Prince won’t be Adelaide in Orlando ‘Guys and Dolls’

I hear that Tony-winner Faith Prince has had to drop out of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra/Mad Cow Theatre concert staging of Guys and Dolls, which is set for Oct. 9 at Bob Carr. Prince was supposed to have co-starred with Davis Gaines in the show, as she did in Mad Cow/OPO’s exhilarating staging of Sweeney Todd last year.

It hasn’t been announced yet publicly, but Prince will join the national tour of Billy Elliot, so she’s tied up for the coming months. That show is in Chicago now; the closest it will get to Orlando this season is Tampa in February.

The loss of Prince is too bad, of course; I’d have loved to see her play Miss Adelaide once again. And I know that her celebrity would have helped draw audiences to the two performances. But I’m hoping the OPO will take a chance and give a local performer the chance to play this dream role. I know there’s an Adelaide in our midst who would thrill us all.

(Photos: Faith Prince, top, and Davis Gaines. Courtesy of the performers.)

6 responses to “Prince won’t be Adelaide in Orlando ‘Guys and Dolls’

  1. Laura Hodos. Laura Hodos. Laura Hodos.
    Was that out loud? Just a fanboy talking.

  2. Darn, she was the main reason I wanted to see it? Is Vivian Blaine still alive?

  3. Markbaratelli

    Robyn pedretti was beat this part up too!!!!!

  4. Robyn Pedretti Kelly

    Mark, you’re sweet! I’d die to do this role again. My favorite role I’ve portrayed to date. By far. Hands down. Hmmmm. Are they holding auditions, does anyone know??

  5. Robyn Pedretti Kelly

    Oops I just noticed the date. I’ll be doing [title of show]. Ohhh I hope they get someone local! Would be so wonderful!

  6. oh darn it, I do so love the Faith
    And John D took the words right out of my mouth!! And Andrea Canny is local, isn’t she?