In memoriam: Anne Walker

I’m sorry to have to report that Anne Walker, who acted for the Tropical Theatre back in the late 1980s, died Saturday. Here’s a note from Jim Gerace:

I am saddened to announce that on Saturday August 28, 2010, a dear friend and former actress of Tropical Theatre, Anne Walker, passed away after a long illness and three-week stay in hospice. Her loving husband Clyde and daughter, Raeanne (another great friend of the theatre) were by her side.

Anne appeared in two notably successful shows at the Tropical — as a street concubine in Camino Real and as a beautiful aging woman who finds joy in light in Talking With.

She was a lovely and loving spirit, and I miss her wonderful sense of humor and caring nature.  Please keep Raeanne and the rest of Anne’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

I will provide more information as I receive it.  Please share this note with whomever you know may have known Anne.

3 responses to “In memoriam: Anne Walker

  1. Elizabeth, it saddens me everytime we add a name to that list you started. I did not know Anne, but I remember coming to town oh so many years ago and hearing amazing things about the play “Talking With” specifically.
    I am so glad that when she passed it was with loving family there with her. Sending light and love and care.

  2. In my haste to get this information out after an already several-day delay, I inadvertantly wrote that Anne passed away on Saturday after a 3-week stay in hospice.

    Correction: Anne Walker passed away on Friday August 27, 2010 after a two-week stay in hospice.

    I’m sorry for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

  3. Margaret Nolan

    We were all thinking about her at the Tropical reunion when Jim told us what was going on. My thoughts and prayers go out to Raeanne and her family. Anne was beautiful inside and out.