Theater auditions: ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ in Mount Dora

An audition notice from the IceHouse Theatre:

The IceHouse Theatre kicks off the 2010-2011 Season with auditions for the 1960s rock and roll hit musical comedy ‘Bye Bye Birdie’

Singing Auditions:  Saturday, May 15 from 1 – 4 pm and Monday, May 17 from 7 – 9 pm

The IceHouse Theatre is holding singing auditions for Bye Bye Birdie on Saturday, May 15 from 1-4 pm and on Monday, May 17 from 7-9 pm.  Considered to be one of the most popular musical comedies of all time, Bye Bye Birdie will run July 16-August 8, 2010, launching the IceHouse’s 2010-2011 Season; its 63rd year as Mount Dora’s own community theatre.

The Auditions are by Appointment Only:

Singers: Age 13 to adult can request an audition slot for either Saturday, May 15 or Monday, May 17, by e-mailing a request to:  An appointment time will be sent by return e-mail.

Auditioners: please send a performing resume and a photo, if available.

Singers are asked to prepare one of the following songs which will be sent to each person who makes an audition appointment:

Teen girls: “How Lovely to Be a Woman”; Teen boys: “Kids”; Men: “Put on a Happy Face” or “Kids”; Women: “A Mother Doesn’t Matter,” “Kids” or “How Lovely to Be a Woman.”  Some actors may be asked to read from the script.

Music Director Terry Thomas will play piano for the auditions which are being held at the IceHouse Theatre, 1100 N. Unser St., Mount Dora.  If necessary to complete casting, limited callbacks may be held.  The show is being directed by Darlin Barry, the theatre’s artistic director.

The Story:  It is 1960 and rock and roll singing heartthrob, Conrad Birdie, has been drafted into the Army.  A publicity stunt is concocted for him to kiss ‘goodbye’ one randomly-selected teenage fan on the country’s most popular TV program, The Ed Sullivan Show.  When it is learned that the girl who is chosen, Kim Macafee, lives in Sweet Apple, Ohio, Conrad Birdie and his publicists arrive to make arrangements – setting off comical confusion and pandemonium all over town.

The roles and ages of the characters:

  • Albert Peterson (30-45) songwriter and publicist for rock star Conrad Birdie;
  • Rose Alvarez (25-35) Albert’s secretary and girlfriend; (this role is cast.)
  • Conrad Birdie (20-30) rock and roll teen idol; (this role is cast.)
  • Mae Peterson (50-65) long-suffering mama, a master of guilt trips;
  • Kim Macafee (15-17) attractive and sensible teen;
  • Doris Macafee (35-45) the mother;
  • Harry Macafee (35-45) the father;
  • Randolph Macafee (13), the little brother (some boys ages 10-12 might be eligible to audition with the director’s approval);
  • Hugo Peabody (15-18) Kim’s steady boyfriend;
  • Ursula Merkle (15-17) an energetic friend of Kim’s;
  • Gloria Rasputin (25-40) brassy tap-dancer/showgirl;
  • The Sweet Apple Teenagers (13-19) who are featured as singers and/or dancers; some are speaking roles: 6-10 females and 6-10 males;
  • Among the variety of other characters in New York and Sweet Apple, OH: policemen, reporters, travelers, porters, TV stagehands, the mayor and his wife, parents of the teenagers, a quartet of male singers, several Shriners, an Ed Sullivan ‘sound-alike’ and several other roles; many actors will play multiple characters.

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