Isn’t it about time for a potluck?

Some of you are busy with theatrical goings-on, and some of you are lying around fanning yourselves and wondering what to do with your time.

So it seems like now — or a few weeks from now, to be exact — is the perfect time for a middle-of-the-summer theater-community potluck.

The place? Thanks to Orlando Shakespeare Theater, it’s the Patrons’ Room at Lowndes Shakespeare Center.

The time? 6 p.m. Sunday Aug. 8.

The purpose? To hang out, talk with other theater folks and meet new ones. Who knows, maybe some new projects will be hatched. And if not, you’ve had a good time and eaten some good food. What could be bad?

Who’s invited? If you consider yourself part of the Orlando theater community, you are.

What do you bring? Something to share for dinner — appetizers, a main dish, vegetables, salads, bread, dessert or whatever. If you don’t cook, there are some very nice local grocery stores and restaurants that would love to help you out.

Questions? Ask me, and we’ll figure it out, or we’ll make it up as we go along.

See you there!


4 responses to “Isn’t it about time for a potluck?

  1. Just a reminder that Sunday August 8 at 4:30 pm is the last perf0rmance of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD . Tis good for big people as well as little ones. $10 gets you a seat; it is an easy walk across the lobby to the Potluck after the performance! Different way to spend what is bound to be a hot Sunday in August!

  2. Another option is 6 Guitars at 4pm in the same building! We’ll be there for the Potluck for sure, can’t wait to see everyone.
    Jay, Diana and ???

  3. Trisha and Ken

    We’ll be away, AGAIN! Sorry to miss it and seeing everyone. Have a great time. Great that you do this, Betsey, and great that Orlando Shakes offered to host.