Baker looking for theater posters

John Baker is putting together a Facebook group to memorialize Orlando theater, in a way, by gathering posters from as many shows as he can. He has sent a request out to some theater groups, but I’m spreading the word a little farther. Here’s a message from him:

Hi All

I’m starting a Facebook group called the ‘Orlando Theatre Poster Archive’

Eventually, I’d like this to become a living, breathing archive of Orlando shows, displayed through the production posters.

It is also an opportunity for locals to visit the group and post comments on each poster, talking about seeing the show, memories from the show and perhaps their own involvement in the show.

Thought this was a good idea and another nice way to tie together the community.

Eventually, I want local producers/directors to upload their own posters directly, but I’d like to launch the group with a good selection of posters — so I’ve emailed this select group to submit a selection of their own show posters to be included.

If you have the files, could take the time to submit your past production posters to me at

Large format is preferable, and once I have a good selection I will launch the group.

Hopefully this will be a nice way to display the achievements of the local theatre community in one large gallery of posters!

Thanks so much.


5 responses to “Baker looking for theater posters

  1. Does “large formatt” mean tiff files? Sorry I’m not sure of all those technology terms, but I can scan some old posters I have here.

  2. You can send .jpg files… That is the preferred format!

    Thanks all!

  3. You should scan them at least 300 dpi.

  4. John,
    If you talk to Fran over at Theatre Downtown, I’m sure she could lend you a gold mine of posters going back to Tropical Theatre days.