From the Fringe: ‘Fool for a Client’

Fringe review: Fool for a Client, Mark Whitney, San Marcos, CA.

By Elizabeth Maupin

Mark Whitney bills himself as a comedian. But I’m trying to figure out in what universe his show, Fool for a Client, comes across as funny.

Whitney has a raft of reviews raving about Fool for a Client, an 80-minute or so diatribe about how he learned to be a big-time salesman, crossed some ethical lines, went to federal prison and became a jailhouse lawyer who eventually managed to spring himself free. But given his manner onstage – hostile, vulgar and seemingly unpracticed – it’s hard to picture the show that those other reviewers must have seen.

Whitney paces the stage, fusses with his hand-held microphone, moves the microphone stand around and changes in and out of a series of shirts, none of which adds anything to the production. His points – that all of life has to do with selling yourself, and that the government is trying to screw you – may resonate, or they may not. But his manner is so wise-guy and his past so apparently sketchy that you may decide not to believe a word he says. Which doesn’t leave much of a show.

Remaining shows: 5:35 p.m. Sunday 5/23, 6 p.m. Monday 5/24, 10:20 p.m. Tuesday 5/25, 8:10 p.m. Thursday 5/27, 7 p.m. Saturday 5/29. Silver venue.


4 responses to “From the Fringe: ‘Fool for a Client’

  1. Chere Force


  2. Steven Patterson

    Ah, sweet Elizabeth. Take a look around – hostile and vulgar are now HUGE selling points. Thanks for continuing to stand tall in the face of the onslaught.

  3. Ed Anthony

    I think he said some very unappealing things that needed to be said. If only they had been said in a more appealing way! (Also he mentioned our George Wallace’s namesake withoout further attribution.

  4. MaryElla Collins

    Love to get your remarks