Orlando Improv Fest seeks improv-ers

The Orlando Improv Festival, which is happening Sept. 20 and 21 at Breakthrough Theatre, is taking applications for improvisers. If you apply by June 1, it’ll cost you $20; if you wait and apply between then and July 1, it’ll cost you $35.

There are already a bunch of groups signed up — and most of ’em are really good people. Here’s a list:

Is This Seat Taken? | Jester Theater
Two chairs, two improvisers, too funny! | Cast List: David Charles, Jay Hopkins. The show is a completely improvised one-act comedy based on a concept by David. Two of Orlando’s favorite performers, David Charles and Jay Hopkins, improvise a completely original one-act comedy.

Island Time | The Cast Aways
Show Description: Comedy Warehouse style show. Cast: Brian Bradley, Mark Daniel, Lisa Glaze, Matt Horohoe, Robby Piggott, John Telfer

Ladies Who Laugh | Robyn Pedretti Kelley & The Girls
There are many fantastic female improv performers in this city. Robyn will wrangle them, rehearse them and showcase them.

Fast Facts | Offsides Improv
Based on an interesting/fun fact from the audience the lines between fact and fiction are blurred as Offsides bombards the audience with “facts” and stories inspired by them. Cast: Greg Yates, Jose Rodriguez, Jenni McIntire, Jamie Black, Richard Paul, Stephen Kadwell

The Early Show | Sak Comedy Lab
Performing since 2007, The Early Show has established itself as one of Central Florida’s premier longform improv troupes. Developed under the
Sak Comedy Lab umbrella by Sak professional ensemble performers, The Early Show mixes the best of Orlando’s longform, midform and musical improv performance into one show.

Mark Baratelli, who’s putting this together, has a very nice website up. Check it out.

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  1. Pepe AND Rob Ward will be applying as well 🙂