On ‘Joseph’ in Winter Garden

Here’s a note from Thad Seymour, president emeritus of Rollins College, who played Potiphar last night in the Garden Theatre production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat:

Before I go to bed, I must write to you about Joseph at The Garden Theatre in Winter Garden.  Wow!

Old friends the Ropers were true to their name, and roped me in as a “celebrity” Potiphar.  They have a bunch of us playing this funny walk-on part (though not as simple as the invitation suggested!), and I had a GREAT time tonight.

It is a really good show, with a nice mix of actors (two are Equity), who fill the stage with energy and excitement. The show does Winter Garden proud.

Thad Seymour


2 responses to “On ‘Joseph’ in Winter Garden

  1. You have to see it! The cast, the set, the lighting, the talent. It brought me to tears, then made me sit on the edge of my seat till finally I danced out of the theater! Every second was entertaining and full of the energy! We should all support the true talent put into this production. Bravo!

  2. Josh Garrick

    I absolutely agree. This is their first self-produced show, and it is first-rate. The whole company (most of whom are local), the two leads who are perfectly cast, and — of course — the children’s chorus that we all knew would be an audience winner — TERRIFIC JOB ALL AROUND