For a memory of Fringe …

No question, maybe the biggest surprise hit of Fringe — for those of us lucky enough to have seen it — was Dog Powered Robot, the packing-box-and-Pomeranian duo devised by Evan Miga and starring, some nights, in the grab-bag show Creative Mind Experiment.

Now you can hold onto your memories of Fringe in your own Dog Powered Robot T-shirt — and $1 of the proceeds from each shirt will go to the Humane Society.

If you go to, you can order those T-shirts (there are three different designs) and also see photos and videos of Fisher, said dog, at home and conquering the world.

To get your own Dog Powered Robot T-shirt (and I’m told they’ll try to fulfill special orders, such as a black T-shirt instead of a white one), go to Mine is on its way.

(Photos courtesy of Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival and

3 responses to “For a memory of Fringe …


    Mine is on the way, also.

  2. Long live Dog Powered- Robot!

  3. Nicole A. Carson

    I love Dog Powered Robot! I have a birdbrained powered Pomeranian myself. His doggie brain was damaged by a traumatic incident in his previous home and was replaced with a hummingbird brain. He’s a dopey dog, but I love him.