DPAC gets another $1.5 million

Orlando’s performing-arts center project has just announced a new $1.5 million gift from Marc and Sharon Hagle, who already gave DPAC $1 million in 2007.

Best thing about the gift? It’s dedicated toward the acoustic theater, meant to be home to the Orlando Philharmonic and the Orlando Ballet. That’s good news to members of the Orlando arts community, who have fretted that their needs were not being met with the planned construction first of an amplified hall for touring Broadway shows and popular music.

Here’s the story from DPAC:

Dr. Phillips Center Announces New $1.5 Million Gift

The philanthropic momentum of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts continues to grow with the announcement of a new $1.5 million gift from Winter Park residents Marc and Sharon Hagle.

The Hagles, who previously pledged $1 million to the project in 2007 upon its initial approval, have committed an additional $1.5 million.

The gift is a testament to the Center’s massive community embrace which continues to be a hallmark of the project, garnering an unprecedented $80 million in gifts before design plans were even completed.

According to Dr. Phillips Center Board President Jim Pugh, “We cannot say enough about the Hagles’ generosity and the integral role philanthropy plays in this project. This gift speaks directly to the Center’s mission and the resounding community support behind it.”

The Hagles’ new gift designates $1 million to the project’s second stage of construction – the 1,700-seat multi-form acoustic theater, designed to house the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra and Orlando Ballet – and $500,000 to fund the Center’s endowment, specifically for programming for the Orlando Philharmonic.

“This generous gift underscores the Hagles’ support for the entire project, including our endowment,” said Dr. Phillips Center President Kathy Ramsberger. “This is a remarkable investment in our future.”

“Sharon and I are committed to the vision of the Dr. Phillips Center and believe our community needs and deserves what it will deliver,” said Marc. “We cannot lose sight of what this project in its entirety will mean to our community and why it’s important to start realizing it today.”

Marc, CEO of Maitland-based real estate development company Tricor International, and his wife Sharon are beloved in the community for their longstanding support of the arts, most notably, the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra and the Orlando Museum of Art.

“Marc and Sharon’s support is a dual investment in the futures of both the performing arts center and the Orlando Philharmonic,” added David Schillhammer, executive director of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. “Their generous support extends from the Center to the Philharmonic in a significant way.”

“We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Hagles for standing behind this project. We hope this serves as a catalyst for future gifts to realize the Dr. Phillips Center in its entirety,” Ramsberger concluded.

2 responses to “DPAC gets another $1.5 million

  1. Much thanks to the Hagles!! It feels so good to know that there is real support out there for us who want to provide amazing entertainment for this wonderful community!!! Thank you, Marc and Sharon, from the bottom of my heart!

    Sincerely, Andrea Canny

  2. Still wish they’d think about taking all the money and spend it on making Amway Arena into two theaters – one Broadway and one for Concerts; renovate Bob Carr with a bigger lobby, better sound, better seating with aisles, escalators; build a couple of Black Box theaters in old gym at the corner and perhaps some restaurants where the tennis courts are located. You’d have 7 theaters (counting the two already in the garage) and parking for more than 1,000 cars in one block and it would be away from Amway Center. The location of the current thinking is much too close to AC and when a big show arrives with 15, 20 or more 18 wheelers waiting to unload at the limited space, the roads will be blocked for hours. We really don’t need the boondoggle of a “Creative City” right there.