Auditions for online commercials:

Here’s an audition notice from Keith Newhouse:

Auditions for a series of online commercials to be seen nationally and maybe worldwide. At the very least it will be seen by over 450 college professors, and at least as many talent agents, scouts, casting directors, and professionals in the industry. The commercials will be for a new website launching soon.

There is one paid position for someone who lives in or can get to Orlando. Anyone able to upload video to Youtube or Facebook is able to audition for the non-paying (still with national exposure) roles.

-Must be able to make yourself look like a college student (do not have to be one)
-Must be able to upload a video to Youtube/Facebook (or be in Orlando where we can shoot you)

There are two categories: Those who can sing, and those who can’t (or those who can, but can pretend that they can’t).

Singers who can sing well: Sing 16-32 bars with accompaniment of any song that shows off your voice. (Preferably musical theatre, but if another style shows off your voice better, go for it!) Singers who can sing well and are chosen for the commercials will be awarded with accounts for the website when it goes live!

Singers who can’t sing well (or pretend not to sing well): Sing 16-32 bars a cappella of the cheesiest pop song you can find (a la Justin Beiber). In your video, (even though you’re going to be sounding awful) pretend that you think you have the greatest voice ever heard to man! I want this to be really campy, so use costumes, fake voices or whatever you want. The main rule is HAVE FUN!

You can audition for both categories and it is highly encouraged, especially for those going for the paying position.  Upon review of your video, you will be asked to sign a release form for your video.

Please post all youtube/facebook video links in the Facebook event ( or email a link to You may share this event with anyone. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! This will be an ongoing event, so even if you can’t make one by the date on this event, join the event on Facebook and we will keep you updated when we cast again!


2 responses to “Auditions for online commercials:

  1. So, please – make yourself look as stupid as possible.
    For no money
    For webtraffic that lasts forever

    • Keith Newhouse

      I was thinking more of a really fun way to get discovered for comedic ability and/or incredible singing talent, plus the chance to be a part of an innovation that could help move the performing arts into the technological age. I can see your point of view as well, but I promise that “making people look stupid” is not my goal. Hope this clears things up a bit. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. Thanks!