Rethinking going on at Urban Think

The folks behind Urban Think, the eight-year-old Thornton Park bookstore that closed this spring, still operate the Urban Think Foundation and are trying to reimagine the bookstore space. There’s talk of using it for classes, meeting space, workspace, support groups and many other purposes for Orlando’s creative community. Here’s Ryan Price with a little more info:

The non-profit foundation behind the (former) Urban Think! Bookstore in Thornton Park is moving forward with plans to re-think the old bookstore space and its use. They’re looking for feedback from the creative community in Orlando, and the ideas and suggestions (and people) will be incorporated into the new space wherever we can.

The idea is for people involved in creative stuff in Orlando to take a short survey, giving ideas of what you need and what the space could be used for. Here’s a link to the survey.

The more people who get involved, the more likely this will be to happen and the more useful it’s likely to be. So take a few minutes and fill out the survey, OK? Thanks.


2 responses to “Rethinking going on at Urban Think

  1. Whoa, when did that happen? What a bummer.