Cast set for Beth Marshall’s ‘Christmas Carol’

This production of A Christmas Carol isn’t until … well, Christmas (well, actually Dec. 3-19 at the Garden Theatre in Winter Garden). But Beth Marshall Presents has announced the cast:

  • Dennis Neal: Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Elizabeth T. Murff: Mrs. Dilber
  • Mike Lane: Bob Cratchit
  • Jamie Middleton: Mrs. Cratchit/Mrs. Fezziwig
  • Joe Swanberg: Jacob Marley
  • Richard Betts: Mr. Fezziwig
  • Samantha O’Hare: Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Alexander Mrazek: Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Ronnell Thompson: Young Ebenezer Scrooge
  • Felecia Chivaugh: Belle/Beggar Woman
  • David Almeida: Fred/Citizen of London/Apparition
  • Olivia Horn: Fred’s Wife/Martha Cratchit/Nichola Fezziwig/Rich Lady
  • Kate Gordon: Bette Pigeon/Fan/Belinda Cratchit/Wendy Fezziwig/Fred’s sister-in-law
  • Kevin Kelly: Old Joe/ First Solicitor/Apparition/Citizen of London
  • Cory Boughton: Second Solicitor/Dick Wilkins/Peter Cratchit/Apparition/Citizen of London
  • Douglas McGeoch: Undertaker/Bert/Mr. Topper/Apparition/Citizen of London

Children’s Ensemble:

  • Jason Zavitz: Tiny Tim
  • Lance Gamble: Boy Scrooge
  • Haylee Gooch
  • Sydney Adams Farley
  • Madeline Mangas
  • MacKendrick Zavitz
  • Alex Budd

John DiDonna is directing. Tickets are on sale at


One response to “Cast set for Beth Marshall’s ‘Christmas Carol’

  1. So pleased that we had such an AMAZING turnout for the auditions. Tough decisions, but amazing ensemble! So looking forward to this very new version of the piece!