Paul M. Wegman scholarship to be awarded

Here’s an announcement from Paul Luby, at Seminole State College, that has touched me for two reasons. Seminole State’s theater department plans to award the first Paul M. Wegman Scholarship before the curtain rises on Seven Guitars Saturday night, Feb. 5.

Paul, of course, was the beloved Orlando actor who died of AIDS in 2004. His mentor and friend, Sara Daspin, was a longtime theater professor, director and actor at Seminole State (then Seminole Community College) and in the surrounding area. She helped set up the scholarship fund with gifts from several donors, and it’s grown large enough now so that the college can award its first scholarship in Paul’s name.

Sara, also a beloved friend to the Orlando theater community, died of cancer in 2008.

Here’s part of Paul Luby’s note:

When Sara asked me to set up the fund she did so with the urgency of someone who knew she might not see the project to its fruition. I am most pleased to fulfill Sara’s wish that we honor Paul’s legacy and will remember her as well as Paul when I make the award presentation. For your readers who remember these two theatre artists, please let them know the legacy of Paul M. Wegman and Sara Z. Daspin lives on.

For those of you who, like me, loved Paul Wegman and Sara Daspin, I hope that some of you will be able to attend this presentation, and I hope you’ll applaud the winner.

One response to “Paul M. Wegman scholarship to be awarded

  1. What a wonderful Honor. And to have it happen at one of my shows is special.