Fringe numbers up in a recession year

The Fringe’s Beth Marshall and George Wallace write that audience numbers were up at last month’s Fringe — with around 2,000 more tickets distributed than last year.

The Fringe sold or comped 23,714 tickets this time around and gave all of the box-office proceeds — $189,628 — back to performing artists. A lot of audience members bought multiple tickets.

A closer indication of how many people attended is that each attendee had to buy a button, and the festival sold 4,900 buttons and gave away 3,000 more as comps (to all artists, media people, prize-winners, sponsors and passholders).

On top of that, visual artists made $4,738.80 by selling their works in Visual Fringe.

Those statistics are up from last year, when both the recession and frequent rain caused the Fringe to suffer. But they’re still down some from 2008, when a total of 25,452 tickets were sold or comped. That year, performing artists got back a total of $192,516. (That amount depends not only on number of tickets sold but on the prices each performing group sets.)

Attendance at Kids’ Fringe also was up, although exact numbers haven’t been determined.

All in all, a pretty good year for Fringe. Congratulations to all involved.


One response to “Fringe numbers up in a recession year

  1. a testament to what we need when we suffer. i was in vero working at the riverside theater the season before last. alan cornell told the full house that during the depression it was the same.