‘6 Guitars’ returns to Orlando Shakes

Chase Padgett’s Fringe hit 6 Guitars will be at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center the weekend of June 18. Here’s Chase:

6 Guitars will be at the Shakespeare Center next week Friday and Saturday the 18th and 19th at 8pm and Saturday the 20th at 4pm. Tell all your friends. Tickets cash only at the door.

I’ll post more info if I get it.

3 responses to “‘6 Guitars’ returns to Orlando Shakes

  1. Robert DelMedico

    Yay! Fantastic news.

  2. Emmy Collins

    That’s great news! I’m one of the many who waited too late to buy a ticket during the Fringe.

  3. CONGRATS to Chase and Jester Theater/Diana & Jay! This is a wonderful show. Everyone GO SEE IT!