Brian Feldman will do just about anything

Brian Feldman is celebrating. It’s his seventh year as a performance artist — which means it’s his seventh year of doing stuff that it wouldn’t occur to most other people to do.

Like this. He’s offering to do anything you need done for the month of August — free.

(I don’t even want to think about what that might mean.)

I’m guessing he’ll take the best offer, so be creative here, folks. This is one project that demands some thought from its audience members.

Here’s Brian:

Do you need something done?

Car washed? Laundry folded? Lawn mowed? Dog walked? Dinner prepared? Someone to go shopping with? Someone to see a movie with? Kids watched? Help crossing the road? Services of the self-proclaimed greatest designated driver of all time?

Well you’re in luck! Brian Feldman has cleared his calendar and, so long as it’s legal (in the location taking place) and does not cause any unnecessary injury or grief, is making himself completely available to you for the month of August, in recognition of his seventh year as a performance artist.

It’s time to give back! So if you need something – anything, whenever and wherever, just make an appointment. It’s completely free* and the perfect recessiontainment for the final month of summer. Real life solutions are just a request form away!

To make an appointment, simply fill out the project-request form and submit:

WHO: Brian Feldman Projects (@txt_show, What’s Next?, Sloth)
WHAT: Available
WHEN: August 1-31, 2010 (24/7/31)
WHERE: Anywhere and Everywhere (Your call!)
COST: Free*

*Brian Feldman is willing to go anywhere and everywhere in order to make himself available to you. However – You are responsible for ensuring that he arrives to your location, whether it be by providing airfare**, car rental/usage, taxi fare, bus/subway fare, bike loan, shoes or a pickup, as well as covering any tangential costs stipulated by your proposal. The sole intention of this endeavor is to assist you in a personal matter and may not be used to promote or otherwise advertise a legitimate business. **Brian Feldman does not have a U.S. Passport and would require one for any international travel requests.

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