How well does Florida support the arts?

The short answer? Not very well, to put it politely.

Florida now ranks 49th out of 50 states in per capita funding for the arts. For each one of you reading this, the Sunshine State is spending a nickel a year on the arts.

And I suspect if you’re reading this, that fact may not please you. Here’s what to do:

Go to this website, click on the link provided and print out the two-page PDF to the gubernatorial candidate of your choice. Mail it to the address provided.

Many politicians no longer read emails. But they’re much more likely to open, read and record the opinion expressed in a letter.

All this will cost you is 44 cents and an envelope. I’m sending my letter. Are you?

3 responses to “How well does Florida support the arts?

  1. “Yeah, but we got this big ole sports arena!!!!” (She replied, tongue-in-cheek)
    This is despicable.

  2. Some of us work and work and work to make others aware that we have great artists and performers in this State, and then we run up against a ‘factoid’ that means we can do little but hang our heads in shame. WHERE ARE OUR LEADERS??? FOR WHOM DO WE VOTE??? AND WHEN WILL OUR SO-CALLED LEADERS UNDERSTAND THE ARTS ARE NECESSARY??? As to the new sports arena, “In Zanadu did Kublai Khan a stately pleasure dome decree … “

  3. I happen to support the Amway Center but we need the Arts Center equally as much. Music is art, and my son plays drums so we go to a lot of concerts. Sports are important as well. The Amway Center will bring a lot of great events and a lot of money to Orlando. I am not crazy about the location, however. Back to an Arts Center — WAY OVER-DUE. I’m running my 10 year old all over the place to do this and that in musical theatre and I can’t find a good comprehensive plan to focus on. What a shame that the school don’t offer any of this. Even musical instruments classes were so over-crowded it was a waste of time.