Fringe gives its Fabbies

For those of you who are really wrapped up in Fringe, here are last night’s Fabby Awards. For the rest of you, it’ll all be over tonight, and we can return to life as normal.

  • Mary Lou Rucker Volunteer: Jennifer Wagner
  • Kids’ Fringe Fabby: The Funksters
  • Visual Fringe Fabby: Les Cox & John Gibson
  • Special Visual Fringe: Sarah Cougami
  • Hi Tech Fabby: The Great American Trailer Park Musical
  • Lo-Tech Fabby: The Sweater
  • Sold Out Fabbies:
    Ironhead: Quest for the Ring of the Dark Evil Lord of Evil Darkness (1)
    Brighter Shade of Blue (1)
    Janine Klein: Gay Bar Star (1)
    Lucky 9 (1)
    Fruitcake: Ten Commandments from the Psych Ward (2)
    The Shakespeare Show (2)
    Full of Grace (2)
    Who Murdered Winthrop Carlson: A Choose Your Own (Mis)Adventure Mystery (2)
    Hell Freezes Over(3)
    The Screw You Revue: Up Your Wazoo (3)
    The Great American Trailer Park Musical (3)
    Tod Kimbro: Robots Stole My Piano (3)
    Annie Todd: The Demon Orphan of Fleet Street (3)
    6 Guitars (3)
    Copping A Craigie (3)
    Fringe Of Nature (3)
    Peg O’Keef Fixes the World (5)
    Capt. Discovery and “Escape to Planet O”
  • Patron’s Room Fabby: The Story of Adam: Reflections of a Sinful Man
  • Patron’s Pick Fabby Red Venue: Tod Kimbro: Robots Stole My Piano
  • Patron’s Pick Fabby Blue Venue: Who Murdered Winthrop Carlson
  • Patron’s Pick Fabby Green Venue: Annie Todd: The Demon Orphan of Fleet Street
  • Patron’s Pick Fabby Brown Venue: The Screw You Revue: Up Your Wazoo
  • Patron’s Pick Fabby Pink Venue: Ironhead
  • Patron’s Pick Fabby Yellow Venue: Hell Freezes Over
  • Patron’s Pick Fabby Silver Venue: The Great American Trailer Park Musical
  • Patron’s Pick Fabby Orange Venue: VarieTease: Deconstruction
  • Overall Tickets Sold Fabby: The Great American Trailer Park Musical
  • Faggy Fabby: Janine Klein
  • Naked Fabby: Tim Mooney
  • Fringe Crush: Baby Ella
  • Fringe Crush: Miss Hiccup
  • Marketing Fabby: Hell Freezes Over
  • Adrienne Blattner Fringe Fanatic Fabby: David Horgan (bought 78 show tix)
  • Fringe of the Fringe Fabby: Jeff Ferree, Capt. Discovery and Escape to Planet O
  • Board Fabby: Kevin Banks
  • Over and Above Fabby: Jamie Mykins
  • George Award: Kimleigh Smith
  • Newbie Producer Award: Paul Strickland, A Brighter Shade of Blue
  • Producer Award: Chase Padgett, 6 Guitars
  • Spirit of the Fringe Fabby: George Wallace

6 responses to “Fringe gives its Fabbies

  1. Wow.. Oddlie not in there.. truly a shame. Far and away the best of the festival..

  2. Robert DelMedico

    Speaking as someone who was in a show that won a few of those awards, I concur with Ms. Maupin — these awards determine popularity, and it’s nice as an artist to receive these awards, but their significance shouldn’t be overstated. Just like the Grammy Awards.

    Often times the artsier shows won’t have sellout crowds every night because they are less mainstream and don’t attract many of the casual Fringegoers like the “mainstream” shows do — it’s a shame, as I attended many top notch shows that had small-medium audiences this year (such as Pla, The Bike Trip, and The Blood Feather).

    I certainly do wish shows like Oddlie and The Bike Trip would get the audiences they deserved, but I think most artists know going in that artistry often comes with a sacrifice of crowd size.

    But I’m sure seeing the reactions of the crowd who loves their material makes it worthwhile — I’ve performed in front of as few as 3 people before, and you have to treat it the same way as if the crowd is a sellout. The passion takes over!

  3. Robert DelMedico

    Let me clarify that I’m not saying “mainstream” material necessarily has to sacrifice artistry — just that more avantgarde material doesn’t reach as far. But it’s no slight on the artists!

  4. Doug Ba'aser

    Would my show have been Mainstream or Artsy? Camp always seems to sell at Fringe too.