S/he’s at it again

The person who called him/herself Bee a Critic on Facebook — whose modus operandi was to be malicious about other people in the Orlando theater community — is now back and calling him/herself Ima Back.

Please do not friend this person. Please report the person to Facebook as being a fake profile. (You can report the person by looking on the left under the person’s name and friend list.)

We don’t need anonymous crap like this in the theater community.

Thanks. See you at the Fringe.


7 responses to “S/he’s at it again

  1. I think they’re already gone. I can’t find them. Boy that was fast!

  2. John DiDonna

    I am going to say here what I just said to someone on my facebook.
    I only hope we can ignore this all on facebook, and somewhere in our real not-on-internet-lives love and care for this person whoever they are. I am sorry they need to keep going with it.

    If they are worried about not enough people writing about theatre, we have The Orlando Sentinel with Matt Palm and others, we have Maupin on Theater right here, we have The Orlando Weekly with multiple writers, we have JJ Garrick and his multiple newspapers, we have Barbara Solomon (I think she is still writing, not sure), we have The Ledger with Paul/Micheal and I writing previews and stories, and Paul and Michael writing reviews, we have the ubiquitous and always available to support an event Carl Gauze (wink wink) at Ink 19 – radio shows/etc etc. Lost of sources to get info out there folks. Lots of sources.

    Sending that person great success if they have a fringe show going on. Truly.

  3. I am in complete 100% agreement.

  4. Al Pergande

    Facebook? What’s that?

  5. Robert DelMedico

    She/he/it was back yesterday as Beth DiCastahairpin.

  6. Derek Ormond

    Again, you’re just giving this person the attention they obviously crave by posting about this.

  7. John DiDonna

    Oh Derek. Actually it helped bring the community together as a whole. Wish you were here to see.