From the fringe: ‘The Dumb Show’

Fringe review: ‘The Dumb Show,’ Hawk and Wayne, St. Petersburg, FL

By Elizabeth Maupin

Improv can have good days and it can have bad days, and I suspect it was the latter I saw with Hawk and Wayne’s The Dumb Show, which sank like a big fat stone Thursday night. Maybe I can blame myself: I’m the one who, when the two asked for an audience suggestion of a dumb saying, offered “It is what it is.” But the two comics made nothing of that (admittedly inane) saying, and their energy level was so low throughout that the show dragged on and on.

Hawk and Wayne say they’re doing long-form improv, but the night I was there the first two sketches were only peripherally related and the third not related at all. The first piece, set at a funeral home, started off well enough. But the second turned nasty-creepy, and the third – which turned out to involved sexual humiliation – came off as mean. I’m hoping these guys were just having a really, really long-form bad day.

Remaining performances: 8:05 p.m. Saturday 5/29, 7 p.m. Sunday 5/30. Blue venue.


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