Theater auditions: ‘Trojan Women 2.0’

Here’s an audition notice for a Fringe show:

Fringe Audition -The Trojan Women 2.0

On Saturday May 1, auditions will be held for The Trojan Women 2.0, which will be performed at 2010 Orlando International Fringe Festival. We are currently looking for 3 men and 3 women for the production, character and play descriptions are below.

When: Saturday, May 1  1:30  – 5:30 p.m.

Where: The Be Safe Academy – 12209 University Blvd.Orlando, FL 32817

What to prepare: Please come with a side prepared. Sides and a full script can be downloaded at the link below. All females please prepare 16 bars of a contemporary ballad to be performed a cappella, 1 headshot and resume.

Rehearsal will begin Monday, May 3 in the evenings.

Performances are 5/20 THU 10:50PM, 5/22 SAT 5:00PM, 5/24 MON 8:35PM, 5/25 TUE 8:50PM, 5/28 FRI 5:15PM, 5/29 SAT 12:00PM, 5/30 SUN 12:40PM

Roles are not paid

Auditions are by appointment only – please contact the stage manger,  Tiffany Meadows,  with your name and phone number. The stage manager will e-mail you back with your slot.

About the show:
The Trojan Women 2.0
is a modern re-imaging of the classic Greek play, placed in the altered reality of modern-day Morocco. After the war has ended, the women have been gathered up awaiting their fate – To be divided up among the soldiers as slaves.

Character Descriptions:
Polyxena: A Trojan princess. Hecuba’s youngest daughter and one of her only surviving children. She a is a young girl who knows little of the world. She is the embodiment of all things good. One of the bravest character’s in the show, she offers her life willingly to the greek soldiers. Looking for a girl with dark hair.

Valerie: A mother, and the leader of the chorus. She goes through the same arc as Hecuba throughout the play. Sings the final song “Scarlet Ribbons.” Please be prepared to sing this role.

Chea: A lower class member of the chorus, she is a fiery girl who tends to run her mouth, which often gets her in trouble.  She lashes out not only at the men, but at the other women and a Greek general.

Menelaus: The husband of Helen and a general of the Greek army. A man with control issues, he has a calmness to him that is only broken when someone mentions his one weakness –  Helen. She is the only woman that can turn this man to butter. Need a strong, intimidating individual. Combat experience is a plus.

Aeneas: One of the only Trojan men that has not either been killed or fled the city. He is a boyish coward, whom Hecuba calls upon to lead the remaining Trojans into their new home – the great civilization of Rome. Looking for a darker individual, someone who can look Arabic, could be Latino. Combat experience is a plus.

Ray Bob: One of the Greek soldiers; a nasty man who has one thing on his mind, sex. Through the play he violates the women, even bending the Queen of Troy over and sexually violating her in public. He is a despicable man, who often functions as comedic relief in the play, but should also be able to convey sincere moments.


2 responses to “Theater auditions: ‘Trojan Women 2.0’

  1. Wow, the Trojan Wars of Fringe. Maybe Eyewitness and Pathos can duel it out at the beer tent … giant wooden horse, anyone?

  2. Joseph, I say you take Ray Bob!