Only in the theater …

In the Heights on Broadway at the Richard Rodg...

Image by via Flickr

This is what happens when you let theater people get married. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote and starred in In the Heights, got married last weekend to Vanessa Nadal. You can’t beat their wedding video:

7 responses to “Only in the theater …

  1. Gee, I was really hoping for a salsa version of La Hayam. Or an appearance by Salma La Hayek? Regardless, l’chaim to them all.

  2. Gotta love us quirky Theater folk! Its good to see that, even among those at the pinnicle of their craft, they haven’t lost the joy of a little theater tongue -in-cheek cheesiness! Now, that’s a wedding moment to remember!

  3. Pfft, absolutely ridiculous!
    (says the man who got married under a giant tree with dancing faeries and an art installation of paper mushrooms…) 😉
    If only “in the heights” was this good!

  4. This reminds me of Darby Ballard and Doug Truelsen’s wedding.

  5. Loved it! Weddings are supposed to be a celebration and this was truly a wonderful gift to the bride and the guests!