Brian Feldman stares at an artist

Performance artist Marina Abramovic is in the last day of a 2-1/2-month exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, one part of which consists of her sitting in a chair and staring at whoever is sitting in a chair opposite her.

She does it all day, every day; the only change is whether she’s wearing a long white dress, a long blue dress of a long red dress. (Today, she’s in white.). There’s been a line of people  wanting to sit across from her throughout the exhibit, and today, because it’s the last day, the starers are limited to 10 minutes apiece.

One of the people waiting to stare at Abramovic is Brian Feldman, who’s in line at MOMA and expects to be called to the empty chair between 3:30 and 4 p.m. this afternoon. (The museum, and the exhibit, closes at 5.)

Click here to watch the live webcast — and to watch Brian stare.

4 responses to “Brian Feldman stares at an artist

  1. thanks for posting. I follow Brian Feldman on Twitter and really admire how out there he is in that space…
    I’d LOVE to see what documentation follows this…


  2. Margaret Nolan

    How long did he make it?
    I saw a slide show last week on the NYTimes of others who sat opposite her and the time they sat. Amazing and moving. Many were shown crying.

  3. Viet Nguyen

    I love the title: The Artist Is Present. It reminds me of a Meissner acting exercise from college. So much power in that stillness.