To hell with malice

For months now I’ve ignored the whiny, malicious opinions on Facebook of someone who calls himself or herself a critic in the Orlando theater community. I didn’t befriend the person, who will not admit who he or she really is. But many others have.

We all know, of course, that this person is not a critic. Being a critic does not mean simply putting your uninformed opinions out there, and it has very little to do with whom you report to or who pays your bills.

But that’s not the point. The point is that this person, who relies on nasty, snarky, not-very-funny comments about others in the theater community, must be stopped.

So, if you’re on Facebook, please unfriend Bee A Critic. Please block the person. And please report the person to Facebook for pretending to be someone who s/he is not and for cyberbullying.

This is serious, folks. There’s no place for this kind of meanness. It’s not funny. It hurts. And you can stop it.


44 responses to “To hell with malice

  1. Robert DelMedico

    Amen. She (or he, I’m not convinced it really is a she) keeps trying to friend me, and after commenting several times on her blog, was convinced she was a waste of time.

    No doubt she’ll use this condemnation as “proof” that she is “no holds barred”, but it’s good when a well-respected Orlando critic calls her out.

  2. Derek Ormond

    And now you’ve bought right into this person’s game plan. By even addressing this this, you’re giving more fuel to the fire. And, yes, so am I by posting a comment about it.

  3. Completely agree.

  4. I’m afraid ignoring it doesn’t help, Derek.

  5. John deHaas

    Thank you Elizabeth. I’m with you on this issue as well and I encourage every theater professional in town to stop this fraud.

  6. Mikki Scanlon Kriekard

    i didn’t know and now i do. thanx once again to you!
    derek…i disagree. people need to talk in order to stop destructive people in any circle. it takes bravery.

  7. Paul Castaneda

    I have bit my tongue on several occasions on this matter based on advice I’ve received from John DiDonna, who in turn received it from you. He, I and Wade Hair used silence as a response. Now that you have addressed it, I will as well. And tell ALL of my friends the same.

  8. Silence doesn’t seem to help. I think it’s time for mouthing off.

  9. marty stonerock

    cyberbullying- plain and simple and yes , we as a ” community ” on facebook can say – ” this is not acceptable and will not be tolerated…let’s operate from our higher selves, eh?

  10. Peg O'Keef

    I rec’d a friending from this entity too and accepted, based on its “mission” and the number of my associates already friended. I was quickly taken to task by a “masked man” (thanks G.S.) and other better-informed associates and colleagues. Following closer examination, I ran fast and far from the entity, as I would when exposed to any type of contagion. I am ever so grateful for the warnings against this sad and desperate bully.

    My libertarian sensibilities defend his/her right to express his/her perspectives, no matter how vile and ridiculous. However, I also celebrate my right to seek better sources for information and healthy debate.

    Thanks for exposing this to the bright sunlight, Betsey.

  11. In addition, the BeeACritic FB site is set up as a Facebook ‘friend’ not a ‘fan’ (which is now a ‘like’ function). That means that this person can see all your posts, pictures, information etc. that you have available to your friends to view. Organizations and other entities should be set up with the ‘fan’ aka ‘like’ site, not an individual account, for your FB security.

  12. De-friended 🙂 I thought I would go out on a limb and accept the friendship, although I was already aware of his/her previous reviews. The recent posts by this person are unacceptable and I’m glad that someone finally had the gall to point this out! Thank you!

  13. The proof of the pudding is in the writing. I read your reviews. I may not agree with them, but they are sensitive as well as honest, and at times insightful. Athough I have not, nor will I read Bee a Critic, I encourage the community to shun the person you described as a cyberbully, and for the victims to know such personal attacks are both mean spirited cowardly.

  14. John DiDonna

    Derek, we have for months tried to ignore and be respectful. In many ways I think I have been because I know that somehow I know this person Bee a Critic (they are obviously a member of our community). But after the insults and personal attacks on Beth and others, Elizabeth had enough. You yourself could indeed follow that same advice and not be a friend on that particular page.

    I have posted this article many places now, and sent out on CFTiP as well.

    Elizabeth broke the ice for so many of us who wanted to speak out, but but our tongues.

  15. Gale Pergande

    Bee A. Critic and Ms. Anonymous are both vile cowards that stand behind the skirts of anonymity. I unfriended Ms. Anonymous a while ago and have done the same with Bee. There is NO place for this kind of maliciousness.

  16. Michael Marinaccio

    “Silence doesn’t seem to help. I think it’s time for mouthing off.”

    This is nearly always my mantra. Boycott anonymous internet cowards, whether you like what they have to say or not. If you cant stand behind your opinions openly, you are a craven turd who is unworthy of my time.

  17. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and getting this out to the masses. I unfriended Bee a Critic several months ago due to the nature of their so-called ‘reviews’ and have since blocked them. There is no room for this kind of dialogue from one obviously bitter individual in our community. I hope this run closes soon..

  18. Chere Force

    Brava, Betsey!

  19. “The only way for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. ”
    This bitter, coward of a person has gained too much momentum. It is time to take a vocal stand and to end their tenure. Our friends and colleagues are being hurt. That is enough reason for me to want shout out “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.

  20. Marcie Schwalm

    I’m embarassed to admit I accepted this person’s friend request this weekend without even looking at their FB page first – but thanks to a tip-off e-mail, I realized the nastiness they were posting, and quickly un-friended them. Agreed that we don’t need this kind of poison in our theatre community and should absolutely take a stand against it!

  21. John DiDonna

    Posted on the CFTiP site (and in a message) that letter I had sent you a while back in response to some stuff on Bee a Critic. Since you so bravely broke the ice, I decided to post it.

  22. I’m not being brave — I’m just pissed off. This has gone on long enough.

  23. John DiDonna

    Sometimes bravery and anger go hand in hand do they not? In addition, one can keep a distance when it is at least distanced itself, but when a friend or co-worker is attacked the way this person did – then we come together.
    Thank God.

  24. I believe the incorruptible integrity of our theatre community will prevail over this unfortunate situation. I am one who enjoys reading honest reviews that give insight rather than those who thrive on negativity. I read only one of Bee’s reviews and found no desire to follow.

  25. Was this person around on the Attention Must Be Paid blog or did they just surface when you set up this web page? I would think that it should be relatively easy for a good techie to find out this person’s identity so the appropriate legal action could be taken against them for cyber-stalking/bullying.

  26. The person isn’t on here, Judy. S/he’s on Facebook.

  27. Ah, I see. I assume the abuse been reported to Facebook?

  28. Brandon Roberts

    I only accepted the requests of both Bee and whomever the Orlando People’s Critic is with the stipulation for myself that if I get one childish message concerning either that both would be gone. My cyber-friendships with them lasted maybe a week… exactly as I imagined.

    One of my favorite things about Orlando is that i it a rare place where artists really seem to get behind one another and cheer from each other’s respective corners, and I hope that we can collectively keep it that way!

  29. Katrina Ploof

    Thank you so much for doing this! We’ve worked so long and hard to become a good community of artists, it would be a shame to let this person hurt us all. Toxic words only have power if they are read or spoken. So, don’t read and don’t listen, right?

  30. Drew Sizemore

    I’m not that familiar with Facebook, but I think this “Bee A. Critic” account may be gone! I can’t locate it by search anymore. (I was following the downward spiral of friends for entertainment today!) I thought at first maybe they blocked me from locating them, but I logged onto my business account and can’t find them either. Here’s to hoping! See you all at Fringe.

  31. John DiDonna

    It appears to be gone. The power of an entire community.
    A sincere and honest message to that person.

    You can see our community supports each other. We do not always see eye to eye, there are rivalries and fights sometimes sure, but overall we understand we are a family.

    You are most likely in that family somewhere, and we ask that you realize you do not have to relate the way you were, with insult. Honesty does not need to be insulting. Cattiness does not need to be our means of communicating.

    I hope you feel like that can be put away – not by force, but by choice.

  32. Paul Castaneda

    It is indeed gone! Thank you, Elizabeth and everyone else that followed!

  33. Mikki Scanlon Kriekard

    thank you queen elizabeth, what a difference a day makes….


    if the powers that be can’t function productively in this world the artists can do a cyber take over….more power to the lovers….mean people suck!

  34. Michael Marinaccio

    The Orlando Cultural Intelligentsia has defeated yet another foe, thanks the brave (or perhaps just pissed off) leadership of our Minister of Propaganda.

  35. Dear God how I love you all. Anything I could say at this point seems to be moot, other than I’m so damn proud to be a small part of this amazing theatrical community. Thank you Betsey for the call to action, and thank you to every single one of you who took a stand.

  36. Robert DelMedico

    Well, I’m glad they were obliterated, and I’m sure they’ll resurface later under another account, which we can all jointly delete as well! 🙂

    I am still curious as to who it was, as I can imagine they must be a handful to work with as an actor/actress. But sadly, Ms. Ad Hominem will likely be an unsolved internet troll mystery. Though they certainly left a lot of clues as to where they were this weekend!

  37. One of my favorite things in the world is when people unite and work together toward the same common goal.

    This has happened with Bee A. Critic and the page is gone now and in a very short time frame because of everyone in our community expressing their concerns.
    This only makes us stronger as an arts community.

    Thanks to ALL of you who came to my defense, personally. I am truly blessed to have your friendship and/or support. I want you all to know that I was not hurt by what was said by Bee A. Critic because a) I don’t know who he/she is and b) Big girls with tattoos are tough 🙂

    I am however, concerned for the other people/theatres in the community that were attacked. I am also concerned that this person is a “friend” of many of our personal FB pages. (mine included)

    I encourage you all to proceed with caution of joining unknown people’s pages always and especially during the time of the Orlando Fringe. I have no doubt in my mind that this person could likely be back attacking shows and people during the festival.

    We have 9 days til FRINGE and we ALL need this time to be focused on our part(s) leading up to making this be the best 12 days of theatre, art, music dance and madness!

    ~Spirit~Love&Light to all…
    (special thanks to Betsey and John)

  38. David Knoell

    Good job, Orlando.

    This reminds me of Harvey the Theatre Hamster.

  39. Cynthia Ros McClendon

    Cue music “we are family”

    Cuz we are 🙂

  40. It is nice to see how a community like ours can come together. I hope we remember this feeling when there isn’t a common enemy, only a common cause.

  41. John A. Kwitkoski

    What I know about this issue is just what I’ve read here. I don’t do Facebook.

    I gather from the comments that the attacks were uncalled for, vicious and specifically against Beth and Betsey, and possibly many others. I’m not part of the theater community here, just an observer, but I’ve been around long enough to know that two people who don’t deserve that brand of cyber-crap are Beth and Betsey. Kudos to you all for defending them and taking this idiot down.

  42. It wasn’t against me, John, but against some local theaters and other people — and what is done against one of us is done against us all.

  43. Boy, I’ve missed a lot in the last 24 hours, but I am so proud of everyone who had any part in getting rid of this very hateful and hurtful person. I’ve stayed silent because John DiDonna, Paul Castaneda, and I decided that was best, but it has been hard. Great job everyone!