Ba’aser joins Klein in ‘Bar Star’

Just heard that Doug Ba’aser is stepping in for John Ryan in this weekend’s performance of Janine Klein: Gay Bar Star at the Parliament House.

Since the two are rather different, I’m thinking this will change the show a good deal. Let me know!

For tickets, go here.


4 responses to “Ba’aser joins Klein in ‘Bar Star’

  1. Michael Marinaccio

    I hear Doug’s planning on wearing John’s actual costume…


    I’m taking my neighbors (husband & wife), who are from Brazil, to see the show. I’m sure that Doug will add a lot of humor to her show. I’ll let you know. If Doug gets into John’s pants, no pun intended, per Michael’s comment above, that will be enough fun for the night.

  3. Myron- that “pun” WAS intended 🙂


    Beth, it just happened. I was thinking of the tight tights that John wore, and that’s what I was talking about. But intentional or not, it was a funny line. Maybe I should become a stand-up “old fart” comedian.