Actor needed for Lake Wales show

Here’s an announcement from Lake Wales Little Theatre, which needs one more actor for a comic thriller:

The upcoming LWLT production of Murder by Natural Causes is looking for person to play the part of Gil.

Gil is a young actor anywhere from 18 to young 30’s.
Please contact the director 863-258-7772. If you are interested in playing the part.

“Murder by Natural Causes” by Tim Kelly
Directed by: Denny Wittman at or 863-258-7772.
Production Dates: Jan. 14 – 30

A stylish and witty suspense play that combines laughter with thrills. Arthur Sinclair is a successful world-famous mentalist in the tradition of Dunninger. His beautiful wife Allison plots his murder for the commonest of all motives-greed. She enlists the aid of a struggling young actor. Her foolproof murder plan cannot possibly misfire as it’s too skillfully inventive-or is it? After all, Arthur (as everyone knows) has psychic gifts. But does he? Once the killing scheme is set in motion, the plot begins to twist and turn. Nothing is as it seems. It will take all of your mental powers to solve this wildly clever and entertaining thriller.


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