From the Fringe: ‘Digressions’

Fringe review: “Digressions: Based on Events That May Have Been True,” Steve Berglund, Mount Pleasant, Mich.

By Dean Johnson

Steve Berglund is, first, a very good actor. And writer.

His folksy-personal monologue comes back around on itself (beginning and ending with the idea that one is better off if one sings every day), and it’s difficult to write that way convincingly.

If I wasn’t fully engaged in a couple of his recounted adventures, I was very interested in his rats-in-a-water-cooler tale, his Muhammad Ali saga, his family-nickname section, the Swedish grandmother stories and the Uncle Raymond interludes. Family subjects are relatable for everyone – we may not have an Uncle Raymond, but we know Uncle Raymonds. Berglund’s uncle, for instance, begins every sentence with “goddammit” – “Goddammit, Stevie, that’s not the right fishing pole,” “Goddammit, that hurts.” Don’t we all have an uncle or an aunt with a similar idiosyncrasy?

Oh, and I have to mention that when he first came out onto his camp-site set, I thought he was well-known Orlando actor Tom Nowicki. He isn’t, of course, but he’s as good an actor as Tom.

Remaining shows: 5:45 p.m. Friday5/21; 5:15 p.m. Saturday5/22; 11:45 a.m. Sunday5/23. Blue venue.


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  1. Chere Force


  2. Kenny Howard

    I’m so happy your so happy….just as long as you stay happy….we stay happy. 🙂 Happy Fringe!

  3. MaryElla Collins

    I’ll watch your reviews to pick and choose, since I won’t be able to come to as many as I’d like. Thanks!


    Enjoyed Digressions, also. Wait till you see The Bike Ride. Martin Dockery is at his best.