Play the Moment fundraiser/workshop tonight

Here’s notice of a fundraiser and workshop tonight for Play the Moment:

Get On A Grid!

Play the Moment Productions is hosting a one-time-only Viewpoints Jam Monday, May 10 at 8pm at the John and Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Center, 812 East Rollins St. Orlando FL

Experience Viewpoints, Anne Bogart’s improvisation technique revolving around a vocabulary for thinking about and acting upon movement and gesture.

Led by Play the Moment’s Artistic Director, Aradhana Tiwari, this jam is part workshop and part social event.  Aradhana recently returned from a month-long intensive studying Viewpoints with Ms. Bogart in New York City.  All artistic disciplines are encouraged to attend, however you don’t need to be an artist to join in the fun! There is a $5 suggested donation, and beverages will be provided.  For more information, visit

This event is a fundraiser for Play the Moment’s upcoming production, Project: F.  There is an era that future generations will refer to as “B.F.”: BEFORE FACEBOOK.  Project: F explores the many facets of social networking and community on the Internet through the lens of facebook using a theatrical microscope. Project: F is playing weekends from June 11 – June 20 at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center.

Play the Moment Productions is a company dedicated to creating entertainment within a vast spectrum of artistic media. Our projects encompass a variety of creative mediums such as Music, Film, Dance and Theater, housing a broad range of genres and styles.  Artistic Director Aradhana Tiwari recently returned from studying the Viewpoints and Suzuki techniques with the SITI Company in New York, partially made possible by a Professional Development Grant from United Arts of Central Florida.


Who: Play the Moment Productions

What: Get On The Grid: Viewpoints Jam

When: Monday, May 10 at 8pm

Where: Lowndes Shakespeare Center, 812 East Rollins St. Orlando, FL 32803
Cost:  $5 suggested donation

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