Today’s Fringe news to note

Fringe seems to be going swimmingly, and here’s a note from grand poobah Beth Marshall telling you some specifics (including shows to get tickets for before you can’t because they’re sold out):

Fringe has had a very successful opening weekend selling over 10,000 tix already.

Thus far we have sold 17 pieces of Visual Art:

  • Struggles the Clown – Juliana Davidson
  • Three Clicks and You’re Home – Brigan Gresh
  • Blood in the water – Hannya Galicia
  • Hippy – Jennifer Carney
  • Sea Star – Linda Gillotti
  • Jettsetters – David Buckley
  • Smoke – Bob Kodzis
  • Valentine – Lisa Dunlop
  • Jessica – Karen Russell
  • Autumn Leaves – Sarai Goley
  • The Specimen Cabinet – Lisa Dunlop
  • Earthen Treasures with Flutterbys – Tina Pochedley
  • Draped Nude – Bob Kodzis
  • Heart of Glass – Linda Gillotti
  • After the Fall – Ruth Garry
  • Fire Sale – Bethany Myers
  • Kitty & Cupcake – Jennine Faubel

SOLD OUT SHOWS THUS FAR: (these are shows that actually SOLD OUT the tix for their shows. This does NOT include the shows that had full house with comps or volunteers.

  • Peg O’Keef Fixes the World (3 times)
  • Copping a Craigie (2 times)
  • Winthrop Carlson
  • Conform!
  • Lucky 9
  • The Great American Trailer Park Musical
  • Full of Grace
  • Tod Kimbro, Robots Stole My Piano
  • The Screw You Revue
  • Hell Freezes Over
  • 6 Guitars
  • Annie Todd
  • Brian Feldman’s Fringe of Nature
  • Capt. Discovery and “Escape to Planet O”

2nd Annual Fringe Abridged Fundraiser at 10:30pm on Monday the 31st in Orange Venue at Orlando Shakes is selling fast. Please get your tix now to see the parody of the 2010 Orlando Fringe thru the eyes of Eric Pinder, Joel Warren and Jay Becker. It will be a blast and it will go to supporting our 20th annual Fringe! 🙂


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