Why we need buskers in Orlando:

This video is from Union Square in New York:


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  1. Anne-Marie Colwell

    Betsey, did I tell you how much I enjoy your blog? Well, I love it. Thank you for writing it, passing on all this info, and keeping us on our toes regarding all types of art in our area.
    Love these street guys. Put so much joy in life.

  2. I could all that … If I wanted to …

  3. YES! I’d love to see busking happening downtown. I’ll help anyone in any way that I can if they want to do some performing on the street.

  4. markbaratelli

    In NYC, I noticed the people who stopped and watched specifically the type of busking depicted in the video to be tourist-types. Because as a local, once you’ve seen this stuff, you’ve seen it, and you do not stop and watch anymore. Its like the city’s craptastic fake “street fairs” during the summer. Every single one is the same crap. Locals avoid them, tourists flock to them, unknowingly.

    The type of busking I saw in the city that got locals’ attention was impromptu performances and unexpected events and happenings that pedestrians could just stumble across and into.

    Also, I think people want to busk, but they don’t know the rules, don’t know where to find the rules, and don’t really know if there’s an audience there to support it. I say the city, county and police step up and provide info online that will make it easy for those new to busking to get into it and get it going in Orlando. But make sure you try to put the tourist-friendly busking where the tourists are, and the local-type fun stuff where the locals are.

    I think the online busking info page/site should include:
    1. locations available at which to legally busk (map with addresses)
    2. how to get the proper licenses to legally busk, if even required
    3. rules from the city, county and police on what is and is not busking
    4. Times, dates busking is allowed and is not allowed

    • It would be great if the city did supply that info, but there’s no one working there whose responsibility that would be. It’s probably up to us arts-loving types to spur it on.

  5. John A. Kwitkoski

    From my online dictionary:
    Busking Day

    Busking Day has been observed on the 3rd and 4th day of every month since January 1996 . Busking Day celebrates busking and buskers who fill streets, subway/metro stations, and other public places around the world with music and entertainment. In other locations Busking Day is also known as Buskerfest, or International Busking Day.

    Some of those who celebrate Busking Day compose poems, rhymes or songs relating to the plight of buskers. Others celebrate Busking Day by enjoying, supporting, and promoting buskers.

    Annual or semi-annual celebrations of buskers and busking are held throughout the world. Chicago, Illinois has held a buskerfest on or around August 3 each year beginning in 2002. It is unclear if this festival will continue to be celebrated following Chicago’s February, 2006 ban on buskers in some parts of the city.

    Orlando could/should definitely do this. As a personal aside, years ago in D.C. doing graphic design, my company got a chance to work with Feld Entertainment (think Ringling Brothers and Holiday on Ice) on one of their projects. During our first meeting, their Corporate Com person proudly showed a commercial running in Vegas to highlight a new stage production they mounted featuring the best of the street performers from New York — best of the buskers, if you will. The name of the show was what I liked the best: Madhattan. (Too much to tell but the commercial was hoot!)