Sanford’s Celery Soup announces venue

Sanford’s oral-history project Celery Soup, which will open its first production, Touch and Go, on Oct. 21, has announced that the venue will be the site of the old Princess Theatre, 115 W. First St. in downtown Sanford.

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Celery Soup Finds a Home

The Creative Sanford, Inc. Board of Directors is pleased to announce that the venue location for the inaugural Celery Soup performance, Touch and Go, will be the site of the historic Princess Theatre, 115 West First Street, (4 blocks east of the entry arches to Downtown Historic Sanford).

“This is the perfect location to debut our community performance,” comments Jeanine Taylor, founder of the project.  “Not only does the building have historical significance, it is an empty shell that we can build the kind of stages and sets this genre of theatre calls for.  The cast will be members of the community and it is important for the audience environment to give a feeling of inclusion.”

Board members are out looking for old vehicles from the 1940s to early 1950s era.  Not only will the vehicles set the time frame, the flat bed trucks and wagons will be satellite stages the cast can use to be close to the audience.

Build out construction has started on the venue.  The set will be constructed offsite so as to be ready for the opening night, Oct 21.

“We have worked very closely with the building owner, Stephen Tibstra, he has been on board with our vision since we first approached him with the idea to use this space. Without his support and commitment to the reality of Celery Soup and our unique needs, this venue would not have been possible,” reports Brian Casey, Vice President of Creative Sanford, Inc.

Trish Thompson, President of Creative Sanford, Inc. adds, “We are so happy with the civic group, business and individual sponsorships we have in the community.  Thank you to all who have had faith in us,  dreamed the big dreams with us and brought Creative Sanford, Inc. to the brink of a wonderful new adventure with Celery Soup Touch and Go our inaugural folk life performance.”


4 responses to “Sanford’s Celery Soup announces venue

  1. Elizabeth,

    You are simply amazing to keep us all so connected in such a caring way.

    Thank you,

    Amy =)
    L. A. Acting Workshop

  2. Is this going to become a theater similar to Winter Garden? Kind of sounds kind of this way! You never stop do you Elizabeth. Thanks for the info on the letter I wrote to the man in your life. Please tell him I said hello and hope we meet one day. Remind him of the Elizabeth Nelson;s solo opening on September 6 at MAC.. I’ve seen photos of some of the work she will present. It should be a fun evening.

  3. John DiDonna

    I am fascinated! I live in Sanford for the past ten years and have no idea where this theatre is!!! Any more information you can give us? I may have to go for a bike ride tomorrow morning.