From the Fringe: ‘Aphrodite’s Dungeon’

Fringe review: Aphrodite’s Dungeon, Buddah Kahn Productions, Orlando

By Dean Johnson

Turns out Aphrodite is the Oprah of the gods. In the pilot for a talk show, which Fringe audiences are sitting in on, the goddess of love and beauty (played by Sarah Lee Dobbs) brings out contestants (here are Narcissus and Echo now), and the audience gets to vote on which one to punish for stated transgressions.

Funny idea.

The opening performance Saturday afternoon  was maybe not quite ready for prime time – a few missed cues there, flubbed lines there – but this is still a pretty funny show. Inconsistent, but funny. Inconsistent acting, too – some of the performers, many of them theme-park veterans, are Equity good, others not so much.

There are modern-day references (Sarah Palin, Appliance Direct); there are clever commercials, especially one for Poseidon’s Summer, a douching product; and there’s a Zeus who channels Woody Allen.

A bonus: When the wise Miami (an amusing Lisa Sleeper) shows up, she brings Rice Krispie cookies with her, and those of us in the front row got a treat.

Remaining shows: 2:50 p.m. Sunday 5/23; 10:30 p.m. Monday 5/24; 7:10 p.m. Tuesday 5/25; 11:40 p.m. Thursday 5/27; 9:35 p.m. Saturday 5/29. Green venue.


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