Talk to your legislators. Now.

The good people of Florida’s state legislature (well, I assume they’re good but I am often persuaded otherwise) are trying to gut the state arts budget yet again. Here’s how to fight it:

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April 23, 2010, Florida Cultural Alliance

Florida Speaker Larry Cretul and Senate President Jeff Atwater Must Hear from People Throughout
the State NOW to Increase the Appropriations for the Cultural and Museum Grants Program Line Item
in Florida’s FY 2010-2011 budget.

Thank you for your immediate action, and please encourage others to take action now, too.

Thank you for your continued commitment to arts, arts education, and cultural development
throughout Florida.

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One response to “Talk to your legislators. Now.

  1. We’ve moved down to 49th lowest state in per capita funding for the arts. We were at 14 cents per citizen. I think the current proposal of less than 1/2 million for the entire state is about FOUR CENTS per citizen. Do we really want to spend less on arts and culture than Mississippi and Alabama?