‘Wicked’ headed for TV

All I can say about this story is: Eight hours of Wicked? Holy crap.


6 responses to “‘Wicked’ headed for TV

  1. I loved “Wicked” ! Who knows, with a brilliant staff of writers and a strong cast, it might be a strong physco comedy/drama/sit-com (eek?). Wonder if they’ll sing?!

    • Thanks, Kevin. I did know that it’s an adaptation of the book, not the musical. The musical already feels like it’s eight hours long.

      • You’re welcome! I was actually directing that part of my comment at Amy, to confirm that they will not be singing (at least I hope not). Since it will be a miniseries, I would assume you won’t have to sit down and watch the whole thing in one go. I’m okay with the serial format of television. One or two hour blocks of time per night seems reasonable to me.

  2. If Salma Hayek was in it, I would watch every minute!

  3. Read the article closely. It is not an adaptation of the popular stage musical. It’s an adaptation of the original source material, the novel by Gregory Maguire, which is significantly different in tone and plot than Stephen Schwartz’s blockbuster musical. I’m actually interested to see how this turns out. I’m a fan of the novel, and would love to see a visual adaptation that hews closer to Maguire’s text.