Radio Rickshaw gets athletic

Those of you who know Radio Rickshaw know it as a place where a bunch of guys talk about entertainment — theater, pop culture, beer and so on. But during the Fringe Radio Rickshaw and its three collaborators (John Valines, Don Fowler and Dan Ginader) are going all athletic on us: They’ve challenged the rest of us to a game of miniature golf. Never fear, you don’t have to leave the fringe: The game is on the Loch Haven Park lawn.

I’m not sure what miniature golf has to do with radio, but then this is one eclectic show. (The day I was on, several years ago, there was a lot of talk about Star Wars — or was it Star Trek? — that left me in the dark.) Anyway, the challenge is at 2 p.m. Saturday. Here’s the whole story:

Join Orlando-based theater podcast Radio Rickshaw as they challenge Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival patrons to a game of miniature golf. There will be 3 holes, each themed by one of the hosts. Prizes will be given out to the winners.

Event information:
Saturday May 29 @ 2PM near the Green Lawn of Fabulousness at the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival. In the event of rain we will relocate to the Patrons’ Room

About Radio Rickshaw: Radio Rickshaw is an award-winning Orlando-based podcast hosted by John Valines, Don Fowler, and Dan Ginader. Discussions range from theater, arts, entertainment, pop culture, beer, themselves, and Brian Feldman.

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