Job postings now on Central Florida Theatre in Process

A note from John DiDonna to say that he’s now posting jobs on his Facebook page at Central Florida Theatre in Process. I’m posting them here, too, so send them on in:

Received a few requests for this, and I think it is a brilliant idea –

There is a new discussion board on CFTIP to post JOB POSTINGS within the Performing and Visual arts communities! I ask that you private message me them first, and then I will post in an orderly fashion. This is not for auditions however, but for other jobs within the Arts Community. From designers to marketing to ushers to stage managers!

Please keep the postings short and sweet, with a good basic description of job, scope, pay or no pay, deadlines for applications, job start dates (and ends) etc. And of course all methods of contact you desire!

Let us know what you need, and we will make sure to post! Each week we will send out updates on our memos as well for jobs that are listed.

All my best!
johndidonna – CFTiP Administrator


One response to “Job postings now on Central Florida Theatre in Process

  1. John DiDonna

    Theater Forces unite! Shape of …….
    Thank you Elizabeth!