IceHouse gives Cubies

A much-delayed report, from Christine Cole at the Sentinel, of the IceHouse Theatre’s Cubie Awards last month (and a belated congrats to my former co-workers Sarah Lockard and Loraine O’Connell!):

‘Little Women’ wins top IceHouse Theatre Cubie award

Little Women won the Cubie award for the outstanding production in the IceHouse Theatre’s 2009-10 season.

The musical based on the much-loved 19th century book by Louisa May Alcott, took the top award and second Cubie for the best leading female performance for Whitney Abell, who played the hot-tempered Jo March.

Genna Kanago won a third Cubie for best female supporting performance for her portrayal of Jo’s pretentious sister, Amy.

Another musical, Good News, the 1920s-era college story had as many nominations as Little Women — 10 — but won half of them, the highest percentage for any production.

Adam Johnson took home a Cubie for best leading male performance as college boy Tom Marlowe in Good News and Britton Hollingsworth won for playing Bobby Randall.

Eddy Coppens, Anne-Marie Ferraro and Al Robertson also won Cubies for their performances.

Among the comedy or drama productions, Twentieth Century won four awards, including best leading male performance by Kevin Rainsberger, who played Oscar Jaffe. Rainsberger was also nominated in this category for his performance in Sylvia.

Other Twentieth Century actors taking Cubies were Eddy Coppens, Loraine O’Connell and Francine Barnhill.

Sarah Lockard, who played the title character in Sylvia, the story of a dog that causes trouble in a marriage, won for best leading female performance. Her castmate Steven Boone won the Cubie for best featured male performer.

Honorary lifetime membership was awarded to Raoul Barker.

Judges score each play as it is produced, eliminating the chance of recent plays standing out.

“It’s more pure,” artistic director Darlin Barry said. “Judges don’t sit down at the end of the season and think what’s best. Looking in retrospect, an earlier show can be contaminated by newer shows.”

Judge Al Robertson, 87, who was nominated and won for best cameo in Good News — who could not vote for himself — said his professional theater experience in the heyday of Miami nightclubs informed his picks.

“I look for how the performer projects to the audience,” Robertson said. “How the personality of the actor helps deliver the character.”


2 responses to “IceHouse gives Cubies

  1. darlin barry

    many thanks to all who performed at IceHouse last season, you should each get a Cubie as far as I’m concerned. just for the record — Genna Kanago’s Cubie was for her supporting role in GOOD NEWS! thanks, Betsey for sharing these accolades with your readers; greatly appreciate your ongoing support.

  2. Sarah Lockard

    Thanks Betsey! I love the Icehouse, it always feels like one big happy family. 😀