Further theater auditions: ‘Suddenly Seniors the Musical’

Here’s an announcement from Karen Helenthal, one of the people behind Suddenly Seniors the Musical, a new show to open at the Plaza Theatre in March:

We’re in the final phase of casting and I wonder if you can help us get the word out to Central Florida performers over 50 who may not have heard about the production or who may be out of the habit of auditioning and reluctant to respond to the call. We are quite certain that the talent is out there and our preference is to cast from the local area.

We have not made final decisions for the three lead roles. A final round of auditions will be held January 5, beginning at 6 PM. Interested performers should contact Karen Helenthal, karen_helenthal@suddenlyseniorsthemusical.com, directly to arrange an appointment to audition.

  • Margaret Welch. Female, 50+, Caucasian, city dweller and entertainer all her life, stylish and refined, grandmother of one, single, newly retired Broadway starlet who is not completely sure of where she fits into the senior world.
  • Steve (Sandy) Swift. Male, 50+, Caucasian, a former itinerant surfer, casual relaxed style, confirmed bachelor, fit and attractive with the exception of a bum leg that requires a cane, inherited ownership of Sunny Vistas, which has resulted in the first emotional investments and permanent home in his lifetime.
  • Fernando Rodrigues. Male, 50+, Latin American, gay designer, upbeat and flamboyant, a friend to all, patriotic and passionate.

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