Chicago improv group offers classes

A Chicago improv group called 3033 will offer workshops next weekend in Orlando in conjunction with a couple of shows at Neon Forest Gallery.

You can register for the classes (“Scene Work Assault” and “Playing the Show to Win”) by following the link in this info:

The Chicago-based improv troupe from the famed Improv Olympic (iO) Chicago called 3033 will be in Orlando two days for workshops and shows to entertain and educate local Orlando audiences and improv performers. This is a great chance to see Chicago-style long form improv, something you cannot see everyday here in Orlando. Their Orlando appearance is being presented by local improv group Bear Vs Wizard.

Date: Sunday, January 23
Time: 11 am – 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm – 5 pm
Location: Neon Forest Gallery, 1741 S Orange Ave, Orlando.
Price: $30 Each Class

Pay Online: (1) “Scene Work assault”
(2) “Playing the Show to Win”

About the Workshops
11 am – 1:30 pm Scene work assault | Sometimes in improv scenes “play fast” and “listen” aren’t the best of friends.  This workshop will focus on techniques you can use to play with force without being a ball hog.

2:30 pm – 5 pm Playing the show to win | Listening to your scene partner is easy a simple concept.  What about listening to your show partners? Our job isn’t over when our scene ends, we have to keep playing the show.

About the Instructors
Bill Arnett is the current Director of the Training Center for the iO Theater.  He has traveled around the U.S. and internationally teaching workshops in improvisation.  Bill also writes and performs with the award-winng skech group Maximum Party Zone.  He can be seen in Chicago where he performs with Armando Diaz Show and with 3033.

Jason R. Chin was the Director of the Training Center for the iO Theater for eight years and is the author of the manual Long-form Improvisation and the Art of Zen. He is the creator of Whirled News Tonight, Chicago’s long-running improvised news satire and Dinner for Six, the critically acclaimed improvised romantic comedy. He currently performs with The Armando Diaz Show and Close Quarters at the iO Theater. He utilizes sound design for the Improvised Movie and 3033.

Date: Thursday, January 20
Time: 8 & 10 pm
Location: Neon Forest Gallery, 1741 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32806
Ticket Price: $12

Buy tickets online.

About the Show
Title: An Intimate Night of Improv With iO Chicago’s 3033. Two shows in one night, each consisting of 30-40 minutes of 3033’s show and 30-40 minutes of an Armando-style show with the cast of 3033 and guests from Bear Vs Wizard. 8pm and 10pm.

About 3033
After nearly a decade of exploring the unknown together, these veteran improvisers re-unite to continue that journey.  Starring Bill Arnett, Alex Fendrich, Rush Howell, Danny Mora and Andy St. Clair; their credits include Second City Main and Etc stages, the Armando Diaz all-star show and numerous touring shows around the U.S. and the world.  3033 features the talents of Jason Chin, a renowned improviser in his own right, on lights and sound. The Chicago Reader: “Highly recommended. A comedy supergroup, 3033 creates some of the liveliest, most consistently solid improv around.”

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