The Fringe holds its lottery, and the winners are:

Here’s the updated version of the Fringe lottery list (as of 11/16/2010). Additions are in red:

I covered the Fringe lottery from a distance this year — not as far as Brian Feldman, who tweeted about it from California, but from my same-zipcode-as-the-venues comfortable chair at home.

So I can’t entirely vouch for the all-inclusiveness of the results. Here’s what I know:


  • Sisterscene Productions, New York, NY
  • Dewey Chaffee, To Be Unveiled, Orlando
  • The Oops Guys!, Bitches of the Kingdom, New York, NY
  • Chase Padgett Productions, Superman Drinks, Orlando
  • Pathos Theatre, Beer: The Musical , Largo, FL
  • Martin Dockery, Holy Land Experience, Brooklyn, NY
  • Labatt Centre Productions, Oh, That Wiley Snake!, London, Ontario, Canada


  • Big Empty Barn, Paris, Franc
  • Snoopyboy Productions, Something New, Orlando
  • Rupert Wates and Friend, Joe’s Cafe, Brooklyn, NY
  • Logan Donahoo Presents, Trash Cinema 101, Winter Park
  • Wallflower Theatre, How Charlie Changed My Life, Orlando
  • Clockwork Hobo, My Monster, Orlando
  • Windwhistle Theatre, Ghosties and Ghoulies and Long-Legged Beasties and Things That Go Bump in the Night, Nevada City, CA
  • Bernard P. O’Brien, A 3-Decker Romance, Mount Dora


  • University of Tampa, Die! Mommy! Die!, Tampa
  • Mo Laughs Comedy, Heaven Help Us, Orlando
  • Yow Dance, Attention Please: Nostalgic Dance Theatre Through 1980’s TV Land, Orlando
  • Orlando Youth Theatre, 13; The Musical, Orlando
  • Wanzie Presents, [title of show], Orlando
  • Eyewitness Theatre, Lysistrata, Ashton, Manchester, UK


  • Rob Gee, Leicester, UK
  • Warren Acting Co., Pink Triangles, Mount Dora
  • Miga Me, Dog Powered Robot and the History of the Future, Orlando
  • Blottner Productions, Mr. Healthy’s Happy Land, Orlando,
  • Kick the Puppy Productions, Oral!, Port Orange
  • Zombie Productions, Suckers, Orlando
  • Renegade Theater, Pink Dawn, Winter Park
  • Baby Blue Starr and Tod Kimbro, Blue and Tod’s Big Queer Hootnanny, Orlando
  • Arfnotz Productions, Big Swinging Dick’s Topless Bar- Orlando


  • Minimalistic Theatre, My Friend in a Sketch Show, Orlando
  • man/Dog Productions, Fear Factor: Canine Edition, New York, NY
  • Penguin Point Productions, Anne Frank Superstar and Purpose of the Moon, Casselberry
  • Gypsy Productions, Once Upon a Pill, Orlando
  • Fringetastic, The Big Smoke, Parksville, B.C., Canada
  • Winter Springs Performing Arts, I Love You Because, Winter Springs
  • John Hefner, Road to Nowhere, Cabin John, MD
  • Jimmy Hogg, Barcelona, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  • 55BC, Sex, Dreams, and Self Control, Nashville, TN
  • Dinky Pflug Productions, The Supporting Cast, Orlando
  • The Downtowner’s Orlando Lutheran Towers, Stayin’ Alive!, Orlando
  • Reverend Nuge, Preacherman, Detroit, MI
  • Horse Trade, Radio Star, New York, NY
  • Carbon Productions, Squatters, Orlando
  • Too Much Free Time Productions, The Last Straight Man in Theatre, Brooklyn, NY
  • Original Cast Players, While You Dine, Orlando
  • Grand Guignol Puppet Theatre, Punch and Judy Presents, Winter Park


  • Ausable Theatre, archy and mehitabel, London, Ontario, Canada
  • Gator Girl Productions, The Trouble With Fishing, Casselberry
  • Door No. 3, (more) Skits ‘n Giggles, Orlando
  • Good Thinking Co., Foolhardy, Encinitas, CA
  • Greater Orlando Actors’ Theatre, Pandemonium, Winter Park
  • Pee My Pants Productions, Don’t Make Fun of Jesus, Savannah, GA
  • The Ubiquitous Theatre – David Lee, Thom Pain, Orlando
  • Empty Spaces Theatre Company/, DiDonna Productions, Unspoken, Sanford


  • ToBo Productions, onomatopoeia, Orlando
  • Bob Azzarito, Lyrics Speak Louder Than Words, Deltona
  • Neil Bernard, Everything You Will Ever Find on Television (almost), Orlando
  • Humor Mill Orlando, The Humor Mill Orlando Presents: The War on Terriers!, Davenport, FL
  • Chris Leavy, I’m Just Not That Gay, Winter Park
  • Rossanna Maria, Watch Me Burn, St. Cloud
  • Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre , Lot O’ Shakespeare, Prospect Heights, IL

Patrons’ Room:

  • Hot Tin Cat Productions, You Know You’re a Weenie When … A Guide for the Eligible Bachelor, Orlando
  • A Vagrant Theatre, Dying Hard, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Paul Strickland, Any Title That Works, Nashville, TN
  • Country Joe Rosier, Night of Fright, Orlando
  • WHO-ligans, Dr. Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, Oviedo

Bring Your Own Venue:

  • Brian Feldman, TBA, Orlando
  • Jeff Ferree, Capt. Discovery: The Edible Musical, Orlando
  • Voci Dance, TBA, Orlando

Waiting list:

  1. Kangagirl Productions, Miss Sammy Bakes a Cake, Orlando
  2. Cameryn Moore, Phone Whore!, Jamaica Plain, MA
  3. OCS Productions,The 5 Minute Professor, Altamonte Springs
  4. Dutchgirl Productions, oneymoon (A Honeymoon for One), Toronto, Ontario Canada
  5. Legal Apathy Productions, Christmas: Naughty and Nice, Lakeland
  6. Playwrights’ Round Table, The Purse Thief, Orlando
  7. Breakthrough Theatre, Quilt: A Musical Celebration, Winter Park
  8. Pickpocket Theatre, moxie, Boulder, CO
  9. TheatreWorks Florida, Evil Dead: The Musical, Davenport, FL
  10. Utmost Productions, The Baker Act, Orlando
  11. Mental Multitrack, Fosgate: Ferret Loan Officer, Ozark, MO

A couple of notes: I suspect at least some of those on the waiting list will get in. I’m happy to see the return of the Oops Guys, favorites from long past. And I’ll miss two other favorites, The Cody Rivers Show and TJ Dawe, who didn’t apply this year — and will pull for Martin Dockery, #9 on the wait list. Sometimes life — and the Fringe lottery — can be cruel.

One day later: Martin Dockery did get in, as did Tim Mooney and a few other familiar faces from Fringes past. Now let’s pull for Miss Sammy, and Breakthrough, and Mental Multitrack (of Julie Bunny fame) — and all the newcomers who may just make our fringe the best yet. We’ll see.


6 responses to “The Fringe holds its lottery, and the winners are:


    I too hope that Martin Dockery gets in. I was at the raffle and it was fun.

  2. Yay! I get another chance to see (title of show) which I missed just recently. And, excited for the show Thom Paine. Always love to see a Kangagirl show-I’m betting that #1 on the wait list will get in and yes, The Holy Land Experience seems like a title not to be missed!

  3. Rossanna Mercedes

    So excited to be a part of the Orlando Fringe Festival for the first time! Can’t wait! 🙂

  4. I’m really happy for everyone that got in (especially my Chris, woohoo!!!), but I can’t lie, I’m crushed to have had such rotten luck and ended up next to last on the waiting list. But I guess if everyone won, it would be meaningless. Fringe 2010 was such a wonderful turning point in my life and maybe I can join in the festivities again in 2012.

  5. Margaret Nolan

    I was offered a larger venue but it wouldnt work for our show- “Miss Sammy Bakes A Cake”…so….we will wait…:)

    CONGRATS to everyone!!!! OF21 is gonna rock!!

  6. (from 1/2 of The Cody Rivers Show …) Very nice of you to note our absence, Elizabeth. We’ve definitely enjoyed our three Fringes in Orlando. We’re taking this year off from touring, but will probably hit the road again soon. Hope the next fest is a blast.