that theatre education creates community, ignites passion & imagination and fosters discipline as any art. The Uncarved Block aspires to produce creative theatre in local and global communities. Abuse is never okay, if you or someone you know has a domestic situation … please seek help and here are some paths …

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1-800-799-(SAFE) 7233

The National Center for Victims of Crime

* Bureau of Justice Statistics, Violence against women: Estimates from the redesigned survey. 08/98
*Surgeon General of the United States. 12/96
*Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime Data Brief, Intimate Partner Violence. 02/03

The Box Set
Mychael Peters, Orlando, FL
Rating: general audience | Genre: Hair, make-up, music, performance art
Patron Room
30 minutes
$5 (plus $8 Fringe Button)
Watch acclaimed stylist Mychael Peters master the artistry of hair and makeup right before your eyes. Mychael is the personal stylist for Dame Beth Marshall and has done hair and make up for Fringe vets such as Blue, David Lee, and Didi Panache.

5/21 FRI 6:00PM
5/22 SAT 11:00PM
5/24 MON 10:30PM
5/29 SAT 7:00PM
5/30 SUN 8:00PM

A Brighter Shade of Blue
Paul Strickland, Louisville, KY
Rating: general audience | Genre: Comedy, Storytelling
Brown Venue
50 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

How do you “Think Positively” when you’re a natural at Negativity? Nationally Touring Comedian Paul Strickland tells the hilarious story of one man’s struggle to talk himself into being happy.

5/20 THU 6:00PM
5/22 SAT 11:55PM
5/23 SUN 12:00PM
5/24 MON 10:15PM
5/26 WED 9:20PM
5/28 FRI 8:35PM
5/30 SUN 5:40PM

Canuck Cabaret
Bundle of Joy, Regina, Saskatchewan
Rating: general audience | Genre: general
Orange Venue
55 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

From sold-out performances in New York, the Canuck Cabaret is ready to enthrall Orlando! Hosted by Paul Hutcheson, featuring Sharon Nowlan (Prairie Fire). Showcasing comedy, variety, and special Fringe guests!

5/21 FRI 7:10PM
5/23 SUN 11:15AM
5/24 MON 7:40PM
5/25 TUE 11:30PM
5/27 THU 7:10PM
5/28 FRI 11:55PM
5/30 SUN 12:00PM

Capt. Discovery and “Escape to Planet O”
Jeff Ferree, Orlando
Rating: General | Genre: Closet Sci Fi
Patron Room
10 minutes
$0 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Will Captain Discovery Survive as he battles mysterious mushroom men and sexy raygun-toting she-wolves? Run to the tiny Jamie Mykins Theater to find out!

5/21 FRI 9:00PM
5/22 SAT 9:00PM
5/23 SUN 9:00PM
5/24 MON 9:00PM
5/25 TUE 9:00PM
5/26 WED 9:00PM
5/27 THU 9:00PM

Cat Women of the Moon
Octopus’ Garden Productions, Orlando
Rating: general audience | Genre: comedy/Musical, sci-fi
Green Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: fringe artists, seniors, students)

Theirs is the fevered fury of life without love, goading them to lure men into the den of bloodthirsty moon monsters, flaming into a wild lust to conquer all mankind.

5/20 THU 6:45PM
5/23 SUN 1:10PM
5/25 TUE 10:30PM
5/27 THU 5:15PM
5/28 FRI 11:40PM
5/29 SAT 7:55PM

Chained to Freedom
Open Door Productions, New York, NY
Rating: Mature – partial nudity and language | Genre: general
Yellow Venue
45 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Chained to Freedom is a play that explores the emergence of a queer rights activist, using real life examples of fights in which its author, Alan Bounville has participated.

5/22 SAT 12:00PM
5/23 SUN 2:40PM
5/25 TUE 8:35PM
5/26 WED 10:10PM
5/28 FRI 5:10PM

The Cody Rivers Show presents – Right Back Where We Finished
The Cody Rivers Show, Bellingham, WA
Rating: general audience | Genre: Physical Comedy Theatre
Orange Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)
“Razor-sharp comedy.” – Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “Artful, unusual, painstakingly brilliant” – Time Out Chicago. “The closest experience to it would be seeing Waiting for Godot performed by Chinese acrobats.” – NY Theatre Wire

5/20 THU 8:10PM
5/22 SAT 11:00AM
5/23 SUN 2:50PM
5/25 TUE 7:40PM
5/27 THU 10:30PM
5/28 FRI 6:40PM
5/29 SAT 6:55PM

Mike Mathieu (co-creator) grew up in Beavercreek, OH. He has a B.A. in creative writing/literature from Ohio Wesleyan University, where he also studied acting, playwriting, and dance, and was a four-year member of the campus improv troupe, the Babbling Bishops.

He moved to Bellingham in ’04 to write and act at the iDiOM Theater (, of which he became the Artistic Director in 2008.

Mike recently debuted his one-man play, Purple Heart, to rave reviews.

Andrew Connor (co-creator) received his theater and dance education at Ohio Wesleyan University, where he acted and danced in, and choreographed and directed numerous productions, while also performing in the Babbling Bishops improv comedy troupe.

Andrew runs Infinity Live Productions (www.infinityliveproductions), a live comedy and theater production company.

He is also the Artistic Director of Sketchfest Seattle ( and has toured around the world with his solo shows, Boom and Cyclosa Confusa.

Seabreeze Alumni, Daytona Beach
Rating: general audience | Genre: Absurdist Comedy
Green Venue
55 minutes
$8 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: artists, students and seniors, volunteers)

Python meets Beckett in a park where three gentlemen comment on the foibles of society. Using stereotype, cliche and controversy they expose humanity’s flaws and discover they too must conform.

5/22 SAT 3:30PM
5/23 SUN 11:30AM
5/25 TUE 5:30PM
5/26 WED 6:55PM
5/28 FRI 8:20PM
5/29 SAT 6:15PM

Copping a Craigie
Freeline Productions, Orlando
Rating: Mature: language, nudity, gay themes | Genre: Comedy
Red Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Discount for anyone who is currently unemployed)

Sean is 40-something, out of work, and pretty much giving up hope that he’ll ever find a new position. Sandy is 20-something, just out of grad school, and full of optimism about landing her first great job. So what do these two have in common? Meet Dana.

5/21 FRI 9:50PM
5/23 SUN 5:00PM
5/25 TUE 9:20PM
5/26 WED 9:20PM
5/27 THU 7:10PM
5/28 FRI 11:05PM

Written by R.T Robeson and Directed by Laurel Clark
Desmond Flynn is the stage manager.

The cast of Copping a Craigie includes:
Michael Colavolpe as Sean, the unemployed journalist
Trenell Mooring as Sandy, the recent MBA grad on the job hunting trail
Dave McConnell as Dana, the sexy guy looking for a job
Jamie Cline as Tim, the frat boy studying to be a doctor
Alan James Gallant as Eugene, the smart accountant
Toby S. Pruett as Marty, an entrepreneur filmmaker

Creative Mind Experiment
Jessica Mariko and Linda Eve Elchak present, Orlando
Rating: general audience | Genre: general
Green Venue
45 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

See how differently creative minds interpret the same inspiration. Risk taking creators were given the same piece of music and asked to create “something.” See them one right after another.

5/21 FRI 6:05PM
5/22 SAT 7:15PM
5/23 SUN 11:40PM
5/26 WED 10:55PM
5/27 THU 8:35PM
5/29 SAT 11:15AM
5/30 SUN 4:20PM

All of the creators agreed to participate without knowing what their source of inspiration would be. They were given a 3 min and 33 sec piece of music and asked to create “something” in that time frame. They can use any medium they wish and as little or as much of the music as they desire. The only rule is that they must create something that was inspired by something they heard or felt in the piece of music.

See what creators like Bob Kodzis (creative catalyst/improv actor,, Mark Baratelli (improv comedian/singer/actor/editor,,, Jessica Mariko (creator of Drip/director/choreographer,, Brian Feldman (performance artist,, Linda Eve Elchak (creator of Nao Dance Collective/choreographer,, Evan Miga (Drip creative engineer & graphic designer,, TinTin V. (choreographer/dancer/artist,, Nigel John (DJ), Richard Paul (improv artist), Brandon Roberts (producer/director/actor, creator of the PB&J Theatre Factory), Tisse Mallon (photographer/creative mind,, Steven Johnson (dancer/actor), comedians, musicians, choreographers and more separately create. Each creation is placed one right after another so you can see just how differently they think even when inspired by the exact same thing.

Cyclosa Confusa
Andrew Connor, Bellingham, WA
Rating: general audience | Genre: solo
Yellow Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Peculiar fictions and acrobatic comedy fuel this strange tale of a strange stranger in a strange world. “This extremely talented performer definitely gives you your money’s worth.” –New York Theatre

5/20 THU 10:00PM
5/21 FRI 5:20PM
5/22 SAT 3:20PM
5/23 SUN 6:20PM
5/26 WED 8:30PM
5/28 FRI 10:10PM
5/29 SAT 12:00PM

Andrew Connor (creator, performer) received his theater and dance education at Ohio Wesleyan University, where he acted and danced in, and choreographed and directed numerous productions, while also performing in the Babbling Bishops improv comedy troupe.

Andrew runs Infinity Live Productions, a live comedy and theatre production company and is one-half of comedy theater duo, The Cody Rivers Show.

He is also the Artistic Director of Sketchfest Seattle, and has toured around the world with his solo shows, Boom and Cyclosa Confusa.

Dancing Nude
Tim Mooney, Arlington Heights, IL
Rating: mature (language, nudity) | Genre: solo-comedy
Pink Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

A full-frontal assault on sex! A coy, playful look at life’s most embarrassing, sometimes traumatic and triumphant moments with hyper-realistic and jaw-droppingly personal moments of sexual history.

5/21 FRI 9:55PM
5/22 SAT 12:30PM
5/24 MON 8:50PM
5/26 WED 10:20PM
5/27 THU 5:45PM
5/29 SAT 11:15PM

Dancing Nude is a full-frontal assault on sex! It’s a coy, playful look at life’s most embarrassing, sometimes traumatic and occasionally triumphant moments as we follow the hyper-realistic and jaw-droppingly personal moments of sexual history!

Throughout, Mooney examines, in his hilariously loquacious style, issues of knowing too-much-too-early to knowing-too-little-too-late, and challenging body image issues that celebrate female nudity while scorning the masculine form.

Dancing Nude’s four major monologues capture specific phases of sexual development, punctuated by four hilarious, titillating, playful, salacious poems: “Dancing Nude,” “Things that Stick Out,” “Fit to Be Tied” and “Naked Beneath.”

Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical

Warren Acting, Orlando
Rating: mature (language, adult content) | Genre: general
Silver Venue

90 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

From the directors who brought you the 2008 fringe patron’s pick Reefer Madness comes a tongue-in-cheek musical based on the infamous 1978 adult film.

5/20 THU 11:20PM
5/22 SAT 4:20PM
5/23 SUN 3:25PM
5/25 TUE 8:10PM
5/27 THU 10:20PM
5/29 SAT 12:00PM
5/30 SUN 5:20PM

The bittersweet coming-of-age story Debbie Does Dallas has landed onstage at the Orlando Fringe Festival! From the WACo’s who brought you the 2008 fringe hit Reefer Madness The Musical comes the 2002 hit off-Broadway musical Debbie Does Dallas, a tongue-in-cheek show based on the infamous – and hugely successful – 1978 adult film. The show follows Debbie Benton, who wins a place on the Dallas Cowboys’ Cheerleaders Squad – if only she can find the money to get there. Directed by Joel Warren and choreographed by Amanda Warren this show has an all star cast! Starring Eric Pinder, Melissa Mason, Mike Carr, Katie Hammond, John Gracey and many more!

Don’t miss this fun and wild comedy that enjoys pleasing itself while it pleases the audience.

Digressions: Based on Events That May Have Been True
Steve Berglund, Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Rating: Family Friendly | Genre: Comedy Solo
Blue Venue
55 minutes
$5 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Digressions weaves together humorous stories of friends, family, danger and Muhammad Ali. Join us at the bonfire!

5/20 THU 7:35PM
5/21 FRI 5:45PM
5/22 SAT 5:15PM
5/23 SUN 11:45AM

Written and Performed by Steve Berglund
Steve Berglund premiered Digressions at Central Michigan University. He was then invited to perform the show at the 6th Annual Michigan Story Festival and the OCC/EMU Performance Festival. Steve has acted professionally with such companies as Chicago Dramatists Workshop, Kentucky Shakespeare Festival and Little Theatre on the Square. Steve is currently a Professor and Director of University Theatre at Central Michigan University.

Directed by Jeremy Meier

Jeremy Meier teaches Theatre at Owens Community College in Toledo, Ohio. His professional credits include acting and directing at the Howmet Playhouse in Whitehall, Michigan. He has also created original one-man shows on George Armstrong Custer and John Dillinger.

Scenic and Lighting Design by Joel Klain
Graphics and Programs Designed by Connor Berglund

Dirty Stuff
Jonny McGovern, New York City
Rating: Mature (gay themes, language, adult themes) | Genre: solo-comedy
Pink Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

A gay pimp! A blaxploitation movie diva! A spoiled Arab circuit boy! A trailer park princess! Jonny McGovern plays them all in this critically acclaimed 1 man cartoon club crawl.

5/21 FRI 11:35PM
5/22 SAT 2:10PM
5/23 SUN 12:40PM
5/26 WED 5:20PM
5/28 FRI 8:10PM
5/29 SAT 12:40PM

Jonny McGovern first gained New York City notoriety with his multi character, one-man show Dirty Stuff, which was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for Best New York Theater Production and was recently revived for a critically acclaimed run at NYC’s International Fringe Festival. As the Gay Pimp, an entirely original character persona, Jonny recorded the popular CDs “Dirty Gay Hits” and “Gays Gone Wild,” starred in the international hit, comedy-music videos “Soccer Practice,” “Lookin’ Cute/Feelin’ Cute,” “Somethin’ for the Fellas (That Like the Fellas) and “Don’t Fall in Love with a Homo (A Song for the Ladies)” which were downloaded over a million times, received worldwide video airplay on MTV Europe and Asia and each spent multiple weeks at #1 on MTV/Logo’s Click List Video Countdown. Jonny has headlined at Caroline’s, had his shows produced Off Broadway, at various theaters around this gay nation and been published by Dramatic Publishing Company. He was a featured performer on Comedy Central’s Out On The Edge , numerous Vh-1 specials including Totally Gayer and My Coolest Years, Tru Tv’s Smoking Gun series and was a correspondent for the final season of the ever classy Ricki Lake Show. Jonny is also the host of iTunes #1 LGBT podcast “Gay Pimpin’ With Jonny McGovern,” which has more than 20,000 listeners weekly and star of the popular web series “3 Dollar Bill.”

He currently a cast member of LOGO’s Big Gay Sketch Show (in its 3rd season), produced by Rosie O’Donnell, and is performing around the country with his new standup show ‘Feelin’ Really Faggity. Visit for more info.

Divine Will
The Lucky Artist Theater Company, Brooklyn, NY
Rating: Mature. Language, strong talk about sex and sexuality. | Genre: dramedy, general, play with music
Green Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe artists, Fringe volunteers, seniors, students)

Ryan loves porn, physics, rock and roll … and God. Which prompts the question, is denying your faith acceptable if you’re fulfilling your destiny? A raunchy, divine coming-of-age story.

5/20 THU 8:25PM
5/21 FRI 7:30PM
5/22 SAT 10:20PM
5/24 MON 7:10PM

Creative Team:
Written and Directed by: Terra Vetter
Music by: Mike Levine
Lyrics by: John Ross
Choreography by: Alison Carroll
Costume Design/Assistant Director: Grace Rouhani
Cast List: Markus Paminger, Caitlin Gold, Nicko Libowitz, Matt Falber, Dave T. Koenig, Holli Schramm, Heather Gilbert and Tim Seib.

Divine Will is about a boy who is about to graduate high school. Ryan Morgan wants desperately to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and become a Catholic priest.
However, Ryan loves his physics classes and the girls in their little plaid skirts who sit next to him. Ivy, his sort of girlfriend, wants only to see what is in Ryan’s pants but he can’t seem to shake the forever ingrained Catholic guilt. His best friend, Jeremy, shares his love of music and knows that he could make it with nothing more than his guitar. What is Ryan supposed to do? Give up his potential rock-star future to do what he thinks God wants him to do or forego his moral obligation to follow his true passion? The beings of his imagination along with the soundtrack in his head help him decide. The show questions the place of institutional religion in modern society. A new play with stunning choreography set to an original rock score.

The Dream Express
The Per4mAnts, Orlando
Rating: Mature | Genre: Cabaret, Comedy
Yellow Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe artists)

Journey to the end of the night on The Dream Express performed by Fringe favorites Rebecca Fisher and Joe Swanberg, written by Len Jenkin, and directed by David Lee.

5/21 FRI 7:00PM
5/22 SAT 1:40PM
5/23 SUN 4:20PM
5/24 MON 11:00PM
5/27 THU 5:05PM
5/28 FRI 8:30PM
5/29 SAT 3:20PM

The legendary outlaw lounge act is back in O-Town! New songs! New stories! New tattoos! More wisdom! More noise!

Journey to the end of the night on The Dream Express, performed by Fringe favorites Rebecca Fisher and Joe Swanberg, written by Len Jenkin, directed by David Lee. The profane and uplifting late night booze fueled cabaret comes direct from the High Hat Lounge, Pee Wee’s Do Drop Inn, Pepper’s Town and Country, and The Royal Flush Travel Lodge. This new and improved version of The Dream Express has been brought back to life 15 years after Per4mAnts’ Fisher and Swanberg performed it at the 1995 Fringe in downtown Orlando. The Per4mAnts brought alternative theater to Orlando from 1990-1995, performing in the Big Bang night club, various downtown Fringe venues, and what is now the Orlando Rep. Founding members Lee, Fisher, and Swanberg are reuniting as the Ants to bring you this re-mounted, re-vamped version of The Dream Express.

“The setting is a small-town motel lounge-half lighted, drugged, surreal. On stage are Spin Milton and his ex-wife Marlene, two hard-driving hipsters here to steer you through the night … Orlando-based Per4mAnts create an inspired pair of drugged-out, half-dozing musicians, worn down by years of the road but still one step ahead of everyone else. Fisher makes a breathy, voluptuously tacky Marlene, with a knowing tinge to her countrified voice, and Swanberg’s Spin is as smooth as whiskey. When they perform their songs- a hilariously mixed bag of such junk as ‘Let’s Get Physical’ … Fisher is all-knowing and Swanberg’s growled asides are pure comic evil.” Elizabeth Maupin, Orlando Sentinel review.

Dreams, Schemes, and Circus Crowds
Casting Shadows, Orlando
Rating: general audience | Genre: Dance
Pink Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Come one, come all to the greatest show on earth!! Lets us show you how life is nothing but a circus full of illusions!

5/20 THU 11:05PM
5/22 SAT 9:10PM
5/23 SUN 11:10PM
5/24 MON 5:30PM
5/26 WED 11:55PM
5/27 THU 7:25PM
5/28 FRI 11:30PM

Come experience this dramatic, eye candy, high energy dance show that can only be described as A Magical Marvel. It will keep you at the edge of your seat mixing multimedia elements and all types of dance. Written, directed, and choreographed by William Marchante. Starring Steven Johnson, Jamie Rodriguez, Sarah Fanok, Jackie Rodriguez, Anna Rodriguez, and Cirrus.

The Dumb Show
Hawk and Wayne, St. Petersburg
Rating: mature (Language) | Genre: Long Form Improvisation
Blue Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe artists)

A hilarious, irreverent, surreal take on the world from the minds of two long-form improvisers, all of it inspired from a single suggestion from the audience.

5/22 SAT 11:45AM
5/23 SUN 3:00PM
5/24 MON 7:40PM
5/25 TUE 10:45PM
5/27 THU 6:50PM
5/29 SAT 8:05PM
5/30 SUN 7:00PM

The Dumb Show is a hilarious, irreverent, surreal take on the world from the minds of two long-form improvisors. Starting with a simple audience suggestion, Hawk and Wayne create a series of characters and scenes that showcase the best and worst of humanity, and will have you laughing and shaking your head in wonder at the same time.

Gavin Hawk is an actor, director and improviser. He is a member of AEA and has acted in many theatrical roles off-Broadway and in regional theater. He recently appeared on NBC in the television special T.H.E.M., and trained in sketch comedy and improv at the Second City and the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago.

Ricky Wayne trained with the famed Groundlings in sketch, improv and comedy writing for four years, and has performed stand up locally at the Tampa Improv and Sidesplitters Comedy Club. He is a member of SAG, AFTRA and AEA and most recently finished shooting a film in a starring role in Lousiana for the SyFy Channel called House of Bones and a film with Val Kilmer called The Chaos Experiment.

Elements of Change
Yow Dance, Orlando
Rating: general audience | Genre: Dance Theatre/Cont, Dancing
Silver Venue
90 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Angels ticket holders, Fringe artists, hospitality industry, seniors, students)

Unpredictable! Saucy! Heart-wrenching! Challenge your soul with the four elements of nature in motion. Plunge from a mountain, dive through the air, bask in the sun, bathe if you dare!

5/21 FRI 8:10PM
5/22 SAT 10:10PM
5/25 TUE 6:00PM
5/26 WED 10:20PM
5/28 FRI 6:00PM
5/29 SAT 4:05PM

Yow Dance, Central Florida’s most dynamic modern dance company, returns to the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival’s Silver Venue with Elements of Change. Set to the classical stylings of Dvorak, Brahms and Handel, the whimsical movement that has become an awe-inspiring staple of Yow Dance expresses life’s seasonal and elemental changes.

As a delightful follow-up to last year’s Accolades and Graces, Elements of Change includes several new pieces of work that have premiered throughout the past season.

Yow’s latest spring-inspired quartet will debut, dancing you through fields of fresh flowers to the sounds of Astor Piazzolla’s Primavera Portena. Audiences and dance critics alike will be glad to see the return of Cascades and The Fisherman, along with Christin Carlow’s On the Midway, which was an Orlando Fringe Festival favorite during her time with Voci Dance.

Fool for a Client
Mark Whitney, San Marcos, CA
Rating: general audience | Genre: Political Dramedy, solo, Storytelling
Silver Venue
90 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Caught in a lie and facing 225 years in Federal prison, the world’s greatest vacuum cleaner salesman represents himself at trial, where he learns everyone’s selling a vacuum cleaner.

5/20 THU 9:10PM
5/23 SUN 5:35PM
5/24 MON 6:00PM
5/25 TUE 10:20PM
5/27 THU 8:10PM
5/29 SAT 7:00PM
5/30 SUN 1:15PM

Master storyteller Mark Whitney, is a comedian, writer, producer and entrepreneur.

He has studied with the San Francisco Comedy College and New York’s American Comedy Institute. Critics liken Mark to American icons Mark Twain, Lewis Black, Tim Allen and Rodney Dangerfield.

Fool has been a work in progress for three years. Mark is developing Fool into a two hour, two act one-man performance piece. Tonight’s show is 90 minutes and incorporates three new story lines that Mark is performing, layering and honing for the first time.

Mark won the 2005 San Francisco Comedy Convention, the 2007 Iowa Theatre Festival (Best Overall), the 2007 D.C. Theatre Festival (Best Solo), the 2008 Boulder International Theatre Festival (Best of Fest), the 2008 Minnesota Theatre Festival (Best of Fest/Sold Out Award) and the 2009 San Francisco Theatre Festival (Best of Fest/Sold Out Award).

Mark founded San Diego Comedy Co-op, where he produced nearly 500 free shows, featuring local comedians and Hollywood headliners, before closing the popular workout space when he turned pro.

Mark’s favorite thing to do is perform variations of his solo show. However, he performs stand-up at New York’s Broadway and Gotham Comedy Clubs; London’s Comedy Cafe; Boston’s Comedy Connection; Hollywood’s Comedy Store, Improv and Laugh Factory, as well as other lesser known venues.

To book a performance of Fool for your private function, fundraiser or corporate event call Toll Free 1.888.JOSHING, visit or email Mark’s assistant, Lynne Madden,

Fringe of Nature
Brian Feldman Projects, Orlando
Rating: Mature (wilderness survival skills) | Genre: performance art/outdoor
90 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)
Non-Eagle Scout Brian Feldman (“Orlando’s greatest living performance artist,” Orlando Weekly) takes the Fringe where it’s never gone before, with this overnight primitive camping trip to Wekiwa Springs State Park.

5/21 FRI 5:30PM
5/22 SAT 5:30PM
5/23 SUN 5:30PM
5/28 FRI 5:30PM
5/29 SAT 5:30PM

IMPORTANT: Per the Fringe, no one under the age of 21 will be allowed to purchase a ticket to, or attend this event. This is an approx. 17 hour event (1020 minutes approx.), departing from the Shakespeare Center lobby. It includes a 13.8-mile car ride from Orlando Loch Haven Park to Wekiwa Springs State Park in Apopka, an approximately 3.5-mile hike to a primitive camping site in a wilderness area (i.e. no vehicle access, facilities, restrooms or showers), overnight camping (in a single tent; comfortably sleeps six), followed by a return 3.5-mile hike and 13.8-mile car ride back to Orlando Loch Haven Park in the morning. There may not be cellular phone service at the camp site. Please plan accordingly and take water, a compass, a map and anything else you may need (i.e. sleeping bag). There will be a brief stop at a supermarket on the way to Wekiwa Springs State Park. (Wekiwa Springs State Park is closed from 6/1/2010 to 12/31/2012 due to construction. In other words, this is your last chance to go before the end of the world.)

Tickets for all five nights of Fringe of Nature go on sale Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 11:00PM, only at the Shakespeare Center Fringe box office. There is a one (1) night and one (1) ticket limit per person. Sorry, No Fringe Bucks or Passes accepted. (You just might want to camp out.) Remember: Transportation is complimentary with your ticket purchase for this camping experience.

• The longest event in Orlando Fringe history (17 hours)!
• The most exclusive event in Orlando Fringe history (10 tickets)!
• The first Orlando Fringe event to take place outside of Orlando (17 miles away in Apopka)!

Brian Feldman is a conceptual artist, working primarily in time-based performance.

Best known for marrying a stranger (Brian Feldman Marries Anybody*), he’s leaped off of a ladder 366 times over 24 hours (Leap Year Day), had dinner on stage with his real life family over 40 times (The Feldman Dynamic), recited anonymous text messages (@txt_show), had people walk over him while he slept for 50 hours (sleepwalk) and sang cover songs under the covers of his bed (Under the Covers), among over 50 other projects. He has presented work at such venues as Atlantic Center for the Arts (New Smyrna Beach), Orlando Museum of Art, FringeNYC @ The Kraine Theater (New York), Camposition (Miami), PooL Art Fair Miami, Orlando Fringe, Ikea and Cracker Barrel. He lives in Orlando, Florida.

Fringe Poetry Smack Down IV
Orlando Fringe, Orlando
Rating: mature – Language | Genre: Poetry – All sorts
90 minutes
$0 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: No – but we’re happy to take YOUR donations.)

Poetry, love it or hate it. Come out on the lawn and support (or jeer) your favorite local wordsmiths along with our bubbly and brutal Fringe celebrity judges, as they American Idol-ize these loudmouths down to size.

5/22 SAT 10:00PM
5/29 SAT 10:00PM

Love poetry?
Come out on the lawn and support your favorite local wordsmiths including Curtis Meyer, Dani O, Tod Caviness and more as they compete on the outdoor stage for fab prizes.

Hate poetry?
Come out and laugh with our bubbly and brutal Fringe celebrity judges as they American Idol-ize these loudmouths down to size.

Whatever your literary leanings, it’s a win-win.

Fruitcake – Ten Commandments from the Psych Ward
Rob Gee, Leicester, UK
Rating: mature – language, themes | Genre: comedy/spoken word
Green Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe artists and volunteers, seniors, students)

Comedian, poet and reformed psychiatric nurse, Rob Gee presents an idiot’s guide to insanity. ***** “One of the most gifted and funny poets in Britain today,” Hammer & Tongue, UK

5/20 THU 11:45PM
5/22 SAT 5:00PM
5/23 SUN 8:20PM
5/24 MON 5:30PM
5/27 THU 10:00PM
5/29 SAT 2:20PM
5/30 SUN 1:00PM

Rob Gee qualified as a psychiatric nurse in 1994 and worked for eleven years in psychiatric units around England, Scotland and Australia. Specializing in acute psychiatry, he has also worked in child and adolescent units, drug and alcohol services, therapeutic communities, eating disorder and early psychosis intervention services, and psychiatric intensive care units.

Now a full-time comic and poet, Rob has toured the UK, Europe, Australia and North America, supported Harold Pinter, and won numerous poetry slams, including the Edinburgh Slam, the Toronto Poetry Slam and the BBC’s Why Poetry Matters Slam. He is sometimes sent into schools as a warning to children. Rob’s is the only performance ever to have instigated a fight at the UK’s Leamington Spa Peace Festival.

Full of Grace
Feline Five, Orlando
Rating: Mature – language, adult content | Genre: one-woman drama
Blue Venue
50 minutes
$8 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

‘09 Orlando Fringe Best Actress Kathy Wood returns in Full Of Grace. A heavenly new play from the creators of The Dream Jar. A miracle vision in the Blue Venue!

5/20 THU 6:05PM
5/22 SAT 8:30PM
5/23 SUN 8:40PM
5/26 WED 9:05PM
5/27 THU 10:10PM
5/28 FRI 11:40PM
5/29 SAT 2:15PM

Feline5 is proud to present ’09 Orlando Fringe Festival Best Actress Kathy Wood as she returns in this heavenly new play from the creators of The Dream Jar. Three women, three generations and one house make for the Holy Mother of all one woman shows. Don’t miss this divine miracle, performed in the Blue Venue. Full of Grace is directed by Mik Jacobs, written by Kathy Wood & Mik Jacobs and produced by Mary F. Jacobs for Feline5.

For more information visit (coming soon!).

Get your tickets now as this show will most certainly sell out!

Gimpel the Fool
Nephesh Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel
Rating: general audience | Genre: general
Yellow Venue
50 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: seniors, students)

Blending klezmer music into a surrealistic presentation, in the face of ridicule and betrayal Gimpel’s childlike acceptance and belief in God and human goodness has inspired audiences throughout the world

5/20 THU 8:25PM
5/22 SAT 11:40PM
5/23 SUN 9:40PM
5/25 TUE 5:25PM
5/27 THU 8:25PM
5/29 SAT 5:00PM
5/30 SUN 5:00PM

Howard Rypp is Gimpel the Fool in a play based upon I B Singer’s classic story. A treasure from the Yiddish literature the play blends klezmer music into a surrealistic theatrical presentation. In the face of betrayal and ridicule, Gimpel’s childlike acceptance and steadfast belief in God has inspired audiences throughout the world.

After presentations in Edinburgh. London, Vienna, Prague, Cairo,Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Tel Aviv and Prague, Gimpel the Fool makes its U.S. premiere in Orlando.

Gimpel the Fool, based on the short story by I B Singer
Translated by Saul Bellow
Adapted Directed and performed by Howard Rypp
Music by Ron Wiseman
Choreography by Ilana Cohen
“A tight production of high standards …  an art form on its own terms …  great entertainment,” Frank Dunlop, Edinburgh Guide
“Five Stars…BEST OF THE FEST”-Winnipeg Free Press
Visit the website:

Goblin Party Interactive
Ibex Puppetry, Orlando
Rating: general audience | Genre: general
Orange Venue
60 minutes
$7 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: people who wear an Orlando Puppet Festival T-shirt)

Get lost in the world of the Goblin Party Interactive. Sing, shout, shoot, dodge rocks, and throw fiery heads! Ibex Puppetry will provide goodies for your journey through the labyrinth.

5/20 THU 9:50PM
5/22 SAT 8:10PM
5/23 SUN 11:40PM
5/25 TUE 9:20PM
5/27 THU 5:00PM
5/29 SAT 11:30AM
5/30 SUN 5:15PM

“Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen.” Get lost in the world of the Goblin Party Interactive. Chilly down with the fire gang. Ibex Puppetry provides all the goodies that you need to become a character inside the labyrinth. Don your horns and blow bubbles, dodge rocks, throw fiery heads, blast rockets, and make your own voodoo (who do? you do, do what? remind me of the babe!) So join the Mistress of Puppetry in this live costumed performance event on this journey inside the labyrinth. It doesn’t look that far, but it’s further then you think and time is short. Come dressed as the goblin king (forget about the baby), the whiney teen (it’s not fair!), just a worm, a chillin’ fire gang member, a rock friend, or any other creature from this Underground. Sing, toss, shout and dance as the World Falls Down all around you. Just remember, “You have no power over me!”

The Great American Trailer Park Musical
TheaterWorks Florida, Davenport
Rating: mature – strong language | Genre: musical comedy
Silver Venue
90 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

There’s a new tenant at Armadillo Acres and she is wreaking havoc all over Florida’s most exclusive trailer park! South Park meets Desperate Housewives – there’s no place like home!

5/20 THU 7:00PM
5/22 SAT 8:00PM
5/23 SUN 10:00PM
5/26 WED 6:00PM
5/28 FRI 8:10PM
5/29 SAT 11:20PM
5/30 SUN 7:30PM

Music and Lyrics by: David Nehls. Book by: Betsy Kelso

Cast: Jeannie – Michelle Boroughs; Norbert – Christopher Norton; Pippi – Erin Brenna; Duke – Sam Little; Betty – Heather Spillane; Pickles – Lana Stevens; Lin – Katrina Johnson.

Creative staff: Scott A. Cook – artistic producer/director/choreographer; David Foust – music director; James F. Beck – set/lighting design; Renee Reed-Payne – costume design; Raul Salinas – hair design; Eric Adolphson – sound design; Jennifer Roman – production stage manager; Bill St. Yves – company manager; Jennifer Marshal l- tech lead; Aviva Ezring – marketing director

For more information visit TheatreWorks Florida at:


Michelle Boroughs (Jeannie) You may have recently seen Michelle in Nunsense as Sister Mary Regina or in A New World at the Orlando International Fringe Festival (2009) or Bat Boy also at the Orlando International Fringe Festival (2007). Michelle performed at Disney World in the Hunchback of Notre Dame show as Esmeralda, Dolly Drew in The Hoop De Doo Revue, and played various Emcee roles throughout the parks. Currently most of her time is spent as the director of Winter Springs Performing Arts, a non-profit children’s theater and mothering her 17-yr. old son, 7-yr. old daughter and infant son. Over the last 5 years she has directed over 20 shows including Songs Of A New World, Little Shop of Horrors, High School Musical 1 and 2, Seussical, and Annie.

Christopher Norton (Norbert) Born and raised in Jacksonville, Christopher made his singing debut in church. He continued his musical training at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts and Southeastern University with a BA in Music Education. After singing for Paramount’s Kings Island, Christopher immediately began singing a capella music on board cruise ships. He has traveled all over the world with Celebrity Cruises, the Queen Mary II, and Crystal Cruises. He has acted in several roles including Frederick in Pirates of Penzance, Nathan and Sky in Guys and Dolls, and the many characters in I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change. Christopher is very pleased to be performing in his first Theatreworks Florida production and in the Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival.

Erin Brenna (Pippi) Erin Brenna is ecstatic to be working with TheatreWorks Florida in their new production of The Great American Trailor Park Musical. Originally hailing from the Northeast, and upon being recently graduated from DeSales University with a Ba: in Theater Acting/directing, she moved down to Orlando in 2007 and has been happily performing in shows and events throughout O-town and the central Florida area since. Favorite stage credits include: Lucy Harris in Jekyll and Hyde, Cleopatra in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, Mazeppa in Gypsy, and the title role in Electra. Erin wishes to thank her family and friends for their amazing support, and the Jerry Springer show for keeping it real all these years and giving me a window into the world in which we now play.

Sam Little (Duke) This is Sam’s debut performance with TheatreWorks Florida and this production of The Great American Trailer Park Musical. Hailing from the mega-metropolis of Lake City, Sam studied theater at SFCC in Gainesville and performance at UCF. in Orlando. He has performed at Poseidon’s Fury at Universal Studios and Pirate’s Dinner Adventure as Mr. Magee. He has also appeared on the stages of Orlando Rep Theatre several times this last year. This year’s Orlando Fringe will mark Sam’s fourth production at the festival, where last year he directed and produced for the first time with Deep Creek Production’s Witness. Some favorite past roles in the area include Cliff in Cabaret, Zach in A Chorus Line, and Sister Mary Amnesia in Nunsense Amen. Sam would like to extend his gratitude and love to Alyssa for her patience and support.

Heather Spillane (Betty) Heather was born in New York and now lives just north of Tampa in New Port Richey. She has been doing theater since she was in grade school and has always known a life on the stage was where she belongs. She is twenty-one years old, this is her first professional production, and she could not be more thrilled. Heather has attended Florida School of the Arts and the Patel Conservatory, studying under Nichole Wright. She has held roles in such plays as Fame, Lucky Stiff, Grease, Little Women, West Side Story, Our Town and Moby Dick the Musical, among others. Heather also takes part in Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream event every year. She absolutely loves the thrill of acting, frightening and sometimes singing all with your audience a foot or two away. This is only the beginning for Heather, there is so much more to come, her dreams are within reach.

Lana Stevens (Pickles) An Arkansas native and the third daughter of a Southern Baptist Music minister and church pianist, music has always been in Lana’s blood. She’s been singing since before she could talk and acting since about two when her mom found her in front of a mirror making faces and talking to herself. She did local productions throughout high school and in 2004 received her degree in musical theater from Ouachita Baptist University. Since moving back to Florida in 2006 she has performed with the Orlando Shakespeare Festival, Greater Orlando Actors Theater, and can be found performing 5 days a week at the Holy Land Experience.  Favorite roles include Little Red Ridinghood in Into The Woods, Amalia Balash in She Loves Me, Echo in Eleemosynary, Maureen in Rent, and finally performing the two dream roles of Lucy and Emma in Jekyll and Hyde.  She can be found on four original cast recordings and always enjoys collaborating on new musical endeavors. Thanks to Scott and TheaterWorks Florida for allowing her this great opportunity in this show. All praise to her Lord and Savior and to Charlie and BB for being her amazing family.

Katrina Johnson (Linoleum) Katrina Is a native to Florida and has been performing since the age of 3. She attended U.C.F. where she pursued a degree in Vocal performance. She has worked in entertainment for Walt Disney World and Universal studios for over 10 yrs. She was most recently seen in Rent with the Greater Orlando Actors Theater in which she was assistant musical director as well. Some of her favorite roles she has performed are Rizzo (Grease), Narrator (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat), and Columbia (Rocky Horror Show). She has also performed with Disney’s Encore cast, choir, and orchestra which most recently sang with Celine Dion for Walt Disney World’s Christmas Parade. She sends her love to her fiance Josh and to her family for always encouraging her to pursue her dream.

Creative staff bios

Scott A. Cook (artistic producer/director/choreographer) Scott has been directing and choreographing musical theatre and live stage shows nationally and abroad for over 24 years. His credits include: Bat Boy, Parade, Plaid Tidings, Disney High School Musical, Cats, Big River, Footloose, Cabaret, Three Penny Opera, Nuncrackers, Blithe Spirit, Deathtrap, Jekyll & Hyde, Meat Street, 42nd Street, A Chorus Line, Anything Goes, Blood Brothers, Brigadoon, Company, Dames At Sea, Damn Yankees, Eating Raoul: The Musical, Forever Plaid, Godspell, Grease, Guys & Dolls, Little Shop of Horrors, The Rocky Horror Show, The Taffetas and The Will Rogers Follies. His original show design & concept works for the stage include: Journey Into Jungle Book, Future Fantasia and Tapestry for the Walt Disney World Company, Stories of Christmas for Universal Studios Florida, the first North American staging of Marsinah: A Song from the Underworld, created for Amnesty International, Whose Brain Is It Anyway? for Valencia Community College, Opening Ceremonies-Welcome To Our World for the Florida Special Olympics Summer Games 1999, Houdini: the Musical, Sandman and Honor. Scott owns and operates CBC Creative, Inc. dedicated to the design and rental of Audrey II puppets, the man-eating plant from Little Shop of Horrors. Audrey II can be seen at: Scott’s personal portfolio can be found online at:

David Foust (music director) David is excited to be working with TheatreWorks Florida again for another production. He has music directed such productions as: Forever Plaid, Bat Boy, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Godspell, The Music Man, Bye Bye Birdie, Kentucky Grand Opera Productions, and The Miami Christmas Spectacular. Recently David has enjoyed working on area productions of Bat Boy, Urinetown, Disney’s High School Musical, Peter Pan, The Taffetta’s, Plaid Tidings and Forever Plaid. He has performed with several professional artists and enjoys composing and arranging, especially a capella vocal arrangements. With a Masters in Music Composition, he has applied skills in both vocal and piano. Thanks to all the trailer park dwellers and pink flamingo lawn ornament lovers. This one’s for you!

James F. Beck (production & set design) James is the designer/technical director and department chair of the Department of Theatre Arts at Florida Southern College. He has been designing and directing for various theater companies as well as teaching at the college level since 1998. Jim served as resident designer for The Misery Loves Company and the Kenley Players, in Cleveland Ohio, where he designed for Tony Randall, Loni Anderson, Barbara Eden and Judy Kaye, among others, before coming to Florida in 1996. Since coming to Florida, he has designed and directed for several central Florida theaters. Jim received his BA in Theatre from Hiram College in 1984 and an MFA in Production Design and Technology from Ohio University in 1986. After completing coursework in the doctoral program in theater history and criticism at the University of Missouri in 1988, he began teaching and working professionally in scenic and lighting design. In addition to theatrical pursuits, Jim leads an annual Study Abroad trip for students to study at the Centre International des Etudes Francaises.

Renee Reed-Payne (costume designer) Renee is a native of Detroit, MI, who now resides in Orlando. She has always dreamed of being a costume designer. Renee started designing costumes for family and friends, which led her to her first professional opportunity… working for “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin. Her production credits include wardrobe coordinator and director for Perfect Praise, Inc. of Houston, Texas; promotions coordinator for Marvelous Entertainment of Beverly Hills, California; wardrobe coordinator and director for Prince of Peace Productions in Houston, Texas and locally she has served as costume designer for such theatrical shows as Meat Street the Musical, Deathtrap, Little Shop of Horrors, Nuncrackers, Footloose and TheatreWorks Florida’s inaugural production of Disney’s High School Musical. Renee has also constructed costumes for the Walt Disney World Company, Goose Bumps, and the Disney Cruise Line, all in Orlando.

Jennifer Roman (production manager) A native of New York, Jenn earned her BFA in Music Theatre from Elon University in North Carolina. She has been involved in theater for most of her life as both a performer and on the production side. Jenn recently moved back to Orlando after having spent 7 years in NY working on cruise ships, theme parks, regional theaters, as well as film and television. It was during this time that Jenn was able to improve on her organizational and creative skills. While in NY, she worked with the Producers’ Club, the Lark Theatre, Streetsoul Productions and the New York Fringe Festival. She was tour manager for Flying Ship Productions in New Jersey. Jenn also worked for the Arts Trust of New Jersey where she held many positions including assistant to the director and company manager. Her attention to detail and desire to make productions the best they can be also earned her the position of assistant to the director at the Oregon Cabaret Theatre for the production of 4 Guys Named Jose Y Una Mujer Named Maria.

Bill St. Yves (company manager) Bill is very pleased to be joining the staff of TheatreWorks Florida. He has been doing theatre for over 20 years. He received his BA in Fine and Performing Arts from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts having concentrated in both Theatre and Arts Administration. He worked with multiple companies throughout Massachusetts including Theatre at the Mount, New Players Theatre Guild and Whalom Park. He spent many years as production manager of Six Flags Great America (Chicago) overseeing all of the park’s theatres and shows. He helped re-open the Genessee Theatre (Chicago) as front of house manager. He worked extensively with the Rhode Center for the Arts (Milwaukee) helping them improve all aspects of theatre operations. Most recently he was at Universal Orlando as an entertainment manager overseeing the daily operation of multiple venues. When he is not working behind the scenes he can often be seen onstage at Moonlight Players in Clermont.

The Great American Trailer Park Musical is presented through special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service Inc, NY.

The Greatest Story Ever Sold
Night of Nightwolf, Orlando
Rating: mature | Genre: Comedy
Red Venue
60 minutes
$7 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: artists, students, volunteers, wolves)

Every night, a salesman enslaved by a powerful king must tell stories of amazing sales. Will he make the most important sale of his life, The Greatest Story Ever Sold?

5/20 THU 9:50PM
5/22 SAT 7:00PM
5/23 SUN 10:00PM
5/24 MON 7:40PM
5/28 FRI 6:05PM
5/29 SAT 11:55PM
5/30 SUN 9:00PM

A salesman enslaved by a powerful king must entertain the king each night with stories of amazing sales. One evening, the salesman embarks on his greatest tale ever.

In the course of the story, we meet a farting pedestrian, a man with a wagon, a sexy innkeeper, and various insects. Will the salesman make the most important sale of his life, and entertain the king with The Greatest Story Ever Sold?

Brought to you by Orlando’s own sketch comedy troupe of repute, Night of the Nightwolf, The Greatest Story Ever Sold is guaranteed to be told. In full, to boot!

Night of the Nightwolf is a fully operational comedy troupe specializing in video sketch and periodic live brilliance. To see our videos, please visit our Internet website:

Hell Freezes Over
Mo Laughs Comedy, Orlando
Rating: mature content | Genre: comedy, gay themes, religious theme
Yellow Venue
50 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Things aren’t quite right in Hell. The residents are running rampant. An IRS auditor is coming for an inspection, and Satan’s mother stops in for an unexpected visit.

5/21 FRI 11:55PM
5/23 SUN 1:00PM
5/24 MON 7:40PM
5/25 TUE 11:55PM
5/26 WED 6:50PM
5/29 SAT 1:40PM
5/30 SUN 6:30PM

“Hell Freezes Over!” Time to go back in to Hell with some familiar characters and lots of new ones. Things aren’t quite right down there, the residents and running rampant an IRS auditor is on the way in for an inspection … and to top it all off, Satan’s mother stops in for an unexpected visit. When all of this combines, there will be Hell to pay.

Pun intended. This stand alone show is a follow up to the 2009 Fringe hit Welcome to Hell. Starring Doug Ba’aser, Kevin Bee, Jeff Jones & Elizabeth Murff. Written by Jeff Jones and directed by Michael Marinaccio.

Not for the easily offended … or Baptists.

I _______ You
Orlando Youth Alliance, Orlando
Orange Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: students & artists)

Contemporary musical theatre revue exploring dynamics of gay & straight relationships performed by LGBTA youth. Thousands of dollars worth of prizes will be awarded.

5/21 FRI 5:30PM
5/22 SAT 12:40PM
5/23 SUN 4:30PM
5/24 MON 9:20PM
5/27 THU 8:50PM
5/28 FRI 10:30PM
5/29 SAT 11:10PM

Ironhead: Quest for the Ring of the Dark Evil Lord of Evil Darkness
Quiet Desperation Productions, Orlando
Rating: Mature (language) | Genre: comedy
Pink Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe artists & volunteers; anyone carrying a 20-sided die)

A rift in the space-time continuum causes D&D gamers to become their characters for real. Men with swords! Chicks in chain mail! Obligatory (but awesome) fight with a dragon! Geeky hilarity ensues.

5/21 FRI 5:05PM
5/22 SAT 7:30PM
5/23 SUN 7:50PM
5/25 TUE 8:45PM
5/27 THU 10:45PM
5/29 SAT 6:25PM
5/30 SUN 9:00PM

A game of Dungeons & Dragons takes a turn for the worse when a rift in the space-time continuum sends the players hurtling into their fantasy universe, and they become their characters for real. A quest to find their way back to reality pits them against numerous foes, including a manticore, a gelatinous cube, a dragon, and – ultimately – the Dark Evil Lord of Evil Darkness.

Directed by Christian Kelty
Written by Marcie Schwalm
Cast: Josh Geoghagan, Cory Boughton, Sarah Lockard, Andrew Bushwitz, Kevin Sigman, and Marcie Schwalm
Costume Design: Laura Proctor
Graphic Design: Shane Wheeler

Is This Seat Taken?
Jester Theater Company, Oakland
Rating: general audience | Genre: comedy, general, improv, two-man show
Brown Venue
60 minutes
$9 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: military, seniors, students, upholsterers)

Two of Orlando’s favorite performers, David Charles and Jay Hopkins, improvise a completely original one-act comedy. It’s never the same show twice. No nudity! Two chairs, two improvisers, too funny.

5/20 THU 9:10PM
5/22 SAT 12:00PM
5/23 SUN 3:10PM
5/25 TUE 7:10PM
5/27 THU 11:00PM
5/28 FRI 6:55PM
5/29 SAT 9:20PM

The Cast is David Charles and Jay Hopkins.

The show is a completely improvised one-act comedy based on a concept by David.

Jay and David then set forward to create a show that breaks many of the stereotypical structures in improv comedy. They each only play one character, the show only takes place in one place and the time is in real time…no time jumping. They take the well-known rules of improv and try to break them and still create a show that has great stories, interesting characters and hopefully lots of funny. Every performance is guaranteed to be different every time. That’s because every show starts by asking the audience one simple question – “Where are these two seats?” Perhaps the two seats are in a rowboat or the middle of a movie theater. Maybe they are in a doctor’s office or on a ferris wheel? Possibly a principal’s office or even the Oval Office? Two chairs, two improvisers, too funny.

Is This Seat Taken? is being produced by the Jester Theater Company, who previously brought their successful production of (f)IVES to the 2006 Orlando International Fringe Festival. Jester Theater Company is Central Florida’s only all-comedy theater. They have produced more than fifteen shows in the last six seasons including: The Musical of Musicals, The Musical!, Moonlight and Magnolias, Zombies from the Beyond, A Tuna Christmas, and the original (and now recently published by Samuel French, Inc.) The Iliad, The Odyssey and All of Greek Mythology in 99 Minutes or less.

In 2010, Jester will be producing the world-famous farce Noises Off to be presented at the Garden Theatre in Winter Garden, Florida.

The Creative Team for this show includes Jay and Diana Hopkins working in collaboration with David and Heather Charles.

David Charles has improvised professionally for over half his life (and boy are his arms tired) with companies such as Dunedin Theatresports, Chicago ComedySportz, the Improvisors of Baton Rouge, the Impromptu Theatre Company, Disney’s Comedy Warehouse and Sak Comedy Lab. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Theatre at Rollins College where he’s also the Artistic Director of Rollins Improv Players. Here, he has created/directed numerous original long-forms, such as ImprOvientation, Variations on a Theme, Cut To… and the groundbreaking Murder We Wrote. Other long-form creations include: Insta-Musical: Just Add Water (Roosevelt University), The Lost Comedies of William Shakespeare (WIU and Sak), The Renga Improvisors), E Pluribus Unum (Improvisors and Impromptu), FourPlay: The Improvised Musical (Sak and Winter Park Playhouse), and (Your) Opera in a Trunk (Pensacola Opera). His Ph.D. in Theatre from Louisiana State University focused on global improvisational practices. Keep an eye open for his newest work, It’s All Greek to Me, in the Annie Russell Theatre of Rollins College in April 2011. Love to his muse, Heather. See

Jay Hopkins has been improvising professionally since 1988 when he was hired as a member of the opening cast of Streetmosphere at the Disney/MGM Studios. He joined Sak Theatre in 1992 and became a member of the core ensemble, a creative producer and the head of education for several years. In 2000, he also began working at Universal Studios and continued acting around Central Florida. In 2004 with his wife Diana, he formed Jester Theater (Orlando’s only all-comedy theater company), where he has performed in or directed several shows, including A Tuna Christmas, Moonlight and Magnolias and the Southeast premiere of The Musical of Musicals: The Musical. In 2008, Samuel French, Inc. published his play The Iliad, The Odyssey and All of Greek Mythology in 99 minutes or less which is currently being performed all around the U.S. Jay has a BFA from UNC-Greensboro and is always available for work acting, directing, writing, performing, improvising and/or producing, except when he is spending rare downtime with his wife Diana or his granddaughter Madeline.

Ways to find out more about us:

Janine Klein: Gay Bar Star
John Ryan and His Divas, Orlando
Rating: mature, language, adult themes | Genre: musical cabaret
Pink Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

A knock-your-socks-off performance of music and comedy from Orlando’s fiercest gay icon in the show Michael Wanzie described as “one of the funniest cabarets I’ve ever seen.”

5/21 FRI 8:15PM
5/22 SAT 10:50PM
5/23 SUN 4:20PM
5/25 TUE 5:35PM
5/27 THU 9:05PM
5/29 SAT 9:35PM
5/30 SUN 1:40PM

First, there was Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall, then the Divine Miss M rocked the Continental Baths. Now, Janine Klein blows the roof off the Orlando Fringe!

The woman the Orlando Sentinel described as “twitch[ing] wonderfully … as a rabid audience laps it up,” invites you to join her for an evening of tour-de-force singing and comedy from one of Orlando’s most fabulous performers.

Written and directed by popular Orlando playwright, John Ryan, with musical direction by Kelly Richards, Gay Bar Star is full of show tunes, pop, and all-around fierce belting with Ms. Klein – the go-to girl for happy hour hosting and knock-your-socks-off-singing at most of O-town’s theme parks and GLBT nightclubs.

The talent

Janine Klein has worked as a professional singer and actress for over 20 years in Orlando. Most recently, she appeared in Wanzie’s hit play, There’s No Place Like Home, and with the wildly popular sketch comedy group, Skits and Giggles at the 2009 Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival. Janine played the title role in the Charron/Wanzie musical, Lizzie, presented by the City of Orlando at the Darden Theater, and she received rave reviews for her performance in Laughing Wild at Theatre Left. Janine also starred in John Ryan’s My Pal Bette and New Rochelle at the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival and The Footlight Theatre at the Parliament House Resort. She currently works as an entertainer at Universal Studios Orlando and Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Theater.

Kelly Richards was born in Decatur, Indiana where he started playing piano at four and a half years of age. Kelly started the Indiana School Of Music in 1980, and spent the next five years pursuing and obtaining a degree in music education. Upon graduation Kelly was retained as a staff pianist/vocalist for all of the Walt Disney World parks and resorts. He has performed at the Hollywood Brown Derby at Disney/Hollywood Studios, the Living Seas at EPCOT, Magic Music Days at the Magic Kingdom, the Grand Floridian Hotel, Coronado Springs Hotel and at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts.

Kelly has recorded two CD’s and has played for many celebrities including Paula Zahn, Steve Guttenburg, John Travolta, Billy Joel, Christi Brinkley, Ann Miller and many more. Kelly currently hosts a sing-a-long piano party every Sunday early-afternoon at the Parliament House and appears nightly at the Omni Orlando Resort at Championsgate.

John Ryan recently made his NYC playwriting debut with My Pal Bette at the Producer’s Club NYC. It premiered at the 2007 Orlando International Fringe Festival before playing a 3-month sell-out run at The Parliament House Resort. His other works, New Rochelle and Lucy Live!, have played Orlando’s Theatre Downtown, the Footlight Theatre, Orlando Fringe, and Tye Fred Stone Theater in Winter Park, FL.

For his work as a writer, he has received the Rollins College Friends of the Annie Playwriting Grant, two Orlando Fringe Sell-out Awards, the Fringe Diva award and was referenced in USA Today’s travel piece, “Affordable America: Orlando.”

Julie Bunny Must Die!
Mental Multitrack, Ozark, MO
Rating: general audience | Genre: general, musical
Pink Venue
55 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe volunteers, fur suiters, seniors, students)

Can underground cartoonist Adam Chase keep his favorite character, Julie Bunny, alive in the face of fictional perils, real world threats, and semi-obsessive fans?

5/20 THU 9:25PM
5/23 SUN 11:00AM
5/24 MON 7:10PM
5/25 TUE 10:25PM
5/28 FRI 9:50PM
5/29 SAT 4:45PM
5/30 SUN 4:40PM

Adam Chase (graphic designer by day, underground cartoonist by night) is under a lot of pressure. His boss has him working overtime to try and land a big, new client. His fans want him to hurry up and publish the next issue of his hit comic, “Julie Bunny: International Spy.” His girlfriend, Lindsey, just wants a bigger chunk of his undivided attention. When the many demands on his time begin to take their toll, he becomes paranoid and irritable. As he falls asleep one night at his drafting table, Adam’s characters come together to brainstorm their way out of his writer’s block and help him get his life, and comic, back on track. But how much trust can he place in the advice of a fictional evil chef who wants to conquer the world while whipping up a pot of rabbit stew? Shouldn’t Julie be a bit more concerned, even with her name on the masthead?

Julie Bunny Must Die! features a star-studded five-member local Orlando cast, lively original songs, and just enough video to let the creators throw around the word “multimedia” with abandon. Whether you’re an artist, a fan of the arts, or just like to be an outrageous nuisance in a wolf costume, the time has never been better to meet a hero like Julie Bunny.

Lucky 9
Big Sandwich/TJ Dawe, Vancouver, BC
Rating: Mature (language) | Genre: comedy/drama
Yellow Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Fringe superstar TJ Dawe (The Slipknot, Totem Figures) returns, with a monologue about reaching out. “This guy knows what he’s doing every second he’s onstage. Listen, and marvel.” – Orlando Sentinel

5/21 FRI 8:40PM
5/22 SAT 6:40PM
5/23 SUN 2:40PM
5/25 TUE 8:35PM
5/26 WED 11:50PM
5/28 FRI 6:50PM
5/29 SAT 10:50PM

Fringe superstar TJ Dawe (Labrador, The Slipknot, Tired Cliches, The Curse of the Trickster, A Canadian Bartender at Butlin’s, Maxim & Cosmo, Totem Figures, director of The One Man Star Wars Trilogy, One Man Lord of the Rings, Dishpig, Mr Fox, co-writer of 52 Pick-up) returns, with a monologue about reaching out. And the Wire.

“This is a guy knows what he’s doing every second he’s onstage. Listen, and marvel.” – Orlando Sentinel

Voci Dance, with Doug Rhodehamel, Orlando
Rating: Family Friendly | Genre: Dance
35 minutes
$5 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

A living, breathing, art installation and performance in Loch Haven Park. Fairies, mushrooms, illuminations, magical movements. Don’t miss it! Two nights only!

5/29 SAT 9:00PM
5/30 SUN 9:00PM

Fringe Favorite Voci Dance along with Orlando Artist Doug Rhodehamel present: Lumineux; a living, breathing, art installation and performance in Loch Haven Park. Fairies, mushrooms, illuminations, magical movements.

Don’t miss it! Two nights only!

Saturday, May 29th at 9pm
Sunday, May 30th at 9pm

In the green in Loch Haven Park – you’ll see us!

Alexander/Alexander Productions, Orlando
Rating: Mature (gay themes, language, violence, some sexuality) | Genre: Musical
Green Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: $2 discount for students & guys with tight pants)

Five teenagers are shipwrecked and trapped on Lyssa’s Island. She hates man and will do anything to make his life a living hell. Who will survive? Find out for yourself…

5/20 THU 10:05PM
5/22 SAT 8:40PM
5/23 SUN 10:00PM
5/25 TUE 8:50PM
5/28 FRI 10:00PM
5/29 SAT 12:40PM
5/30 SUN 2:40PM

Music by Alexander Thomas Ferguson
Lyrics by Alexander Sage Oyen and Alexander Thomas Ferguson
Direction & musical direction by Alexander Thomas Ferguson
Costumes, hair & makeup by Sarah Villegas
Costume design by Alexander Thomas Ferguson
Choreography by Alexander Thomas Ferguson

Cast list:

Dexter – Alexander Thomas Ferguson
Rupert – Travus Leroux
Joan/Lyssa – Eliza Solomon
Elliot – Sage Starkey
Maclaine – Tommy Prast

Alexander Thomas Ferguson (dexter/composer): is an 18 year old actor/writer/composer/student from Winter Park. He was most recently seen at the Orlando Repertory Theatre in The Berenstain Bears Onstage: A Bear Country Musical (Brother Bear). He’s performed at Orlando Rep, Winter Park Playhouse, Mad Cow Theatre, Orlando Shakespeare Festival, Orlando Fringe Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UCF, among others. His favorite professional roles include The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Chip Tolentino), The Lion in Winter (John), Bathhouse: The Musical (Billy) and The Wizard of Oz (Nikko).
Alexander has composed original songs for plays such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Orphan Train. He has written and composed five musicals. Four out of five have been given semi-staged readings. Alexander was at the 2006 Fringe Festival as a writer and performer with his adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland won the “Sold Out Award” and the “Patron’s Pick Award” for 2006. Alexander is thrilled to be back at The Orlando Fringe Festival!!!

Alexander Sage Oyen (lyricist): is very proud to have composed lyrics for Lyssa. Other works include Dachau (music and lyrics- premiered at UCF with Project Spotlight), Context (music and lyrics) Money Shot (music and lyrics) and A Goodbye Note (music and lyrics). You may have seen him play Toby opposite Faith Prince and Davis Gaines in Sweeney Todd. He was one of 10 acting finalists out of 6,000 in NFAA, 2010 and is currently developing 3 more projects.

Travus Alexander Leroux (Rupert): is ecstatic to be in this marvelous show about survival, love, and insanity. I would like to thank my mother and father for always standing behind me no matter what I choose to do, the phenomenal cast who I know will rock the house, and as always my teachers who have shaped me into becoming the man I am today. Now let’s see who’s really “King of The Jungle!”

Eliza Solomon (Joan/Lyssa): has very fond memories of the Fringe and is thrilled to be back for the third time. She is a junior in the Dr. Phillips Theatre Magnet and previous shows at the Fringe include Bat Boy (2007) as Lorraine and Urinetown (2008) as Hope. She has recently performed at State Thespian Festival as Sheila in Hair. Eliza sends her love to her friends in other Fringe shows. Break a leg!

Sage Starkey (Elliot): is in the 11th grade at Ridge High School. He has been seen in numerous productions all over central Florida. This is his third year at Fringe. His most recent credits at the Fringe include: Rick in Bat Boy and Marcus in A New World. He was most recently seen in Thoroughly Modern Millie as the role of Jimmy and The Berenstain Bears on Stage as Too Tall at the Orlando Rep. Thank you everyone for all of your support.

Tommy Prast (Maclaine): is extremely excited to be a part of this wonderful show, and a part of Fringe! He is a sophomore at Trinity Prep, and an avid theater member at the school. Favorite roles have included Henry in The Fantasticks, Chip in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and Hero in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. He would like to thank his friends, family, and girlfriend for being so supportive. Love you all.

Sarah Villegas (costumer/hair & makeup): is an avid actress around local theatres and her high school theatre company and thespian troupe. She has designed and managed costume, hair, and make-up for shows such as The Wedding Singer, Sweeney Todd, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Star Wars: The 80’s Strike Back, Moulin Rouge: A Cabaret, and most recently Romeo and Juliet: Forever. She is thrilled to be a part of the original show Lyssa and will also be seen at the Fringe Festival in Rent with the Orlando Youth Theatre portraying the role of Mimi.

Moogda: A Love Story
Mark J Richman, Orlando
Rating: Mature – adult content, language | Genre: monologue dramedy
Patron Room
55 minutes
$9 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: anyone legally named Tatiana, fringe artists and volunteers, students)

What happens when a gun-shy serial monogamist finally meets the right girl? A poignant and humorous look at love from beginning to bittersweet end.

5/22 SAT 6:30PM
5/23 SUN 8:00PM
5/25 TUE 10:30PM
5/28 FRI 6:00PM
5/29 SAT 11:00PM
5/30 SUN 1:30PM

What happens when a gun-shy serial monogamist finally meets the right girl? A sometimes funny, sometimes bittersweet, and always loving look at the ups and downs of one man’s relationship with the woman who finally called his bluff and settled him down. Moogda: A Love Story explores the glory and sorrow of life’s unexpected moments and how they can change you forever.

Moogda: A Love Story is performed by Mark J Richman. He has performed all over the United States, on stage and on the renaissance faire circuit (where he met his love), since 1982. This is his second foray into the world of Fringe and his first producing and performing his own material. Moogda is a narrative exploration of the years Mark spent with the love of his life, Tatiana Weiss.

Mark can currently be found in Orlando, FL riding horses at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament and wrestling alligators at Gatorland. He admits that in his mid-40’s, this is a little insane.

freeFall Theatre and Bag of Beans, Tampa Bay
Rating: General audience | Genre: play with music, solo show, spoken word
Green Venue
60 minutes
$9 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe artists and volunteers, students)

Oddlie is the story of a (mostly) mute outcast’s search for her voice in a city of garbage heaps. This tale celebrates creativity and the strength of the human spirit.

5/21 FRI 9:10PM
5/22 SAT 11:55PM
5/23 SUN 8:50PM
5/26 WED 10:15PM
5/28 FRI 5:00PM
5/29 SAT 4:00PM

Oddlie is the story of a (mostly) mute outcast’s search for her voice in a city of garbage heaps. Through spoken word poetry, traditional storytelling and song, Aleshea Harris spins the tale of Oddlie’s journey to herself.

Oddlie is an unfortunate young woman who is ignored by everyone and leads a pretty miserable existence. Everything changes the first time she hears the brash and unapologetic Rope Haired Man, a spoken word poet. His bold assertion that he is “nobody’s gutta” sets Oddlie afire in pursuit of poetry. Oddlie then encounters Sasha, a former poet starlet whose right arm holds an invisible thing, whose body is bent with disease, and whose spunk guides Oddlie from Here to There. But Oddlie’s most important encounter is the one with herself, the truth of where she’s been and where she hopes to go.

This is a completely original tale of someone who, despite the dinge and frustration of her existence, finds a reason to be. Oddlie is a celebration of the strength and ingenuity of the human spirit.

Peg O’Keef Fixes the World
DiDonna Productions/Empty Spaces Theatre Co, Orlando
Rating: general audience | Genre: comedy
Brown Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: $2.00 discount for all students/seniors/Fringe artists (show ID) (some coupons may be available))

Join Peg on a hilarious time-travelling tour de farce through history and fiction as she attempts to right (?) all wrongs and may just mess everything up!

5/21 FRI 7:10PM
5/22 SAT 7:30PM
5/23 SUN 4:50PM
5/25 TUE 10:30PM
5/29 SAT 1:40PM
5/30 SUN 7:10PM

Join Peg O’Keef and an incredible ensemble on this hilarious “time-traveling tour de farce” written by the Orlando Weekly’s Steve Schneider! The Powers that Be have tapped the one woman in all of time who could change the course of history and fiction. But the question is, should she? Travel from Cain and Abel to the crossroads of Oedipus to the deck of the Titanic to Bret Michaels (!) as Peg does her best to right (?) the wrongs of times gone by. Peg O’Keef – Saving history was her greatest role! Directed by John DiDonna.

Jeff Wirth, Orlando
Rating: general audience | Genre: comedy-drama
Blue Venue
60 minutes
$9 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Jeff Wirth improvises with willing audience members, creating serio-comic vignettes that reveal the essence of what it means to be human. Rediscover the power of play.

5/21 FRI 8:55PM
5/22 SAT 11:30PM
5/25 TUE 6:00PM
5/28 FRI 5:15PM
5/29 SAT 12:35PM
5/30 SUN 1:35PM

Director/Performer – Jeff Wirth
Technical Director – John Valines
Producer – Tisse Mallon

Procrastination An Electronica Operetta
Sunnysideup Productions, Orlando
Rating: Family Friendly | Genre: Music/Dance
Orange Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe artists and volunteers)

Sunny is a choreographer, singer, musician releasing her new CD and production Procrastination. Which explores the social behavior that keeps us stuck in the middle of living, loving and learning!

5/21 FRI 11:00PM
5/22 SAT 2:20PM
5/23 SUN 10:00PM
5/26 WED 7:55PM
5/27 THU 11:55PM
5/29 SAT 3:35PM
5/30 SUN 3:35PM

Raskin Dance Studio and Sunny present: Procrastination

Sunny Raskin, Vocals, Piano, Bass, Dancer
Kevin Stever, Cello, Bass, Piano, Accordion
Alexandrah, Vocalist and will be performing 2 of her own pieces in the show
Jeff Pattishall, Violinist
JJ Pattishall, Guitarist
Jessey Dauman, Violinist, Mandallin
Logan Castro, Celloist, Pianist
Lonnie Hightower, Vocalist
Carisma DeLaRosa, Dancer
Melissa Medina, Dancer
Kristen Jose, Dancer
Jamie Askey, Dancer
Francene Halili, Dancer
Valerie Raskin, Stage Manager
Melissa Medina, Assistant Choreographer, Dancer
Kristen Jose, Assistant Assistant Choreographer, Dancer

These musicians, dancers, and singers will be performing the work of Sunny, who has been creating this project for over 2 years. This is her 5th album to date and she is so proud to be returning to the stage to release it! The Orlando Fringe has been a dream of hers since she was 21 … Finally at 34 she has decided now is the time.

Procrastination is a deep yet comedic presentation of a woman with a severe problem of moving forward. Have you ever felt like you have so many dreams yet something keeps holding you back, you feel stuck in the middle, or lost? Well this is the show for you. Through a journey of exploring her past and with the help of many others she is able to realize you can’t move forward until you admit to who you are and who you have been! Once you can admit you can forgive yourself and stop feeling weighted by guilt. Procrastination is a self help healing journey that will hopefully move you as much as it has moved Sunny to write it! What are you waiting for?

* Many of the performers in this show have been trained by Sunny for years as dancers and are classically trained in all styles of dance. Raskin Dance Studio is her family business and has been so for 20 years. Sunny has been dancing since the age of 3 and has been on the stage her whole life.

** Different artists will perform at different shows.

Reckless Daughters
Destination Ink Productions, Toronto, ON, Canada
Rating: general audience | Genre: general
Blue Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

From the creator of Pitch Blond. Carole, Carly, Joni. Earth mother, sex kitten, poet. An exploration of the music and lives of the women whose adventures have shaped ours.

5/22 SAT 6:50PM
5/23 SUN 1:20PM
5/24 MON 9:20PM
5/26 WED 7:25PM
5/27 THU 8:30PM
5/29 SAT 5:25PM
5/30 SUN 3:15PM

From the creator of Pitch Blond. Carole, Carly, Joni. Earth mother, sex kitten, poet. An exploration of the music and lives of the women whose adventures have shaped ours. This play is premiering at the Orlando Fringe Festival.

“We were going to make life as interesting a journey as possible…”

Cast list:
Briana Brown: Carly and various characters
Erin Fleck: Carole and various characters
Laura Anne Harris: Joni and various characters

Creative team
Directed By Claire Calnan
Written by Briana Brown, Erin Fleck and Laura Anne Harris

Reefer Madness!!! The Play!!!
Economic Stimulus Productions, St. Petersburg
Rating: general audience | Genre: general
Brown Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

The Play (not the musical) adapted from the 1936 film, stars Dr. Carroll and three actors reenacting the unexaggerated effects of marijuana, the most diabolically dangerous substance on the planet!!!

5/21 FRI 5:30PM
5/22 SAT 3:20PM
5/23 SUN 6:30PM
5/26 WED 10:50PM
5/28 FRI 10:05PM
5/29 SAT 11:00PM
5/30 SUN 4:20PM

Economic Stimulus Productions Presents

“Reefer Madness!!! The Play!!!”

Written & directed by T. Scott Wooten

Starring Katie Castonguay, Jan Ray, Michael Titone, & T. Scott Wooten

Free brownies!!!

Reefer Madness!!! The Play!!!, based on the 1936 cult film, is a town hall meeting with a warning: Marijuana is Public Enemy #1!. Join Dr. Alfred Carroll and a troupe of actors as they reenact what happens when College Students get hooked on Marijuana given to them by diabolical dope dealers: car accidents, manslaughter, suicide, and descent into madness – Reefer Madness!!! The St. Petersburg Times described this zany send up of the original film as “fast paced and intentionally ridiculous” while Creative Loafing stated, “you’ll get high on this parody”. Come find out why!

Reefer Madness!!! The Play!!! is produced by Economic Stimulus Productions.
Independent Theatre can be a financial burden to produce, but thanks to the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 signed into law by President George W. Bush, Producers Julie Rowe and T. Scott Wooten decided against buying HD-plasma-screen TVs and instead pooled their tax rebate checks together to produce live theatre.

Economic Stimulus Productions is proud to produce this play, our seventh production fully funded by the United States Government. Thanks, FORMER President George W.!!!

Reflections of a Sinful Man: The Story of Adam
Preuss & Preuss Productions, Casselberry
Rating: family friendly | Genre: Drama
Patron Room
23 minutes
$5 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: children under 12; seniors; volunteers; clergy)

Denied eternity in paradise because he couldn’t follow directions, Adam eventually repented. Was he welcomed back to Eden? Nope. Fair? You’ll be surprised! A highly acclaimed, compelling, and inspirational drama.

5/22 SAT 12:00PM
5/23 SUN 4:00PM
5/25 TUE 6:00PM
5/27 THU 7:00PM
5/28 FRI 9:00PM
5/29 SAT 1:00PM
5/30 SUN 12:00PM

Picking that apple … not the best decision ever made … The book of Genesis describes Eden, and God’s creation of Adam and Eve. Their banishment from the Garden is known to many, of many faiths. But how did these first children of God deal with the shame of their sin and still maintain faith in their Father, seeing past the “punishment” to remember all His goodness?

David Preuss’ Reflections of a Sinful Man: The Story of Adam is a compelling and motivational first-person account that uses both Biblical truth and a thoughtful gospel message to explore the conflict of human emotions and religious beliefs that still resonate in all persons of faith today. Through Adam’s feelings, repentance, and redemption the faithful are reminded of God’s promise of a Savior and His everlasting glory.

For additional information, please contact Preuss & Preuss Productions at:

Biography of David Preuss: David Preuss holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater from Wayne State University in Detroit. His 40-plus years of stage credits include roles in professional and dinner theater, and live convention performance.

In the Orlando area, David has been seen in the title role in The Pied Piper Of Hamelin at the Florida Children’s Repertory Theatre. He was also seen as Mr. Salt in the Children’s Theatre of Florida’s production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He played Lt. Brannigan in the Mark Two Dinner Theater’s production of Guys And Dolls and John Hancock in the New Mark Two’s production of 1776.

David’s screen credits include appearances in the much-acclaimed HBO series From the Earth to the Moon, America’s Most Wanted, John Sayles’ feature Sunshine State, and Bill Engvall’s Bait Shop. He has been privileged to work with world-class directors such as John Frankenheimer, John Singleton and Tom Hanks. Award-winning productions have included a Silver ADDY Award winning Damp Rid commercial, Bronze CINDY Award winning CMAC industrial, and film festival winner Blank Canvas. For over two years, David and his wife, Maureen Preuss, recorded the voice-overs for the weekday program Career Builder TV.

For several years David has portrayed living histories for the Orange County Regional History Center. He currently performs the Cracker Cow Hunter, Bone Mizell and the legendary Seminole Indian, Osceola.

Seeking ways to focus his acting skills within the Christian entertainment industry, David has appeared in training videos for Awana Clubs International, and is featured giving a testimonial of faith in a video display at the Billy Graham Library. He has appeared in several independent Christian films, most notably Mr. G, and the 168 Hour Film Project Lela.

Inspired by his work portraying living histories, David is developing inspirational presentations based on venerable men from the Bible. Reflections of a Sinful Man: The Story of Adam is his first work in a proposed series. He has also begun performing another original Christian drama, Luther: A Test of Faith, which uses many of Dr. Martin Luther’s own words to reflect on his discovery of the gospel of Grace by faith alone and how God justifies the faithful.

Preuss & Preuss Productions: David and Maureen Preuss have been married for almost 30 years. They met while in the theatre program at Wayne State University in Detroit, and since then have appeared together countless times on stage, in commercials and industrial training videos, and on film. Independently successful actors, they are especially creative when working together. Yes, they can read each other’s minds! Their Bubba & Bubbette characters have been filmed so many times they have their own resume! David and Maureen participated in the 8th Orlando International Fringe, collaborating to write and produce Hostile Holiday.

Reincarnation Soup
Viet Nguyen, Orlando
Rating: Mature (language, adult themes) | Genre: One Man Show
Red Venue
60 minutes
$8 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe artists & volunteers, seniors, veterans)

At the border between death and birth, an old blind woman wields an iron ladle. Mythic realities flavor this tale about soup, Saigon, and recycled souls.

5/21 FRI 8:10PM
5/22 SAT 11:55PM
5/24 MON 11:00PM
5/26 WED 11:00PM
5/27 THU 5:30PM
5/28 FRI 9:25PM

Viet Nguyen is thrilled to return to the intimate yet airy Red Venue with his own solo show. Past Orlando acting credits include Elegies from Checkerboard Production’s hit at last year’s Fringe, Eurydice at Mad Cow Theatre, Metamorphoses at Seminole State College, and The Fantasticks from Ghostlight Theatre Ensemble. Viet studied acting at the University of Florida and Playback Theatre with the Reflections Troupe at Shands Hospital. He earned a Master in Social Work at the University of Central Florida, allowing him to work as a mild-mannered counselor by day. By night he is an actor, a poet, and a connoisseur of soup.

Part of the proceeds from Reincarnation Soup will go to the Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation. VAHF is a non-profit dedicated to documenting, preserving, and promoting the history of Vietnamese immigrants and Americans of Vietnamese descent. One of the organization’s goals is to collect 500 oral histories from Vietnamese Americans across the country.

Orlando Youth Theatre, Orlando
Rating: general audience | Genre: general
Silver Venue
90 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Jonathan Larson’s Pulitzer-prize winning Broadway musical follows the lives of seven friends in New York’s East Village as AIDS and both its physical and emotional complications pervades their lives.

5/21 FRI 6:00PM
5/22 SAT 12:00PM
5/23 SUN 1:15PM
5/24 MON 10:05PM
5/26 WED 8:10PM
5/27 THU 6:00PM
5/29 SAT 9:10PM

Tim Hanes: Producer and Artistic Director, Tim Hanes is the founder and Artistic Director of the Orlando Youth Theatre and creator of Orlando Kids on Stage; and Director of Music for the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection. The Resurrection Children’s Choir was selected last year to perform at Carnegie Hall with the National Children’s Choir Festival. His choirs have performed eight times at the White House.

Tim received the 2006 Presidential Scholar in the Arts’ Teacher Recognition award. Tim was director of education for Civic Theatre of Central Florida and created the performance troupe Civic Kids with original members including Mandy Moore, Ashley Drane and Julie Ruth. Prior to Orlando, Tim served as Artist-in-Residence for the State of Tennessee.

Adrienne Lovette: Director, Adrienne Lovette is excited to be back in the Orlando Youth Theatre family. She has been an actor since the age of three and acting professionally since the age of 10. Her first performance as a professional actor was at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center in an opera. Her studies continued in New York City at Circle in the Square Theatre School on Broadway ( Some of her favorite show credits include Grease (Jan), Top Girls (Pope Joan), Nickel and Dimed (Hector, Maddy, Kimberly), Oedipus (Jocasta), Noises Off (Dotty, Mrs. Clackett), amongst others. After her schooling she has performed and directed Off Broadway as well as worked on Broadway. One of her favorite Off Broadway works was Blue Beard and Celia! Her directorial credits include The Rocky Horror Show, Cancer Tales, Medea Redux, The Hobbit, Patient A, and Miracle on 34th Street, amongst others. Her European directorial credits include Famous Fortunes, The Little Muncher and Tick Tick Boom! She has worked with people such as Joey Fatone (N Sync), Valery Ortiz (Date Movie and South of Nowhere), Alfonoso Riberio (Fresh Prince of … ), Michael Scott (currently in Hair on Broadway), Jeff Conaway (Grease, the motion picture) and more.

Adrienne is a proud member of Actors Equity Association and is looking forward to be working with so many aspiring actors. You can hear her and watch her on myspace at www.myspace/adriennelovette.

Jason Whitehead: Musical Director, Jason Whitehead is entering his eighth year at OYT. Jason currently serves as an accompanist for the University of Central Florida theatre department. Previous affiliations include Seaside Music Theater, Southern Colorado Repertory Theatre, and Orlando Repertory Theatre. Here at OYT some of his favorite directing credits include Irving Berlin’s White Christmas, The Wedding Singer, All Shook Up, and Thoroughly Modern Millie. Some of his acting credits include Fiddler on the Roof, Guys and Dolls, Pippin, A Chorus Line, West Side Story and The Secret Garden. Jason holds a BFA in Musical Theatre.

Brooke Dixon: Costume Designer Brooke Dixon has been a part of OYT for 10 years. She has had the privilege of directing a number of shows at OYT including Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Jr., Disney’s High School Musical, The Three Piggy Opera and most recently Lemonade! Brooke has also been a part of creating drama programs at the Pop Shop and Camp Boggy Creek. She is also a founding board member of Christmas Dreams (please see

Patty Dixon: Company Manager, Patty is the office manager for the Orlando Youth Theatre. Patty oversees the management and operations of the Orlando Youth Theatre.

Jay Levy: Stage Manager – Jay is a student in the technical theatre program at Valencia and served as stage manager throughout Central Florida.

The company: Haley Benson, Julia Boyhan, Emily Braun, Andrew Boell, Nicholas Briganti, Kailee Brooks, Quentin Brown, Allie Champagne, Lindsay Cochran, Xavier Durgan, Sean Flynn, Katrina Futch, Jillian Gizzi, Amber Hancock, Erin Helper, Anna Johnson, Kayla Kelsay, Anna Kraeger, Omar Mack, Lily MacKenzie, Kelly Meagher, David McCarthy, Thomas McGlinchey, Tiffany McGlinchey, Spencer Meeks, Katie Mikulka, Jordan Miller, Dominique Minor, Ileia Mooney, Joshian Morales, Antonia Morillo, Bella Muller, Matthew Nardozzi, Kathryn Nash, Corey Price, Ryan Roberge, Sarah Schwartz, Taryn Strella, Zuri Terrell, Mikhail Thompson, Leryn Turlington, Daniel Womack, Sarah Villegas, Jennifer White

Saucy Jack
Tethersend, Toronto, Canada
Rating: Mature (language) | Genre: general
Brown Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: seniors, students)

Jack the Ripper has come to Orlando. Will the streets be safe? Is he evil or misunderstood? Drop by and you be the judge. Jack is waiting. Warning: Mature language.

5/21 FRI 8:50PM
5/22 SAT 9:10PM
5/23 SUN 10:25PM
5/26 WED 6:00PM
5/27 THU 7:40PM
5/29 SAT 6:00PM
5/30 SUN 2:20PM

The Screw You Revue : Up Your Wazoo
Dewey Chaffee Comedy Enterprises, LLC, Orlando
Rating: Mature | Genre: Comedy
Brown Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: HELL no. Cheap bastards.)

Orlando’s favorite bigoted homophobe returns in the latest (and LAST) installment of his shocking comedy show. Accompanied by his best gal, Didi Panache, Wayburn bids O-Town a @#@! farewell.

5/21 FRI 11:55PM
5/22 SAT 10:30PM
5/24 MON 6:55PM
5/26 WED 7:40PM
5/27 THU 9:20PM
5/29 SAT 4:20PM
5/30 SUN 8:50PM

Since he first crashed the Orlando Fringe Festival in 2007, homophobic, bigoted Entertainment Legend Wayburn Sassy has been shocking audiences and playing to sold out houses. Since the debut of The Screw You Revue in 2007, Wayburn has presented several naughty sequels, including Screwged!, The Screw You Revue: Deja Vu and now, his final Orlando installment, The Screw You Revue : Up Your Wazoo!

Come see what critics have called “VERY, VERY, VERY funny!” (The Orlando Sentinel) and what The Kansas City Star rated “Five out of five stars!”

And bring a thick skin. Wayburn Sassy is an equal opportunity offender.

The Shakespeare Show: Or, how an illiterate son of a glover became the Greatest Playwright in the World
ribbitREpublic, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Rating: general audience | Genre: general
Orange Venue
70 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

From the people who brought you Boygroove, comes this award-winning comedy about who actually wrote the plays of Shakespeare. “Wildly funny, wonderfully crafted and brilliantly acted! Flawless!” ★★★★★ -CBC

5/21 FRI 8:50PM
5/22 SAT 6:00PM
5/23 SUN 6:10PM
5/24 MON 5:30PM
5/26 WED 9:35PM
5/28 FRI 8:20PM
5/29 SAT 9:00PM

From the people who brought you Boygroove comes another smash hit from Canada.

“Wildly funny, wonderfully crafted and brilliantly acted! Flawless!” ★★★★★ -CBC

“Composed of equal parts absolute fact and utter nonsense, The Shakespeare Show is a laugh-filled treat for scholar and squire alike” -Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun

”Canada’s ablest fact-benders and history-skewerers Gladstone’s script is a lesson in crowd-pleasing wit” ★★★★1/2 –SEE Magazine

“This play is so damn clever, even if you don’t know any Shakespeare you’ll still understand it. If you have a love for language, physical comedy and intelligent wit, then The Shakespeare Show is for you.” ★★★★ -CBC Winnipeg

“Brings the bawdy world of Shakespeare to life! The Shakespeare Show stands out in the festival for having something to say, and saying it with purpose and humour.” ★★★★★ -Kevin Prokosh, Winnipeg Free Press

“… without doubt the cleverest, most well researched and cunningly put together piece of witty Shakespeariana I’ve ever seen – just smokes past Wm. Shakespeare abridged!” –Neil Freeman, Applause First Folio Editions

Written by Ryan Gladstone
Featuring Tara Travis and Ryan Gladstone
Directed by Karen Hamm

Shoshinz presents: A Day in the Life of Miss Hiccup
Shoshinz, Tokyo, Japan
Rating: general audience | Genre: solo comedy
Yellow Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

The mysterious Miss Hiccup lives alone, but is definitely not lonely. She is forever accompanied by a raucous cast of sounds and music that make her life an absurd adventure.

5/21 FRI 10:20PM
5/22 SAT 10:00PM
5/23 SUN 8:00PM
5/25 TUE 6:55PM
5/27 THU 11:35PM
5/29 SAT 7:30PM
5/30 SUN 1:40PM

Shoshinz was created in 2005 by writer/director/performer Yanomi, who was a member of the Ryuzanji Company, a troupe which has toured a wide variety of theater works across Japan, Canada, Russia, Iran, and many Asian countries.

Shoshinz performed to standing room only crowds at the Montreal Fringe Festival in 2007 and 2008 and received rave reviews in their first U.S. tour in 2009 to Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, San Francisco, and LA.

Shoshinz’ 2010 tour will visit Orlando, Charleston, Montreal, Ottawa, NYC, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, and LA.

The Soiree
Celebration Barn Theater, South Paris, Maine
Rating: general audience | Genre: general
Blue Venue
55 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Anyone from Paris (France or Maine), Fringe artists and volunteers, seniors, students)

Darling, let’s celebrate! Meet Elizabeth, a bon vivant and our host for the Soiree. Tonight, by pouring herself “just a splash” at a time, Elizabeth spills it all.

5/21 FRI 10:35PM
5/23 SUN 7:00PM
5/24 MON 6:00PM
5/26 WED 10:35PM
5/27 THU 5:10PM
5/29 SAT 9:45PM

Written and performed by Amanda Huotari
Directed by Avner Eisenberg

Amanda Huotari (pronounced hoot-er-ee) is a 7th generation Mainer, born and raised in the town of South Paris. She is an actress, teaching artist and the executive director of Celebration Barn Theater. Mandy studied physical theater at the Lecoq School of Theater in Paris, France, and is a graduate of the International School of Comic Acting is Reggio Emilia, Italy. She received a BFA from Emerson College. Since 2001, she has been working in collaboration with Michael Miclon and Fritz Grobe touring original productions. She’s now in her 7th season performing Add Verb Productions one woman show, The Thin Line. Her solo original work has been featured at the New York Clown Theatre Festival, New York Downtown Clown Revue, Phyzgig Vaudeville Festival, Moisture Festival and is currently touring.

Avner Eisenberg is probably best known for his endearing portrayal of The Jewel, the scene-stealing holy man, in The Jewel of the Nile, co-starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. He was also featured in the film Brenda Starr and the television series Webster and Mathnet. Avner’s one-man show, Avner the Eccentric, was a hit of the 1984–1985 Broadway season. He co-starred in Lincoln Center’s production of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, and returned to Broadway in 1989 in a principal role in Ghetto. In regional theatre Avner has played both Estragon and Vladimir in Waiting For Godot, played the title role in R. Crumb Comix, and co-starred with his wife, Julie Goell, in the world premiere of Zoo of Tranquility. Avner’s new show, Exceptions to Gravity, defies the barriers of language and culture and has toured extensively all over the US and abroad.

… Some Other Day

Schave & Reilly, Austin, TX
Rating: general audience | Genre: family friendly, general
Pink Venue
50 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: children under 12, Fringe Artists and Volunteers)

Scarves take flight, umbrellas dance, and the occasional bomb goes off in the new slapstick tale of redemptive grief, acceptance through denial, and love from the creators of Department of Angels.

5/21 FRI 6:45PM
5/22 SAT 11:00AM
5/23 SUN 6:20PM
5/25 TUE 7:15PM
5/28 FRI 5:05PM
5/29 SAT 8:00PM
5/30 SUN 3:20PM

Spare Change
The Humor Mill Orlando, Orlando
Rating: MATURE – Language, Adult Content | Genre: Sketch Comedy
Yellow Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Original sketch comedy created from improvisation in the style of Second City. Spare Change is a hilarious hour long celebration of sex, violence and relationships. Bring your spare change!

5/20 THU 6:45PM
5/22 SAT 5:00PM
5/23 SUN 11:10PM
5/26 WED 5:10PM
5/27 THU 9:55PM
5/29 SAT 9:10PM
5/30 SUN 12:00PM

The Cast of Spare Change:
Matt Leiva
Andy Gion
Alex Mrazek
Hillary Walker
Natalia Plaza

Executive Producer of the Humor Mill Orlando is Kelly Rands.
Managing Director is Jennifer Rands.

Who are we??? The Humor Mill Orlando, LLC is a sketch comedy and improv troupe that performs throughout the Central Florida area. We are unique to Central Florida in that we follow the lead of successful groups like the Second City in Chicago, Toronto, Detroit and elsewhere.

Our original sketch comedy is derived from group improvisation and then honed into a finely crafted performance piece that is sure to tickle your funny bone.

In addition to our sketch comedy performances at the Fringe Festival, we also offer improv comedy performances on select Fridays at the Hollywood Bistro in Winter Springs, Florida. We are also available for private functions throughout Central Florida and will be happy to discuss travel options beyond this area.

The Sweater
Corner Elevator, Mount Dora, FL
Rating: general audience | Genre: comedy, drama, solo show, storytelling
Blue Venue
60 minutes
$8 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

A woven piece of wool thrown carelessly across a canvas chair re-kindles a life long journey. Everyone has a secret sweater. He alone owns this one, To care and share alike!

5/20 THU 9:10PM
5/22 SAT 1:25PM
5/23 SUN 4:40PM
5/24 MON 10:55PM
5/26 WED 5:45PM
5/28 FRI 10:00PM
5/29 SAT 3:45PM

Bernie “O’B” O’Brien presents

A woven piece of wool thrown carelessly
Across a canvas chair re-kindles a
Life long journey.
Everyone has a secret sweater.
He alone owns this one,
To care and share alike!

Terry Tippit’s Terrible Trip to Troubling Trauma
Neil Bernard, Orlando
Rating: general audience | Genre: British, Comedy, One-man Show
Red Venue
60 minutes
$8 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: artists, seniors, students, volunteers)

Terry Tippit, a British fool, accidentally winds up in America through a series of unfortunate events and meets several strange characters along the way.

5/20 THU 11:30PM
5/22 SAT 8:40PM
5/24 MON 6:00PM
5/26 WED 7:40PM
5/27 THU 10:30PM
5/29 SAT 10:20PM
5/30 SUN 7:20PM

Third Time Lucky
Wog Productions, Toronto, ON, Canada
Rating: general audience | Genre: solo comedy
Pink Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: students/seniors)

Queer as a 3 dollar bill, Hutcheson hopes 3’s a charm for the premiere of his 3rd solo comedy. 3 cheers for getting Third Time Lucky. *2008 Fabulous Faggy Award Winner*

5/20 THU 7:45PM
5/22 SAT 3:50PM
5/23 SUN 2:20PM
5/24 MON 10:30PM
5/26 WED 8:40PM
5/29 SAT 11:00AM
5/30 SUN 7:00PM

Tod Kimbro: Robots Stole my Piano
Tod Kimbro, Orlando
Rating: general audience | Genre: Music
Red Venue
55 minutes
$7 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

“A terrific pianist and singer” “As swell an evening of music as you’re likely to get” (Orlando Sentinel). The celebrated Mr. Kimbro returns with a brand new electro-cabaret.

5/20 THU 6:30PM
5/22 SAT 10:20PM
5/23 SUN 8:20PM
5/25 TUE 11:00PM
5/26 WED 6:00PM
5/29 SAT 5:20PM
5/30 SUN 4:00PM

“A terrific pianist and singer” “As swell an evening of music as you’re likely to get” (Orlando Sentinel). The celebrated Mr. Kimbro returns with a brand new electro-cabaret, full of surprises and even a few special guest stars!

Tod has been delighting Fringe audiences with his pop-rock cabarets since 2007’s F-Bombs and G-Strings, and has been an Orlando Fringe staple as a musician, writer, composer, director, and performer since 1997.

“An Orlando Fringe Icon!” – Orlando Citybeat

“A smooth, polished voice” – Orlando Sentinel

T-o-t-a-l-l-y! Kimleigh Productions, Los Angeles
Rating: mature audience: 17 years old and above: mild language & adult content! | Genre: comedy, drama
Brown Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: AEA, AFTRA Actors, SAG, seniors, students & teachers)

Witness a young cheerleader transform into a powerful woman who embraces her inner superhero as she reclaims her sexuality and lives as a whole, healthy woman who cheers for life!

5/20 THU 7:30PM
5/22 SAT 1:40PM
5/23 SUN 8:45PM
5/24 MON 5:15PM
5/25 TUE 5:30PM
5/28 FRI 11:45PM
5/30 SUN 11:00AM

T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! written and performed by Kimleigh Smith. Directed by Paula Killen. Promoted by Angela Shelton. To book Kimleigh go to or

In this powerful one hour theater piece, Kimleigh Smith takes the audience through a journey that is totally uplifting, totally heartbreaking, and totally powerful.

T-O-T-A-L-L-Y! is the ultimate cheer. It will have you howling in your seats in hysteria and clutching your heart. Kimleigh inspires audiences through her hilarious and honest story to embrace their inner superheroes and find the strength to move forward no matter what. The cheer “That’s Okay, That’s All right … get back up and Fight, Fight, Fight!” has an entirely different meaning once you see T-O-T-A-L-L-Y.

You watch as 17-year-old Kimleigh, the young cheerleader transforms into a powerful woman who reclaims her sexuality and lives as a whole, healthy, woman who cheers for life!

Written, Performed & Produced by: Kimleigh Smith

Kimleigh Smith spent the first 10 years of her life in Japan, which still holds a special place in her heart. After Japan it was off to Leavenworth, Kansas, where she spent the remainder of her school years. She attended Emporia State University and received a BS in Psychology. Despite her education, she always wanted to be a dancer, so after graduation she moved to Chicago to pursue her dream. She danced with several prestigious Chicago dance companies including Gus Giordano Dance and Joel Hall Dance. But dancing simply whet her appetite – she wanted more. On a dare, she auditioned for a play. She got the part and has never looked back. Kimleigh has graced the stages of Chicago’s most renowned theaters: The Goodman Theatre, Looking Glass Theatre and Steppenwolf Theatre, where she performed in A Clockwork Orange, Crumbs from the Table of Joy and Puddn’Head Wilson. Upon moving to Los Angeles, she had the pleasure of reprising her role in Puddn’Head Wilson at Garry Marshall’s Falcon Theatre. This production was honored with an LA Weekly Theater Award. Garry Marshall fell in love with Ms. Smith and cast her in her first major motion picture, The Princess Diaries. Kimleigh’s television credits include E.R., Invasion, Heroes, and Women’s Murder Club, to name a few. Kimleigh’s career continues to flourish in theatre, commercials, television, and film. Be sure to catch her in the upcoming feature, Something like a Business.

Thanks to my family and to all my friends and fans for all your love and support! Life is nothing without the ones you love to share it with! Here’s to our greatness, may we all Embrace Our Capes and be the Superheroes we all are! Love, Love, Love!

Directed by: Paula Killen

Writer/performer/director/producer, Paula Killen, has spent the last several years developing all sorts of new work around LA. Her own original works, A Cocktail of Flowers, The Nightlites and More Notes from the Bottom all played to capacity houses at the Comedy Central Workspace. Sweet Ride at the Annoyance/Chicago enjoyed a sold out run, winter 2008 and Fully Loaded ran at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade/LA –selling out for over a year. Shows she has developed for others include: The Quarterly Report, The Write Club/I. O. West (LA), Adria Tennor’s Strip Search and Meera Simhan’s Miss India America, both produced at the Acme (LA). Ines Wurth’s, I Miss Communism toured internationally and voted Best of the Edinburgh Fest. Currently, Killen is directing Kimleigh Smith in T.O.T.A.L.L.Y. Kimleigh, LA/NYC.

Paula has contributed essays and commentaries to the popular NPR radio series This American Life and hosted Metropolis for WBEZ in Chicago. Killen has a national reputation as a playwright and monologist – premiering original works at the Goodman, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Steppenwolf Theatre, the Cabaret Metro and Organic Theater (Chicago); La Mama, Dixon Place and PS122 (NYC) and the Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB), the Actor’s Gang, Zoo District Theatre, Largo, Lillian Theatre, Falcon Theatre, Improv Olympic, the Comedy Union, Comedy Central and HBO Workspace (Los Angeles.) Killen has also been the guest monologist in popular improvisation shows, ASSSSS Cat at the UCB/LA and Armando at the Improv Olympic.

Killen has created/produced and performed in multiple spoken word events including Too Big for the Chorus (Garry Marshall, executive producer), The Big Goddess Pow Wow (National Tour) and The Triangle Room and Free and Easy at the Comedy Union (LA.) Killen has been a regular guest at Sit and Spin at the Comedy Central Stage, Dear Diary at Wordspace (LA) and Afterbirth at M-bar (LA.)

Shooting just ended on Killen’s feature film adaptation of her original stage show, Fully Loaded, directed by Shira Piven with executive producers Adam Mckay and Will Ferrell. Fully Loaded is set to be released late 2009. Killen also wrote Ellos y Nosotros (a feature film in Spanish) that’s being directed by Juan Fernandez, winter 2009. She’s currently writing Insurance a feature film for Will Ferrell in development with Gary Sanchez Productions and Paramount Pictures.

Killen is also proud to be producing Mom’s the Word with Cathy Schenkelberg and directed by Jerry London, opening Sept. 2009 at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, CA.

Trojan Women
Eyewitness Theatre Company, Manchester, England
Rating: mature content: violence, adult themes, intellectual stuff | Genre: Drama
Orange Venue
75 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Greek chics [ID required], seniors, students)

Huddled beneath the scorched wreckage of once noble Troy, three captive princesses share the same destiny – to become the whores of their Greek conquerors! Brutal, beautiful, Times. Unmissable! Guardian

5/20 THU 6:15PM
5/22 SAT 10:20PM
5/23 SUN 12:55PM
5/24 MON 11:00PM
5/26 WED 6:00PM
5/29 SAT 1:40PM
5/30 SUN 1:40PM

Trojan Women by Euripides

From Fringe Faves Eyewitness Theatre Company – the company who performed

–    Our Daily Bread
–    Family Affairs
–    Lysistrata
–    Time To Go Walking
–    Fanny Hill

–    That play about the pigeon
–    Kama Sutra
–    Medea and others

Huddled beneath the scorched wreckage of once noble Troy, three captive princesses share the same destiny – to become the slaves and whores of their Greek conquerors. An evocative denunciation of human cruelty; a lyrically moving chorus of redemption and survival. Charged with a raw sensual passion, Brutal. Beautiful. Unmissable!

Winner of the Manchester [UK] Theatre Festival 2008.

Theatre for grownups

Manchester Fringe Festival
July 2008

Best Play – Trojan Women
Best Production –Trojan Women
Best Writing – Trojan Women

“This year’s gold medal goes to local company Eyewitness for their outstanding production of Trojan Women. This was an unprecedented unanimous decision by all eight members of the Judging Panel!”

Manchester Festival Fringe 2008

Euripides – background information
ca. 480 BC–406 BC
According to legend, Euripides was born in Salamís on September 23, 480 BC). He was the last, and least honoured, of the three great tragedians of classical Athens (the other two being Aeschylus and Sophocles). Eighteen of Euripides’ plays have survived completely with fragments of others. He first competed in the Dionysia, the famous Athenian dramatic festival, in 455 BC, one year after the death of Aeschylus. He came in third, reportedly because he refused to cater to the fancies of the judges. It was not until 441 BC that he won first prize, and over the course of his lifetime, Euripides claimed a mere four victories. He also won one posthumous victory.

Euripides is known primarily for having reshaped the formal structure of traditional tragedy by showing strong women characters [especially Medea, Trojan Women] His plays seem modern by comparison with those of his contemporaries, focusing on the inner lives and motives of his characters in a way previously unknown to Greek audiences.

Celebrated plays include The Bacchae and Orestes. Perhaps one of his more famous quotes is “Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

Trojan Women 2.0
Pathos Theatre Inc., Orlando
Rating: Mature | Genre: tragic comedy
Brown Venue
55 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe button) (Discounts: Students with valid ID)
A modern re-imaging of the classic Greek play, placed in the altered reality of modern day Morocco; heeding the brutality, sexuality, and destruction of culture that comes with war.

5/20 THU 10:50PM
5/22 SAT 5:00PM
5/24 MON 8:35PM
5/25 TUE 8:50PM
5/28 FRI 5:15PM
5/29 SAT 12:00PM
5/30 SUN 12:40PM

From two of the guys who brought you Oral! at the 2008 Orlando International Fringe Festival! Portion of proceeds to benefit Equity Fights AIDS.

Tropical Depression
Rake Theater, Boynton Beach
Rating: general audience | Genre: dark comedy, drama, dramedy, monologue
Blue Venue
50 minutes
$8 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe artists, Fringe volunteers, seniors, students)

Jenny wants to relax during her Florida vacation. The universe has other plans. It’s hurricane season, and a storm is heading her way. Is she prepared for another disaster?

5/21 FRI 7:25PM
5/22 SAT 10:00PM
5/23 SUN 11:45PM
5/25 TUE 7:40PM
5/28 FRI 6:55PM

Rake Theater was founded in New York City in February 2006. In our inaugural season, we produced a show at the Midtown International Theater Festival and presented the sell-out hit Oedipus for Kids! at the New York Musical Theater Festival. In January 2007, Rake Theater went on the road, gathering members and inspiration in Chicago.

Our home base is now in South Florida, but our members continue to work and thrive all over the country. Rake is happy to be back at Orlando Fringe, after our production of Fluency in 2008.

VarieTease Deconstruction
babyBLUESTAR ProductionsLLC, Orlando
Rating: mature | Genre: Dance, drag, gay, lip-synched
Orange Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

With the twists, turns and oddities of VarieTease, this unraveling tale touches on growing up, coming out, right and wrong and the adventures we experience in everyday life.

5/20 THU 11:55PM
5/22 SAT 4:20PM
5/23 SUN 8:20PM
5/25 TUE 6:00PM
5/26 WED 11:45PM
5/28 FRI 5:00PM
5/29 SAT 5:15PM

To greatly appreciated supporters:

It is that time of year again….. No sleep, tons of rehearsals, promotions, fundraisers, body aches, work, work and more work all to enjoy the best time of year when the Orlando Fringe Festival takes over the city.

A little Fringe/VarieTease History:

Blue began her journey with Kangagirl’s production of Lily and Lila’s Lovely Lesbian Hour, which featured the burlesque group Lesbo-a-GoGo. In 2007, she decided to bring her club hit VarieTease into the arena and with the help of Invisible Arts brought to life the Patrons Pick Carnivale. She then went left with the odd and weird and brought VarieTease Doll Factory, leaving most with faces of uncertainty and confusion. In 2009 came the multiple award winner Lullaby in the year 2009, winning Patrons Pick, best choreography, best costumes and best dance show.

This year they will be introducing the break-down of life, Blue’s life rather, with VarieTease Deconstruction. This unraveling tale with the most obvious story plot ever, will touch on growing up, coming out, right and wrong and the adventures we experience. Of course in true VarieTease fashion, it is not the average “life” story and there promises to be those moments of scratching your head, laughing, laughing again and scratching your head.

Another fabulous change is the addition of live vocals featuring Sunshine Mathews, Regan Boetto, Blue and Chris Mcintyre accompanied by Alex Froedge (Froedge Beatz) and band. This is something a little out of the norm as VarieTease has stemmed from drag art and has been mostly lip-synched in the past. This year they will still have that drag element, however will be expanding and growing to make this event even more of a spectacle.

You can see this talented cast of VarieTease including, the return of Nick Grey and Chris Mcintyre and new additions of Mikki “Tayeh” Wingerter, Regan Boetto, Justine Perez, Charley Santiago, Eriel Santiago and Alex Brown in the Orange Venue. They will be showcasing and covering songs from Adele, Holly Golightly, Miss Li, Pixie Lott, Massive Attack and Lamb tied together with original works and complimented by choreography from and Maryann DeAngelis and Blue.

babyBLUESTAR would like to thank the people who have loved us from the beginning and continue to grow with us:

Friends,Family and cast: Mama Ann, Honey Daddy, Jaime “Peanut” Bridges, Dixie Lee (Dixie Lee Photography), MaryAnn DeAngelis, Alex Froedge (Froedge Beatz), Raskin Dance Studios, Pom of Pom Poms, Craig Mestel (Revolution Nightclub, Samantha at Vamp Hair Salon, Tweeka Weed at Vamp Hair Salon, Alan (Sip Orlando), Stardust Lounge, Mr Willy and Dancers Edge, Beth Marshall, Cindy Barboloc, Jenn Lothian, Brandi King, Julie Milford, Chad and Jason, Lilly Star, Thomas and Roberto, MaryAnn Camacho and Lisa, Lay and Ashe, Jack and Margot Dixon, Lisa and James Wolf, the Cameo Theater, Tod Kimbro, Jason Lambert, Chuckles, Danielle Hunter, the Parliament House, David Lee, Tabor, Sassy Devine, Tymisha Harris, Lanie Hoxie, Krysten Marlette, Dionne Gonzalez, Finley McRae, and and and and and … thank you!

Who Murdered Winthrop Carlson – A Choose Your Own (Mis)Adventure Mystery
Playwrights’ Round Table, Orlando
Rating: general audience | Genre: audience participation, comedy
Blue Venue
55 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button) (Discounts: Fringe artists, PRT members, seniors, students)

Help Edward Reynolds solve the toughest case of his career! No two shows are alike as the audience determines what choices Edward makes in this comedic mystery.

5/20 THU 10:50PM
5/22 SAT 3:05PM
5/23 SUN 10:10PM
5/25 TUE 9:10PM
5/27 THU 11:40PM
5/28 FRI 8:25PM
5/30 SUN 12:00PM

What’s a private dick to do? From the producers who brought you last year’s Best Original Fringe Play The Shaeffer Killing and the writer of the comic hit The Five People You Meet in Porn comes a unique twist on the Choose Your Own Adventure books, where YOU choose the outcome of the story!

Director Chuck Dent and writer David Strauss have teamed up with a dynamic and funny cast, including: Stephen Pugh as Edward Malone, Eric Kuritzky as Winthrop Carlson, Ashland Thomas as Dr. Robert Baxter, Erik Morris as Crayford Carlson, Sam Waters as Malone, Michael Besaw as the Choosemaster, Nikki Darden as Beverly Carlson, Wendi Gross as Danielle Carlson, Megan Kachur as Helga

7 performances! Never the same show twice!

Words with the Detective
Wallflower Theatre, Orlando
Rating: general audience (mild language) | Genre: Comedy
Red Venue
60 minutes
$8 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Will Fred Feiffer forsake a foxy flea-marketer and flimflam a forceful flatfoot, or will the frisky, flirtatious femme finagle fraudulent Fred and the fuzz? From playwright Larry Stallings.

5/21 FRI 6:30PM
5/22 SAT 5:20PM
5/23 SUN 6:40PM
5/25 TUE 7:40PM
5/27 THU 8:50PM
5/29 SAT 7:00PM
5/30 SUN 5:40PM

XXXplicit, Seattle,WA.
Rating: mature!!! | Genre: general
Yellow Venue
60 minutes
$10 (plus $8 Fringe Button)

Join Waxie Moon, Seattle’s gender-bending-queer-lady-boylesque-stripping-sensation and mad luscious singer actor performance artist Lady Wow Wow in this satirical comical tragical musical burlesque storytelling hour.

5/20 THU 11:40PM
5/22 SAT 8:20PM
5/24 MON 6:00PM
5/25 TUE 10:15PM
5/27 THU 6:45PM
5/28 FRI 11:50PM
5/30 SUN 3:20PM

XXXplicit by Waxie Moon and Lady Wow Wow


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